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  1. BTL99

    Bench Lamar for Russell?

    Lamar going on the road at 1pm in the wind/cold vs Russell playing on the road in warm weather in a 8:30 primetime game. Or am I nuts an way overthinking this?
  2. BTL99

    Bench Lamar for Russell?

    Ok thanks.
  3. Now they are acting like Cook is completely fine and gonna ball out. Such a weird situation. Dude looked dead on the field crying his eyes out and now he’s fine???
  4. BTL99

    Marlon Mack's hand

    It’s either Mack or Mattison?
  5. BTL99

    Marlon Mack's hand

    I guess I have to start him now.
  6. BTL99

    Marlon Mack's hand

    Ok now they are reporting that Mack is good to go and will start and probably have his normal workload. WTF.
  7. That's a great point. Imagine if he actually seriously hurts it in this game and is out for the year. I think they are nuts to play him. So you would still start Mattison?
  8. The vikes are now saying he is almost 100% and will play.
  9. BTL99

    Marlon Mack's hand

    I have Mack and Williams and I am benching both for the gamble of Mattison.
  10. Do you start Mattison if he is only gonna get maybe 10 touches????? Or do you start him thinking that possibly this is all smokescreen and Mattison is actually gonna carry most of the load?
  11. BTL99

    Darwin Thompson, RB Chiefs

    Darwin going off this week. 140 and 2 tds.
  12. Please let Cook miss 1 game.
  13. Is this dude gonna beast it like this all year? What else do they have?
  14. BTL99

    Let's go Auburn

    I love seeing those toothless morons lose
  15. BTL99

    Are You Still Rostering Miles Sanders?

    Unfortunately I am starting him this week
  16. BTL99

    David Johnson this Sunday?

    I'm starting him in 2 leagues. I don't see how anyone that has him could not play him. He is the clear #1 and is going to get most of the work. People are way overthinking this.
  17. BTL99

    AB signing with the Eagles possibly?

    Hopefully he tears his achilles and never plays again. The guy is a piece of garbage.
  18. BTL99

    Who is starting Kenyan Drake

    Yes I am so glad I was wrong.
  19. BTL99

    Who is starting Kenyan Drake

    I'm starting him only because I have NO other option. I'm definitely expecting less than 10 points.
  20. BTL99

    David Johnson

    DJ's foot was clearly hurt and they just wanted to rest him. He isn't going anywhere. Chase isn't the starter now. Everyone stop lmfao.
  21. BTL99

    Last chance to grab Aaron jones.

    Did you really just say he is a low end rb1??????????????????????????????????????? C'mon man stop. You know better than that.
  22. BTL99

    Last chance to grab Aaron jones.

  23. BTL99

    Last chance to grab Aaron jones.

    PUT HIM IN THE HALL OF FAME LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Best RB in the NFL right now easily. Aaron Jones > CMC and Barkley x 100
  24. BTL99

    Last chance to grab Aaron jones.

    You see that last game lmfaooooooo. Put Aaron Jones in the hall of fame hahahahaha
  25. Real talk.....AB is a brain dead piece of . No sane person does ALL of this he has done.