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    Thanks Weepaws for chiming in. I do like Jacobs more than most this season. I think the box will be much less stacked with the addition of Adams. I also like the fact that Jacobs is in a contract year.
  2. Smileseers

    Deebo-wants out of San Fran

    With the unprecedented rushing incentives for a WR I am curious to see if he becomes viable as a Wideback. If I can use him as a RB in fantasy that would make him even more valuable.
  3. Smileseers


    Swift, Ceedee, Jacobs, Fournette. Full PPR
  4. Smileseers


    I am contemplating an offer of Mark Andrews straight up for my Fournette in a keeper 4 league.
  5. Smileseers

    Deebo-wants out of San Fran

    According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Samuel can earn $650,000 for each year that he has 380 or more rushing yards. Samuel can also earn a one-time incentive bonus of $150,000 if he scores three rushing touchdowns in any one year.
  6. Smileseers

    Player you will draft early-ish?

    I like Allen Robinson and will likely take him above his adp. Rashaad Penny with a Ken Walker 111 handcuff would be nice on a run heavy offense.
  7. Smileseers

    NFL ALL DAY and NFTs

    Is anyone else getting into this?? I just bought my first pack on Friday and bought a few singles on the marketplace. It is still in the beta phase, but it is really cool. Basically you buy a moment of a player of the video from a play with several angles. You'll need to sign up on Dapper and NFL All Day. If anyone has any tips or mistakes to avoid please post your thoughts.
  8. Smileseers

    Top Bust of 21

    Christian deserves a bust nomination
  9. Smileseers

    Joe Mixon

    Mixon is one of those guys that someone else will pay more for on draft day than I will.
  10. Smileseers

    Have WR's Replaced RB's as Must Haves?

    Henry over any WR no question. Throw your hat out the window and you can hit a starting WR in fantasy.
  11. Smileseers

    Sleepiest rookie sleepers for dynasty

    George Blanda and Sid Luckman are perhaps ancient history to the kids out there but they were great in their time taking a look at the Bears QB history. But yeah it's been a minute.
  12. Smileseers

    ** Post-Draft Update: Dynasty Rankings

    Josh Jacobs as the #21 RB was the most shocking to me. I have him rated higher and would be interested in hearing your comments on that player I enjoyed the lists and it is a fantastic template to go with this time of year. Thank you Mike and Doug
  13. Smileseers

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - TE Pat Freiermuth, Steelers

    The consensus #2TE overall is more than average all around IMO. Ben likes his Tes. So will a different QB in the Steelers future. Ebron will likely be gone and the Steelers will have a viable Te on the cheap. It makes sense to me. OT J Mayfield went in the third round.
  14. Smileseers

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - WR D'Wayne Eskridge, Seahawks

    Defenses will be more on their heels instead of their toes especially between the hashmarks, which helps open the running game. Overall the Seahawk's offense just got better with this pick
  15. Smileseers

    JuJu stays in Pittsburgh

    Ju Ju played through ankle and knee injuries last season. New offensive coordinator Matt Canada is likely to use Ju Ju all over the field and not exclusively in the slot.