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  1. shorepatrol

    What do you eat for breakfast?

    Half a pot of coffee , protein shake
  2. shorepatrol

    Prime Rib

    Turkey meeeeaat loaf.
  3. shorepatrol

    Well, this is disturbing

    I thought you were talking about the Suns Mavs game
  4. shorepatrol

    ***Official*** 2022 NBA Playoffs thread

    Coach of the year? Booker a MVP candidate? Ayton a max contract? Bahahahahahhhahahahahahahhhha
  5. shorepatrol

    Do You Have Extra KY

  6. shorepatrol

    Prime Rib

    Great, now I gotta make a meatloaf tomorrow. It'll be a turkey meatloaf though
  7. shorepatrol

    Dog food

    Kirkland Natures Domain dry mixed with pure balance wet vomit looking food
  8. shorepatrol

    Prime Rib

    Maybe he should've lead with that.
  9. shorepatrol

    Cooking this...

    Throw some Ritz crackers and tears in it.
  10. shorepatrol

    Prime Rib

    His desire for her to swallow?
  11. shorepatrol

    My liquor store girlfriend

    Fock her right in the puzzy
  12. shorepatrol

    How do you like your scrimps?

    Azz up, face down
  13. https://www.instagram.com/tv/Cdgob8NLFCl/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  14. shorepatrol

    ***Official*** 2022 NBA Playoffs thread

    Boston went HAM. Tatum went HAMMER. Great game
  15. My old league loser had to get a STD
  16. shorepatrol

    Auto insurance claim question

    Fock that. You should get the full check and blow it on hookers and blow if you choose
  17. shorepatrol

    ***Official*** 2022 NBA Playoffs thread

    Suns are standing around with their d!ck in their hands on both sides of the court again. It's hard to watch. Game 7 incoming.
  18. shorepatrol

    80s Movie Draft Thread Signup Thread

  19. shorepatrol

    Auto insurance claim question

    If he still has a loan on the vehicle, the insurance company will not issue him a check. Only the body shop doing the work. In my experience
  20. I am absolutely shocked it was DV
  21. shorepatrol

    Rank meat

    314 , bacon is the only thing good from a pig
  22. shorepatrol

    ever notice how unathletic girls are

    Lane violation b!tch!!!!
  23. shorepatrol

    [** Official President Joe Biden Thread **]

    Pallet after pallet of baby formula is being delivered to the illegals at the border though. I hope those are the recalled ones.