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  1. 1. Take out the words "some initial estimates in the US" and we are on our way . 2. Young people, even children, many children, have not been spared from your mortality perspective based on your perception. 3. Agreed...doctors, nurses, front line medical workers have saved lives no doubt. 4. Proof?? Evidence?? Scary word of science?? Or because that is what is being projected to the believer of the government in you? 5. Greatest county EVER. Anyone could steer this ship and we will be just fine. 6. We took the land from the enemy natives. Since then our land has barely been threatened by any enemy despite our vulnerabilities. 7. America has shown, once again, that we have in our DNA the resilience to face and conquer any challenge.
  2. Smileseers

    what players are you excited about for playoffs

    Any Tampa player, Weeks 14-16 MINN, @Atlanta, @Detroit. Weather and opposing defenses will not be an issue.
  3. Smileseers

    Rookie stash

    I drafted AJ Dillon in both of of my main leagues and have since dropped him.
  4. Smileseers

    Rookie stash

    Akers for the Rams is my favorite stash of rookies going into week 9.
  5. Smileseers

    Antonio tweets he's done

    Antonio Brown has more upside than the last guy on most team's bench. I picked him up today. The hype will build and hopefully I can package him in a trade in coming weeks.
  6. Smileseers


    Claypool's nickname is Mapletron since he's Canadian. I picked him up off of waivers last week but still started Ju Ju.
  7. Smileseers

    What to do with Melvin Gordon...

    Can anyone name one player who has EVER been suspended for 2 games for their first dui offense? Geniuses encouraged to reply.
  8. Smileseers

    Leveon Bell

    Don't start a player coming off of an injury and you will succeed more often than not,
  9. Smileseers

    Buy low, sell high

    The Bucs have had just one 100-yard rushing game in each of the last three seasons, most recently a 106-yard game by Jones against Atlanta in last year’s season finale, his only career 100-yard game. These are the facts I took from the source Axe posted. Ronald Jones is nowhere near as talented as Fournette by this stat alone.
  10. Smileseers

    Fournette to Bucs

    Fournette was the #7 rb in my ppr league last season. Now he goes to a better offense where he is clearly the best rb at running, catching, pass blocking, and receiving.
  11. Smileseers

    Darrel Williams RB - Kansas City

    In 2017 the Chiefs first game of the season was against the Patriots who eventually won the SuperBowl. Kareem Hunt had 17 rushes for 148 yards with a TD and 5 receptions for 98 yards with 2 TDs. 272 carries for Kareem Hunt in 2017. 18 carries for Charcandrick West, 14 for Anthony Sherman, 8 Akeem Hunt. 40 total rushes by the rest of the team. Hunt lead the NFL in rushing as a rookie and went to the Pro Bowl. The Chiefs and Andy Reid absolutely have a history of putting the bulk of the workload on a rookie rb. Recent history.
  12. I could not agree with you more on the NFL should of supported Kap three years ago. Kap didn't sit on his asss, he took a knee which was recommended by real VETERAN teammate. The message is Black Lives Matter. Not JUST Black lives matter, Not ONLY Black Lives Matter. If any white man thinks that there is equal perception of law enforcement between a white man and a black man then they are a knave.
  13. Smileseers

    Teddy Bridgewater

    Teddy has never thrown for more than 14 Tds in a season. He will not be on any of my teams and I do not see him as a top twenty QB.
  14. Smileseers


    RoJo has struggled catching the football and I do not see that changing. Brady doesn't trust him. Dare Ogunbowale could be ppr worthy and lead the rbs in receptions.
  15. Smileseers

    Who is you favorite breakout player this year?

    RB Cam Akers is in a prime position to outperform his ADP greatly.