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  1. Moemoney

    AB cut by Patriots. BB has had enough!

    Phillip Dorsett worth an add?
  2. Moemoney

    LeSean McCoy Released - Signed by KC

    There goes everyone’s opportunity to get singletary on the cheap...
  3. Moemoney

    The Arizona Cardinals

    Rosen CANNOT possibly look any worse than BADford. It was embarrassing yesterday to say the least. Killing David Johnson at the same time too....
  4. Moemoney

    Matt Breida- Useless or nah?

    Looked like a beast yesterday!!!
  5. Moemoney

    FU week 16

    Micheal Thomas
  6. Moemoney

    If Mike thomas sits...

    Motherf@cker this sucks! I have only Randall Cobb to replace him with and he plays tonight... I'm screwed!
  7. Cook and it's not even close.
  8. Moemoney

    Aaron Rodgers - week 15 return?

    Definitely Worth a shot if you've got the space...
  9. Moemoney

    Hunter Henry

    Not worth a play today, but with the lack of TE this year, he's a definite grab.
  10. Moemoney

    Break Out Game? - Corey Davis

    Hope so because I'm forced to use him this week!
  11. Team B is clearly winning here.
  12. Moemoney

    Any Miami swellers/fans

    Season ticket holder here. Full time share here....
  13. Moemoney

    Miami homers - Parker going to play?

    He's playing