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  1. Smileseers

    Antonio Brown Alienates His Own Agent

    AB has CTE. Sadly that fact will only be proven after his death. Even then, I doubt many will understand.
  2. Smileseers

    Luke Kuechly retiring

    Good for him. I hope more players walk away after multiple concussions. I wish him well. How many NFL players were cleared to play the next week or two after sustaining a concussion this season? How can doctors admit the player suffered a brain injury yet is ready to resume an activity that is likely to re injure the brain??
  3. Smileseers

    Looking Ahead To Redrafts 2020: First Four Rounds

    The model Christian on this bored is a sick pervert...go figure.
  4. Smileseers

    A truly great idea: Give back to fantasy

    There are some very trustworthy charities on that list. Are you saying that you will not give to the Wounded Warriors because of Kaepernick?
  5. If the Steelers lose the next two games, don't the Titans need to win at least one of their games? I think Khari Blasingame could have a better game than Dion Lewis and he is a good sleeper in dailies.
  6. Smileseers

    Brandin Cooks - off to the locker room

    FOUR concussions in less than two years. Protocol is you're fine get back out there.
  7. Smileseers

    Kaepernick getting a workout on Saturday

    As a Steeler fan I know that Rudolph is not good enough to have even a decent career in the NFL as a starting NFL QB for any team and never will be. He is an inaccurate pocket passer without mobility. Hodges should of been put in at halftime vs Cleveland and should be the starter going forward. Kaepernick led a team to a conference championship. What would the Steelers have to lose by signing him?
  8. Smileseers


    Hitler was a biatch and Stephy was a beast
  9. Smileseers


    Injuries happen, especially early in careers. I would be more surprised if Engram did not have a successful career. the talent is clearly there
  10. Smileseers

    Your worst pick this year

    I drafted AxeElf in the third round and he has been a big let down. But my NE defense first round draft pick and K Tucker in the second round has me winning my division. OBJ is the player I misjudged the most.
  11. Any NFL team that signed AB would have to pay him while he was on the commissioner's exempt list.
  12. Smileseers

    Any 0-4 teams out there?

    keep 4, and I am ohh and four Hopkins, OBJ, Zeke, Gordon. Thought that I had built a good base...until the games started.
  13. Smileseers

    Damian Williams update?

    For those of us who play for weeks 14-16 McCoy is the least likely to help our fantasy team.
  14. Smileseers

    AB accused of sexual assault ...3X.

    Rapegate This could play out to him still playing until his day in court next summer.
  15. Smileseers

    Could Antonio Brown have CTE??

    Kent thank you. I brought this topic to life to spark a conversation. I could not agree with you more. How Jordan Reed is allowed to play after his 7th recorded concussion shows that the rug has more crap to be swept under it.