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  1. Ok so start Reynolds. Got it. Thanks for all the replies looool.
  2. Ok so the run game is clearly not the same without Gurley. Patrick Peterson is on Cooks. Reynolds should get more looks now right? I need input fast. Thanks.
  3. Just picked up Washington.
  4. BTL99

    Last chance to grab Aaron jones.

    no chance
  5. BTL99

    Last chance to grab Aaron jones.

    Guys go get Aaron Jones while you still can. Dude is a beast looooooooooooooooooool.
  6. Great points made by everybody. Thanks for the input.
  7. Ive started Pat every game this year so it just feels wrong benching him playoff week 1. Mahomes at home vs Baltimore and Brees at Tampa. I just cant see Mahomes having a bad game though. How can you bench him right? Or no?
  8. BTL99

    Kittle or Graham Monday might?

    You think Kittle is clearly the better option huh? Most people think it’s dead even. Thanks for input. Everything I’ve read acts likes the injury is not a big deal.
  9. BTL99

    Kittle or Graham Monday might?

    Kittle is basically their #1 wr and cj beathard always looks for him. But like you said he isn’t 100%. Jimmy Graham scares me because I don’t want a 2 catch for 12 yards game either. Thanks for input, idk what I’m gonna do.
  10. What do you guys think? Not sure who to go with.
  11. BTL99

    Fvck Doug Baldwin

    You were only 6 catches for 91 yards away from being right. Good job lmfao.
  12. BTL99

    Matt Nagy

    Yea I'm out on Nagy already. Guy is dumbass.
  13. BTL99

    Fvck Doug Baldwin

    Starting him in 2 leagues this week. He is gonna go off.
  14. BTL99

    Jamaal Charles

    I love Jamaal Charles but he is so done it's not even funny.