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  1. vash1012

    Philly D

    Slaughtering me. Jets should have forfeited
  2. vash1012

    Packers at Bears - In-Game Discussion

    All in all, I like Aaron Jones’ 13 touches in a game with hardly any offense against the best D line in the league. Plus he got 3 more yards than my opponents Devante Adams
  3. vash1012

    trade M.Sanders and DukeJ for L.Murray?

    If this was standard, I think it’s an easy decisions in favor of Murray. In PPR, Johnson and Sanders will be solid even if their roles aren’t lead back roles so I would say no.
  4. vash1012

    Week 1 Flex Question. KennyG/Carson/Lockett

    How in the heel did a guy in 10 team PPR get 3 of the top 7-8 WRs?
  5. If you are going to invite random internet people to your league, you should do leaguesafe or something like it. It’s just a courtesy to not have to make people worry whether they will get their money at the end of the year.
  6. vash1012

    whats your team's biggest weakness

    Depth. 12 team league with 3 keepers who cost picks 2 rounds higher than draft cost so I mostly spent the last few rounds mining for upside young players at a value price rather than depth. There’s a bigger drop off right now for my bench players than I usually have but that could totally change by mid season
  7. Our draft went off the rails right from the beginning when Mahomes and M Gordon we’re off the board in the first 15 picks. I was hoping for Brandin Cooks as my WR2, but ended up with Golladay instead who’s on like every bust list. Also wanted to reach on Lamar Jackson in the 8th but he went a pick before me.
  8. vash1012

    Corey Davis- ugh

    Hes off my team for Calvin Ridley and John Brown. There is no upside in Tennessee for the next few weeks and FF is a game of the present. Your stud can be done for the year at any moment. Play now.
  9. vash1012

    Jared Cook

    Think he will be so heavily involved going forward? Asking for a Delanie Walker owner...
  10. vash1012

    Delanie Walker

    Well my experiment with drafting top 5 tight ends is off to a great start. 0.6 points from Kelce and walkers done for the year
  11. vash1012

    Travis Kelce

    Bear in mind KC only completed 15 passes and Mahommes was throwing it around the field. Hes not the most accurate qb so I think all his receivers are in for streaky games. Kelce got his targets, they just were bad ones
  12. vash1012

    Tenn RBs

    Lewis was more effective with his carries and then was in when they were down. Henry wasnt going anywhere except that called back TD
  13. vash1012

    D Cook or A Collins?

    Who to start? Cool may be limited in his first game back and weve really seen very little of him. Im leaning towards Collins as the safer week 1 play.
  14. vash1012

    J. Conner-- trade value?

    Connors value is only a little higher right now than it would be if Bell had shown up Monday. Hes a back up to the best in the game with the possibility of 1 game as a starter right now. Whos going to cripple their season by trading away their second round pick for that? Yall dumb. If you really want to trade him, wait until he does well week 1 and Bell continues to hold out, then you might get someone to sell low on a week one poor performer. Or keep him cause you cant beat a RB1 you got in the 15th round no matter what your team looks like
  15. vash1012

    Who will be waiver wire gold this year?

    Its almost always the person no one saw coming so Im just going to name some random people. Miamis third string running back. Whoever Kyle Rudolphs back up is. Tyrod Taylor.