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  1. Smileseers

    Random Observations - 2021

    Walsh brought in Steve Young to back up Montana no question.
  2. I once won my league drafting a head coach in round one followed by the head cheer leader in round two, but this could be the wrong thread. I too keep two kickers if I stumble upon drafting a K late or adding via waivers who is a top Kicker when his bye week happens.
  3. Smileseers

    Just did this trade in dynasty...

    I think Kamara is by far the best player in this trade. With Mack coming back and Hines still there Taylor is looking like he is over rated at his current draft position. When you made the trade you made the assumption was that Ju Ju would be gone and that Claypool's value would be higher. Claypool's value is a boom or bust flex IMO. I would rather start Kamara for the next few seasons over Jonathan Taylor. Claypool and the #2 rookie pick may or may not be in your weekly lineup.
  4. Smileseers

    Watt The Free Agent

    With all of the money JJ Watt has made I am really shocked that he went after the highest paycheck. This was a money grab plain and simple. He chose a few more dollars for himself over lifting his brothers up by signing a lower amount in Pittsburgh. Or to go to a better contender for a Super Bowl.
  5. Smileseers

    Watt The Free Agent

    JJ Watt was due $17.5 million in 2021 from the Texans, but none of it was guaranteed. Zero dollar cap hit for 2021 by releasing him. The Texans have already paid him over $100 million. I think that is safe to say that JJ has also made enough from endorsements/commercials that he is no longer chasing money. I would be shocked if he does not go play with his two brothers on the Steelers. JJ will make it much easier for the Steelers to let Bud Dupree become a free agent.
  6. Smileseers

    So. The 2021 football season

    4 IS laughable more than serious.
  7. Smileseers

    UPDATE: Lions trade Matthew Stafford to Rams

    Vegas currently has the odds of Stafford signing with San Fran #1 followed by Colts.
  8. There are 15 humans on the planet worth paying over $25 million a year presently and they are worth what the market dictates. You get what you pay for.
  9. Smileseers

    Dear CBS

    I couldn't agree more
  10. Smileseers

    Looking Ahead to Redrafts 2021: First Four Rounds

    Thanks for the post Fumble, it's nice to have a list to think about the future. I don't know how Cam Akers and Gaskins don't make this list by August.
  11. Smileseers

    Fantasy Guru

    Hijacked thread by definition. Justin Jefferson has been the rookie that has stood out to me above the very promising group of rookie Rbs. Clyde Edwards passes the eye test. I threw everyone back in a 4 keeper (where keep means keep) league to draft him. I got Josh Jacobs back in the second because everyone kept at least two players. I drafted Jonathan Taylor in the third round,. After his slow start I traded him for Godwin and Akers. I need to figure out my 4 keepers for next season between: Jacobs, Godwin, Akers, Waller, Clyde Edwards Going forward I think that Akers is the rookie RB with the highest ceiling who is still at a relative low cost in a trade.
  12. Smileseers


    Juju's second home is in Tucson Arizona.
  13. Smileseers

    Several Players out with "illness"

    Clyde Edwards has been out all week with an illness and will likely miss the game this week. Before it's fun to poke fun at the topic perhaps we could assemble the players missing the game with "illness"
  14. Smileseers

    Best/Worst draft values...

    Kyler Murray deserves to be in the "best" discussion for where his ADP was. He's the #1 QB and was drafted after Russel Wilson in many leagues.
  15. 1. Take out the words "some initial estimates in the US" and we are on our way . 2. Young people, even children, many children, have not been spared from your mortality perspective based on your perception. 3. Agreed...doctors, nurses, front line medical workers have saved lives no doubt. 4. Proof?? Evidence?? Scary word of science?? Or because that is what is being projected to the believer of the government in you? 5. Greatest county EVER. Anyone could steer this ship and we will be just fine. 6. We took the land from the enemy natives. Since then our land has barely been threatened by any enemy despite our vulnerabilities. 7. America has shown, once again, that we have in our DNA the resilience to face and conquer any challenge.