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  1. Maulers1973

    Browns at 49ers: In-Game Discussion

    The 4 missing starters on defense certainly cost the Browns in this game especially against the run. Outside of that, if the receivers catch the ball when it hits their hands, it's a close game that could go either way. The offensive line was a question mark going into this season and I still say Dorsey trading away a Pro Bowl guard for DL Vernon who is worthless garbage was his worst move as the Browns GM. He's had a lot of good ones, but that was a TERRIBLE move!!
  2. I scored 205 and 203 on lineups in a .25 tourney. I don't think either won me $1. Maybe .50 is all. Wow!! I had some Fuller and Godwin exposure, but none of Desaun Watson.
  3. Maulers1973

    Christian McCaffrey for MVP

    Defenses are keying in on him with Cam out of the lineup, and yet he still did that to the Jags!! Isn't this back to back weeks with 3 TD's! When is the last time we saw that from a RB? He's got my vote at this point!!
  4. Maulers1973

    Jaylen Samuels ROS

    I picked up Samuels this morning. I'm still in wait and see mode.
  5. Maulers1973

    DFS Week 3

    Anyone play Thur - Mon slates? I usually join in a couple cheap games just to grab some action. I'm not expecting much from tonight's game at all. This week I figure the Cowboys will be super chalky, Dak, Zeke, Cooper and defense. I'm fading as I don't the production will be concentrated. The 49ers and Patriots defenses will also be popular plays.
  6. Maulers1973

    Week 2 Draftkings Line ups

    I broke even. Yuck.
  7. Maulers1973

    Draft Kings Lineup

    If you had Lamar Jackson, CMC, and Sammy Watkins, you pretty much had the nuts unless you had complete garbage elsewhere. I also went with Winston. Man, he sucks!! lol
  8. Maulers1973

    Week1 ACTUAL Observations

    I watched all of the Browns game. It wasn't nearly as bad as the final score would indicate. The Browns had TONS of horribly stupid penalties. Plus, a rookie HC made some mistakes. He could have and should have challenged an offense PI call and I think it likely would have been over-turned. They also caught about 4 or 5 total crap calls that added to their frustration level. Add in 3 INT's in the 4th quarter and there's your blowout. The score was 15-13 at the end of the 3rd quarter and that was WITH all that bad juju they had going on. Hopefully, the coaches can get them focused.
  9. Maulers1973

    Gambling Thread

    FBN had a good Sunday!!
  10. Maulers1973

    Alert...Browns O line sucks!!

    First year Head Coach that had never been a head coach. This doesn't shock me. They did get some craptastic calls against them. I think Kitchens should have challenged the offensive pi call against Beckham.
  11. Maulers1973

    Where does AB end up?????

    The 2 obvious choices that come to my mind right away are Dallas and Seattle.
  12. Maulers1973

    Shall we kick off the Week 1 overreaction thread?

    So, Matt Lefleur ran a craptastic offense in Tennessee. The Packers fired Mike McCarthy and brought in this boob. Look what they got! 10 points! I know, the Bears have a great defense. I know it was the first game. However, that was some VANILLA play calling folks! If you got em, trade em because the Packers are going to suck this year!!!!
  13. I think AB knows the Raiders offense is a dumpster fire and doesn't want to go out there and look bad with the rest of those clowns. That's why he is crying out and acting like a baby. Better to be seen as a super talented prima donna not playing than to be seen as a so-so player on a bad offense out on the field.
  14. Maulers1973

    Any IDP guys around?

    Law, I meant for Week 1. lol I gotta put Jackson in today if I'm going to use him since he plays tonight. I am just not sure he makes the splash plays against GB??
  15. Maulers1973

    Lets see those lineups boys

    Fun League that is traditional redraft 10 Team League: C. Newton, J. Winston, L. Jackson, CMC, D. Williams, D. Montgomery, M. Evans, J. Smith-Shuster, V. Mcdonald, Colts K and Browns D. My club league that is keeper and auction style with IDP: Brees, J. Winston, DJ, C. Carson, T. Coleman, M. Sanders, M. Thomas, A. Thielen, C. Samuel, C. Kirk, K - Carolin, P - Seattle, DL D. Barnett, DL J. Houston, DL, L. Ogunjobi, DL J. Hughes, LB R. Smith, LB R McMillan, LB F. Warner, LB P Smith, DB J Poyer, DB K Byard, DB E. Jackson, DB E. Weddle I am ready for kickoff!!