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  1. Maulers1973

    Best Ball Anyone?

    This is my first year doing Best Ball on Underdog. Is there no live scoring or ranking updates? How the heck are we supposed to know how we are doing in all those drafts as the season goes along??
  2. Maulers1973

    SF RB

    Maybe Wilson isn't bad after all.
  3. Maulers1973

    The Isiah Pacheco Thread

    The hype train has slowed. LOL
  4. Maulers1973

    The Isiah Pacheco Thread

    I'm not blown away by the film. He's got good vision and great burst! There is definitely potential there!
  5. Maulers1973

    SF RB

    I'm not. I just don't think Wilson has it anymore. I see him as just a guy. I think the 2 rookies are going to push for PT and it will be an ugly 3 hearded committee which is not how Shanahan usually deploys his backs, but until one guy asserts himself as THE guy I am staying away. Pacheco and Khalil are my targets at this point. I'm very intrigued by Pacheco!
  6. Maulers1973

    SF RB

    Sucks! Mitchell was playing well. I don't know why Shanahan thinks he's out smarting the league putting his WR at the tailback position and his RB out wide??? Maybe put your tailback in the backfield where he belongs!!!
  7. Maulers1973

    Top Waiver Wire Pickups for Week 1

    I dunno. Maybe 10. He was the leading receiver for the Titans. Not bad for his first ever NFL game and someone that NOBODY drafted!!
  8. Maulers1973

    SF RB

    This is a false narrative! Shannahan runs with one lead back when that back is healthy! He only goes to the bench when injury forces him to. The number 2 guy will be the lead back until his #1 is healthy or that guys goes down. I like Mitchell this year, but is he injury prone? He might be, but when healthy he is going to be the lead back!
  9. Maulers1973

    1st QB to get whacked and miss time due to injury?

    My guess is Lamar. He's super athletic, but he isn't super thick.
  10. Maulers1973

    Who will be the biggest bust in 2022?

    Frankly, I don't see how Allen Robinson or Cam Akers can be seen as a "biggest bust!" They both suck! I mean, Akers was decent before the injury, but since he has looked slow as molasses! Robinson has done NOTHING outside of 2020! For anyone that drafted those players with high expectations, your powers of observation are severely lacking!!!
  11. Maulers1973

    Who will be the biggest bust in 2022?

    Outside of injury it is easily Zeke! He got there with volume the last 2 years, but his efficiency is garbage these days, and I think Pollard will start to get more opportunities!!
  12. Maulers1973

    Starting the draft receiver heavy

    I did a Best Ball draft 2 days ago where I went RB, RB, RB. I got Ekeler, Chubb and Etienne. On that team my top 3 WR are Diontae Johnson, Brandon Cooks and Elijah Moore! Not terrible. Plus, I got Joe Burrow and Trey Lance at QB!
  13. Maulers1973

    College Football 2022

    I"m excited for tomorrow nights OSU - Notre Dame game! That's a huge match up for week 1! I hope my Buckeyes can pull off a win! Hopefully, Knowles got that defense rockin!!
  14. Maulers1973

    Best Ball Anyone?

    I've done about 7 leagues on Underdog, each a 12 teamer for $5. I think $54 goes to first which isn't bad. It has a 10% rake. I'm thinking of tossing a hail marry at the BMIII tourney on that site! I've not seen Best Ball in an auction format. That could be really fun!
  15. Maulers1973

    Top Waiver Wire Pickups for Week 1

    Funny guys here all listing drafted players! LOL I got one for you: WR Kyle Phillips! You're welcome!