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  1. Maulers1973

    Sleepers, Breakouts, Busts

    Lots are high on WR Westbrook to break out this year. Sleeper - Jimmy G Bust - QB A Rodgers Also, I'm looking for a big year from Baker Mayfield. Not sure if it's a break out as he had a heck of a rookie year setting the TD record and all (for rookies). I also don't know that he is a sleeper as expectations are kind of high. His HC and OC combined with lots of weapons around him lead me to believe he's going to ball!!
  2. Maulers1973

    Derrick Henry train 2019

    Cool dance moves! Do you call that the back pedal?? lol
  3. Maulers1973

    Derrick Henry train 2019

    Oh yeah, remember when you said Gurley sucks and then he went on to have an AMAZING season. Then, followed it up with another great season! That's the kind of NFL football analysis we need around here.
  4. Maulers1973

    Pass Interference Calls are now Reviewable

    This is pure BS. They're ruining football. 1st - ya can't hit the QB in the head, then the legs, now anywhere or his wittle feelings will get hurt 2nd - ya can't hit somebody when they catch the ball, ya gotta let them catch it and turn around 3rd - let's review judgement calls?? What's next, we going to review every play to see if an offensive lineman held? Why do I feel like this is some bs that THE worst commissioner in the history of the NFL shoved down everyone's throat?? For the first time in a LONG time I am considering not getting into FF this year. I also, don't know if I'll pay much attention to the NFL at all. After all their political posturing, women raping/hitting, I'm just done with it all for the most part. I just don't care.
  5. Hiring a competent coach would be a better move.
  6. Maulers1973

    Soooo. Derrick Henry

    I debated heavily about Henry or Carson. Turns out, the real answer was both. Carson was on my bench while DJ was turning in a dud. Damn it!!
  7. Maulers1973

    Chargers at Chiefs: In-Game Discussion

    I wonder if the league will fine the defender that smashed Rivers in the helmet late in the game?? That was definitely a penalty for helmet to helmet, and I don't know how they missed that!!
  8. Maulers1973

    Is Damien Williams a MUST start tonight?

    So, if it's a Chiefs RB first start under Reid ya better start em. He'll get you 3 TD's!! If you had Mike Williams for the Williams and Williams stack, you did alright too!
  9. Maulers1973

    I hate DFS..........

    Yeah Baker is looking pretty good. The Browns might actually have a QB they can build around. They need a left tackle and some WR's with good hands besides Landry and they're in business!!
  10. Maulers1973

    I hate DFS..........

    If you were in Thurs - Mon tourneys and played Henry, Cooper and the Gmen Defense you're in good shape!! That is all.
  11. Maulers1973

    Rate these running backs for the week

    You want a Chubb on the Gus bus! I wouldn't touch the other 3.
  12. Maulers1973

    Jaguars at Titans: In-Game Discussion

    It seems the Jags defenders kept going high against Henry. That's a dumb idea for trying to tackle him. lol He dropped a 50 burger on DK. I really wish I had rostered him in at least 1 lineup! Dang it man!!
  13. Maulers1973


    Yeah, he was on my bench. * sigh *
  14. Maulers1973

    Mr Guru re Tyreek Hill

    With running backs and this is why.
  15. Maulers1973

    CJ Anderson

    Um, who?? lol