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    Projection Pal Problems

    Yep, thanks Mike. It was indeed an issue with the player names. In case anyone else experiences something similar, you'll need to delete any trailing spaces from the player names (they weren't getting removed with TRIM). Ended up using =LEFT(A1 - LEN(A1-1)) and it was good to go.
  2. bearwithbigclaws

    Projection Pal Problems

    Having an issue where the vlookup in the clean data tabs aren't pulling the info from the raw tab. First time experiencing anything like this with projection pal. I thought maybe at first the query wasn't updating, but copying to the compiler just copies over a bunch of null fields. Any ideas? I downloaded a fresh version off the site, same problem persists. Anyone have an idea?
  3. bearwithbigclaws

    Is Portis Hurt?

    Speculation in Washington is that Portis was being punished for sliding to the ground at the end of his 27-yard run, in order to avoid being tackled.
  4. Having trouble deciding who to fit in my WR2 and Flex Spots this weekend. 12-team PPR league, 1 point/10 yards plus a 5-point bonus for 100 yard milestone. Have to choose 2 of the following options: Clinton Portis @ STL: Good matchup, though team has yet to establish running game (70/30 pass/run split last week). Is this the week he gets 20 carries and hits 100 yards? Steve Smith (CAR) vs. CIN: Not the greatest matchup, and Clausen gets his first start... Though he is undoubtedly a stud and always seems to get his catches. Not sure Clausen is going to be any less effective than Moore. Anquan Boldin vs. CLE: Another good matchup, and age seems to have finally caught up with Mason and Housh. Definitely Flacco's top target when he isn't throwing picks and looking like a deer in the headlights (the latter point gives me cause for hesitation). I think I'm leaning toward Portis and Boldin, if only because they seem to be guaranteed more touches. Am I right to avoid Smith if I have the option?
  5. bearwithbigclaws

    Please Help with Trade for RB

    I agree that now is probably the best time to get something out of McFadden--other posters have already cited Bush's return and DMac's injury history... Regarding the inclusion of Fitz in a potential trade, he is admittedly not 100% and hasn't really played a lot with Anderson. Dunno if I'd give up on him just yet. If things work out in your favor, you'd be uniquely set at WR with two studs and potential depth. If it were me, I'd try to get an underperforming kinda guy like J. Stewart straight up for DMac. You might be able to steal a Jamaal Charles or similar for a DMac/Jacoby Jones kinda deal (if there is a Jones believer in your league). Hope that provides some food for thought! http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=371165
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    Flex WR/RB Sit/Start Help--Will Answer Yours!

    Any thoughts on this?
  7. bearwithbigclaws

    Flex Help Needed--No Idea What to Do

    Looking for help picking a WR/RB flex spot for Week 1. 12-team, 0.5 PPR League. My options: A. Boldin @ NYJ - Not sure I like the matchup vs. Revis, fit or not... Though he is undoubtedly the best talent I have for the Flex. B. Berrian @ NO - Solid history against the Saints (9 rec for 102 yds in NFC Championship Game). Should be high-scoring? J. Gaffney @ JAX - Looks like Orton's favorite target, excellent preseason (though I admit the preseason shouldn't affect my decision). C. Portis vs. DAL - Lock for 15+ carries, though historically he's been hit or miss against the Cowboys. Not sure what to make of Skins O-Line... M. Barber @ WAS - Washington's run D looked pitiful during preseason, floor of 40 total yards and a TD? I'm really torn, because I'm not seeing one clear cut decision here... I think Berrian has the highest ceiling, though Portis/Barber have the highest floor. Another option would be to bench Wes Welker (vs CIN) in favor of Berrian/Boldin/Gaffney and rolling with one of the RBs in the flex spot. I'm starting Steve Smith (CAR) in the other WR slot and Rice and SJax in the RB spots. Any thoughts?
  8. bearwithbigclaws

    Flex Help Needed--No Idea What to Do

    But is it correct to play Boldin against Revis? In the second half of last year, no WR1 went for more than ~ 5 recs, 40 yards against the Jets (including Reggie Wayne, Randy Moss, and Steve Smith). Regarding Berrian, I meant only that he had a high ceiling for week 1... But I still think he's a risky play. And barring a 1st quarter Felix Jones injury, Barber doesn't stand to get more than 10-13 carries--though I suspect a number of those will occur inside the twenty (and he's currently listed as RB1 on Dallas's depth chart). Portis should get 15-17 carries, even with Shanahan coaching, right? Do I just go with Portis, assuming he will get the most guaranteed touches in a neutral matchup?
  9. bearwithbigclaws

    Start Forte or Bradshaw at RB2?

    Forte should have a monster game, given his matchup and history against the Lions--Bradshaw will get his carries, but I think Forte is a safer play. I'd actually move Gates to the WR3/TE slot in place of Marshall, and put Ricky in the Flex. Nobody throws on the Bills because they are so easily shredded on the ground. Henne went for only 175 and 115 against them last year, and Ricky broke 100 in their second meeting. Brown went for 115 and Ricky went for 85 in their October matchup. Don't worry about Rice--he'll be fine against the Jets.
  10. bearwithbigclaws

    WSIS - Farve @ NO or Cutler vs. DET?

    I'd go with Cutler here too, he's safe for 250 and 2 TD against the Lions. I think Favre is hit or miss, and he hasn't shown any chemistry with Berrian. Doesn't help that he hasn't had a whole lot of preseason reps with him (or Harvin. Or anyone else for that matter). Definitely Malcolm Floyd--he has potential to be a solid WR1 this season. Knox would be a decent flex play, but it's kinda tough to say what his role will be in the new offense. Here's mine: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=369428
  11. bearwithbigclaws

    Which WRs to start?

    I don't see Dixon throwing for more than 175 yards--not sure I'd start both guys, but I think Ward is a safer play with Dixon at QB. I'm not sold on Mike Williams yet. Aromashadu and Massaquoi both seem to have good matchups, that's a tough call. Cutler put up 276 on Detroit in January, with Aromashodu getting 2 TDs, if that means anything. I'd probably stay away from starting Massaquoi for now.
  12. bearwithbigclaws

    Flex player

    I like LT a lot in this matchup--especially in a PPR format. I tend to favor the safety valve options in the defensive-type games. Wallace should be good for you this year, but I'm not sure I'd roll with him until he and Dixon show they're on the same page.