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    ++ Update: Tyreek in trouble - No Suspension ++

    The quote I cannot get out of my mind on the audio is when she says "your son is frightened of you." Tyreek Hill responds "you should be frightened of me too." That is the definition of a threat to physically harm and to install fear. Shame on Goodell letting this slide.
  2. Smileseers

    Melvin Gordon threatens to holdout of camp

    From what I have read, Gordon is the 11th highest paid RB in 2019 behind Jerick Mckinnon as the 10th. Lamar Miller, Fournette, McCoy will make more. Players negotiating their fair value is absolutely not a money grab in my opinion.
  3. Smileseers

    Thoughts on David Johnson as a top 5 pick

    Ezekiel Elliot had 1,994 total yards to go with 16 TDs in 2016 when Dak was a rookie. Marshawn Lynch carried the ball 315 times, the most in a season in his career, during Russell Wilson's Rookie year in 2012. Lynch had 1786 total yards and 12 TDs. Jerome Bettis had 13 TDs, the most in a season of his career in Ben's 2004 rookie year and they won the Super Bowl. Barry Sanders put up huge #s with rookie qbs Rodney Peete, Scott Mitchel, and Charlie Batch.
  4. Smileseers

    Keeper Question - This is a tough one!

    if you can throw them all back and draft from the first round then that would be my first choice. Are TD passes worth 4 or 6?
  5. Smileseers

    Sleepers, Breakouts, Busts

    WR Byron Pringle KC is a candidate to be the sleeper of the draft and is under the radar.
  6. Smileseers

    2019 Off-season trade thread

    Recently traded James Conner and AJ Green for Ju Ju straight up in a 4 keeper league where keep means keep. Rolling with Ju Ju, Bell, OBJ, and entering the 4th round of the ppr draft.
  7. Smileseers

    Who you Buying and who you selling?

    Gurley needed a bionic knee last season. I am buying Darrell Henderson at his ADP vs Gurley and I'll let the chips fall where they may. Expecting Gurley to produce at his draft position in weeks 14-16 is a giant red flag for me. Nice post oldtimer, thanks for sharing.
  8. Smileseers

    Ju Ju after AB trade?

    Diontae Johnson will be the #2 wr in Pittsburgh. Taken #66 with the pick received from the Antonio Brown trade, Diontae has a similar skill set to AB and will take his position on the field. He's a playmaker, good route runner with very good field awareness with quickness off the line of scrimmage.
  9. Smileseers

    ++ Update: Tyreek in trouble - No Suspension ++

    2018 Mr Hill, now that you are about to get $50 million in guaranteed money, I think even you can admit that your domestic violence act against the mother of your baby was your greatest mistake in life. Tyreek Hill... "hold my beer."
  10. Smileseers

    NFL Schedule 2019

    Where teams and fantasy players play weeks 14-16 greatly affects my rankings more than most. It is one of the few advantages in fantasy football that has not been exploited to it's value. The schedule release is like the Christmas gift you get to open on Christmas eve while you have to wait to open your main present on draft day. Love this time of year in the NFL
  11. Smileseers

    Grade Your Teams Draft - 2016

    Steelers selected in the 25th spot in 2016. Round 1 Corner Artie Burns. Can't cover and a poor tackler. Lacks heart. Competing with Jarvis Jones as GM Kevin Colbert''s worst first round pick in 19 years. The next DB taken in the 2016 draft was 13 picks later Miami selecting pro bowl Xavien Howard. After week 6 last season Burns played only 15 snaps the rest of the way and not due to injury. Highly unlikely the Steelers pick up his 5th year option. Grade F- Round 2 Safety Sean Davis. Led team in tackles the past two seasons. Improved last season after switching from strong safety to free safety which was his natural position at Maryland. Far from elite, but above average. Grade C+ Round 3 DT Jevon Hargrave. The best pick of a crappy draft for the Steelers. Played in every game last season, starting 14. He has improved each season. Steelers are solid in the interior of the defense with Cameron Heyward, Stephon Tuitt, and Hargrave. Grade B Round 4 OT Jerald Hawkins. Injured for 2/3 of career. Missed all of 2018 with a torn quad. I doubt he sees the field much even if healthy in 2019 if he even makes the final roster. Grade F Round 6 LB Travis Freeney. Released in 2016 and signed to the practice squad. Saints claimed him but he never played for them. Last seen playing in the AAF. Grade F Round 7 WR Demaracus Ayers. Cut before the 2017 season. Last seen playing in the AAF Grade F Round 7 LB Tyler Matakevich. Played just 133 snaps in 3 years. Decent special teamer, good locker room guy. Lacks athleticism to compete at this level. Grade D Steelers would of been better off auto drafting in 2016. Final Grade F
  12. Smileseers

    What If The Commish Accidentally Breaks The Rules?

    Perhaps the original doctrine of rules needs to be discussed in your league. As a commish, I would not agree to commish a league where I could not make changes as long as I let everyone know before the fantasy draft. Changes are necessary or we'd all still be playing in td only leagues without decimals. I've taken polls and announce that I am looking for input from league mates on rule/scoring changes, but as commish I need to do what I think is best for the league.
  13. Smileseers

    NFL Draft Contest

    Well at least your unfair advantage of being a Browns fan is over. I'll be happy to win another FFToday T shirt and a shot at the three and out contest. Thanks for the contest Mike.
  14. Smileseers

    Big Ben's leadership

    As a long time Steeler fan the argument of Ben being a good leader is ridiculous. I hope that the next Steeler QB has 15 straight seasons without a losing record, and I won't care what other people think about his leadership ability. Ben's elite stats alone prove he is a good leader. Wins 237, losses 77, 1 tie. 6th all time passing yards with 56,194. 6th all time wins for a QB. 7th all time passing TDs 363. 1st all time more than 450 yards passing in a game 6 times. Marino held the record at four, Brady and Peyton have 3. Never won a Super Bowl with Antonio Brown or Le'Veon Bell. Won two without them. All three are elite talent, but the three B chemistry never manifested into a ring.