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  1. JetsFan28

    Victory Points

    Does anyone here use Victory Points to determine their standings? If so, what service do you use? We used MFL last year which we aren’t very fond of. Can anyone recommend a different site? Thanks!
  2. JetsFan28

    Giants Wide Receivers

    Between Smith, Nicks, and Manningham, who do you see having the best year from this point forward? Manningham has the yards, Nicks with the touchdowns, and Steve Smith with the catches, does one of them explode or are they gonna be in a dogfight for touches all year?
  3. JetsFan28

    If Vincent Jackson sits...

    What do Jackson and Revis have in common? Same agent. These guys need to be in camp.
  4. JetsFan28

    Keeper Help! M. Schaub or C. Johnson to join A.P?

    CJ is your man. Don't even hesitate. I don't trust Benson at all..of course you can't love them Lions but you can bank on Calvin having a good year.
  5. JetsFan28

    Survior - Week 16

    I'm in two pools. I take the same teams in both pools..took the Broncos last week. Ef em. Good luck
  6. Lookin to get in one more league before the season starts. I'm confused by the link you provided. Can you post details?
  7. JetsFan28

    Dirty hits by Clark and Nakamura

    Who got cheated? One of your players caused someone to get carted off on a stretcher cause of a dirty hit
  8. JetsFan28

    Dirty hits by Clark and Nakamura

    Without a doubt, a dirty hit.
  9. JetsFan28

    Madden 09 - online

    My ps3 just crapped out on me but as soon as I get it fixed, we'll get some games goin. Only problem is I can't seem to remember my username right now so I'll have to get that for you
  10. JetsFan28

    Dear Jets fans

    Hell no Miami knew what to do with him. With us it would have been the same old sh!t. But I'll tell you this much..whatever Chad would have done for us, it would have been a hundred times better than what Brett did
  11. JetsFan28

    Dear Jets fans

    Just wondering if you felt this way before this season started. Easy to look at it after the fact
  12. JetsFan28

    4th Down

    Show me?
  13. JetsFan28

    4th Down

    I need to prove someone wrong but I need statistics. Are there any stats that say what type of play is called on 4th down? (run vs pass) TIA.
  14. JetsFan28

    ***Official Week 8 College Betting Thread***

    Also adding UNC/Virginia Over 45 Updated: Iowa -4.5 Duke +3 UNC/Virginia Over 45
  15. JetsFan28

    ***Official Week 8 College Betting Thread***

    Adding: Duke +3 Updated: Iowa -4.5 Duke +3