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  1. mrchunk

    What do you need from MNF to advance?

    Up 30 with Alshon left. Vs Brees and Ingram.
  2. mrchunk

    So it's comedown to this Eddie lacy!

    I am leaning to benching lacy and starting keenan allen over him in the flex. I don't love it but at least I know Allen will be on the field the whole game. Am I nvts?
  3. mrchunk

    Tre Mason week 15

    seems to play better @ home than on the road. I'm on the fence atm.
  4. mrchunk

    Well I guess I drafted them for a reason...

    Holding Lacy finally paying dividends over the 2nd half and into playoffs...
  5. mrchunk

    Do you have an addictive personality?

    Hang a sec while I go smoke some and watch some pr0n. I'll be back to answer your question in a few...
  6. mrchunk

    Browns release Ben Tate

    Vikings per Shefter
  7. mrchunk

    R.Jennings not likely for week 9

    Same situation for me xcept it's Knile Davis and Vereen for me or Doug Martin or maybe even Benny
  8. mrchunk

    Andre Holmes pick up of the week?

  9. mrchunk

    Week 7 Streaming D/ST

    I would be wary of da Cowboys coming off a massive road win in Seattle. NYG are going to be pissed off. Who knows if they win but the Pukes are looking at a historic letdown game imo.
  10. mrchunk

    Official Week 6 F.U. Thread

    I think we've all been here. Other than watching (and not always) Thurs night football can suck a dong.
  11. mrchunk

    week 5 waiver wire pickup

    I'll probably lose because Royal was started against me in my league. Really?
  12. WIlson/Romo Lacy/Ellington/Bradshaw/Bush/West Dez/VJax/Allen/DHop/Floyd/Hunter Reed - Then Allen, now Gates (one week too late)
  13. mrchunk

    Experts dont know anymore than you or me...

    They're worse than weathermen