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    UPDATED: Melvin Gordon Tonight - Expected to Sit

    I would. I have both as well and if it wasnt for L Fournette playing the Skins I would have both guys in.I like both those guys over Conner/Samuels
  2. 1/2 PPR League. If M Gordon doesnt play i will put in J Jackson. If M Gordon does play then Im really stuck between Jaylen Samuels and Damien Williams. Im leaning towards D Williams but would like some input. Just as an FYI: I also have J Conner but once I put D Williams in the lineup both Conner and Samuels are out of my lineup.
  3. Im in a moral dilemma this week. First of all; me throwing a game this week in no way effects who gets into the playoffs. I am locked in and presently the #2 seed and this week i play the #3 seed who is also locked into the playoffs. I lead the league in points and the #3 seed is second in points. The present #1 seed is currently in a bit of a free fall and is #6 is points and has lost 2 straight. Me and #3 are one game behind the #1 and the #1 seed is the underdog by 20 points to his opponent this week. IF i throw this game and the present #1 does lose; then i face (IMHO) the weakest team in 1st week of the playoffs. IF i win then its a rematch between (IMHO) the best teams in our league. This is a friend/money league just to put it into perspective
  4. thomsoad

    Fournette sanders

    As I Giants fan I can promise you Tom Coughlin is not the type of guy who is going to do this.
  5. thomsoad

    Fournette sanders

    I completely disagree with this.. you think newly appointed OC Coordinator Scott Milanovich is going to try and tank his opportunity/promotion??
  6. thomsoad

    Fournette sanders

    I was just now on the other side of this situation. I'm locked in for the playoffs and received a trade offer A Brown for L Fournette. For a 12 man league I am in really good shape. RBs: Conner, Breida, J Adams (Also Collins and Coleman but thats bench material) WRs: A Brown, M Thomas, T Hill, and JuJu Schuster. The guy who offered the trade needs to win out (plays ME this Sunday) and needs some help. He is on the outside looking in and his starting WR outside of Diggs is C Ridley. So I countered w/Schuster (#10 ranked) for Fournette arguing that I am pretty much the only person who can afford to have a starting RB sit for a week while he needed a massive WR upgrade ASAP. Needless to say he took the trade at the last minute. I'm sure he knew he wasn't getting top dollar...but it helps him this week and he needs it (I'm favored by 20 points as of now).
  7. Ive got both Brown and Schuster; I also have T Hill, M Thomas, and W Fuller (and its a 12 player league ). I don't want to put in 2 WRs from the same team in play. Schuster has now scored more points then Brown all three games this season. So has the torch officially been passed to Schuster?
  8. thomsoad

    Time to bench A Brown for JuJu Schuster?

    I would be interested in Bell as insurance in case he does come back. My RBs are my weak spot. Speaking of which...how many people in a 12 man league do you think want to give up a RB1? Lets face it... not a whole lot of RB1's out there this year.
  9. thomsoad

    Time to bench A Brown for JuJu Schuster?

    My RBs are J Connor, T Coleman, A Collins, M Breida, M Brown (Gurley backup). Top RBs are difficult to come by...I may be in negotiations to trade Schuster for Bell.
  10. thomsoad

    Bench Ingram even if he plays?

    Miller got me 12 points on PPR. I was ok w/Brees 1 yard pass since I had Thomas in my lineup. The icing on my cake is that my opponent had Kamara who was IMO the only guy I was deeply worried about. He does have Cam but I don't see much with him since he is against the Vikings
  11. 3 to choose from: L McCoy L Fournette L Miller M Ingram D Lewis I really need some help on this one.
  12. thomsoad

    Alvin kamara is a god

    yep he did and is out. Sorry guys...my opponent had Kamara this week. And when it comes to FF...I AM GOD.
  13. thomsoad

    Josh Gordon 1st round of the playoffs

    Gordon over Burkhead is bold. I agree with you but its bold.
  14. thomsoad

    Josh Gordon 1st round of the playoffs

    I have Gordon in and the following people are on my bench: L Fournette D Lewis J Doyle D Johnson JR
  15. thomsoad

    Pick 2 wrs

    Im swinging for the fences and putting in Gordon. I think he will have a monster game. Dez doesn't have a good history with the Giants. Witten kills them but not Dez. Id go Anderson and Gordon personally
  16. Which of the three would you put in? L Fournette (home vs Seattle) D Lewis (at Miami) J Gordon (at GB) Really need some help on this one. Thanx
  17. thomsoad

    RB help please

    I have the same problem with Fournette and he has hardly been a stud lately. Im personally as of right now NOT starting Fournette (may reconsider depending on Ingram status). Luckily I have fantastic depth in the RB department tho. Def Drake is one. Based on what you have I would go Fournette cuz you will at least get a decent floor. But Gio is an intriguing option if Mixon doesn't play
  18. thomsoad

    Bench Ingram even if he plays?

    Ive been going back and forth on this as well. Gonna start 3 RBs and I have McCoy, Fournette, Ingram, Miller, and D Lewis. With my RB depth and this being the playoffs...I just don't know if I should use a questionable RB.
  19. thomsoad

    McCown or Ryan?

    Ive got McCown this week in my lineup and I have no worries about it. Play the hot hand
  20. thomsoad

    I am completely stuck on my Flex

    It is PPR. Only reason I just don't plug in Fournette is because of the matchup. Fournette is averaging 3 YPC lately and Seahawks are #3 against the run J Gordon got 12.5 vs arguably one of the best secondary's in the league, This week Gordon is against the Packers who are the 29th ranked secondary. So yeah...I am throwing J Gordon into the mix.
  21. thomsoad

    Which wr to cut

    Kupp - no brainer
  22. I had to go thru my leagues history for last 12 years. Nobody ever the tables in that league. 12 man league and 3 of us (me and 2 other people) went 11-2 during that 12 year period. Undefeated is incredibly difficult and IMO would have to be unbelievably lucky
  23. thomsoad

    Drop Mariota for Winston or McCown?

    I actually dumped Mariota and picked up Winston and McCown. QB has been killing me all season. Mariota sucks.
  24. Coleman got 80 yards against arguably the best defense in the NFL and J Gordon coming back next week? With those two targets now at his disposal I might just toss at dart throw at this dark horse for my bench in the coming playoffs. Am I nuts?
  25. Oh he will get interest. I don't think Chargers will be one of them but I could see Cardinals and plenty of other teams as well. Jaguars/Chiefs/Browns/Bills/Dolphins/Broncos def come to mind.