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  1. I’m in a 16 deep team league. Get 4 pts passing TD, 6 pt rush TD, bonuses at 250 passing and rush combined and every 25 yards thereafter. Herbett on the road vs. The Fottball Team in a tough cross country matchup or Cousins at Bengals (good weather) . Of course I’d prefer to go w/ my #1 QB over Cousins but w/ a new head coach, new OC in LA and Cousins with a more favorable matchup. Am I overthinking it or who would you go with? Thanks and good luck today!
  2. Sal6482

    Whose sitting Gordon?

    I'm riding Julio and Mark Ingram over him. Very tough for me as I live in Cleveland and will be watching the Browns game too
  3. Sal6482

    DEMARCO> Lamar miller or asiata?

    Murray. He will play but Randle could steal a red zone carry or two. Too much upside on Murray and he partially brought you to the dance. Go Murray. Good luck!
  4. Sal6482

    Help me replace Hilton!

    Hi think I would go Bailey (hotter hand) and then Wheaton. Thx for answering mine
  5. Sal6482

    WR help

    I'd go Gordon only cause I think he's due and think the Browns will force feed the ball to him a bit today to try and make Manziel at least look somewhat NFL worthy. I live in CLE btw if that helps at all.
  6. If it's announced Julio is going to play, I need to decide on two players for a WR and flex. Which 2 if Julio is announced he's playing? M. Ingram vs. ATL J. Gordon @ Carolina Julio @ NO Other issue and question is will Julio only be a decoy if he does play? Thanks and good luck!
  7. Sal6482

    Anyone rolling w/ RGIII today?

    I also am in a 16 team league and have same issue as I have both RG3 and Wilson. Despite the tough matchup I finally decided to go with Wilson as I like players on national spot light games and Wilson has put up his bigger games on the road this year. Hope he goes for 270, tosses one and runs two others in!! Probably a bit too optimistic.
  8. Has anyone in ATL or other hearing anything more on the hip or Julio's personal workout yet? Believe it's more promising than last week but still GTD.
  9. Need two for flex play. If Julio is a last minute "go" on Sunday who do I then go with as my other flex between Josh Gordon @ Carolina or Mark Ingram home vs. ATL? I suppose I could also still just go Gordon and Ingram if Julio plays in case he's nothing but a decoy. Thoughts. Thx and good luck!!
  10. Kyle Rudolph against tough Mia D, but they may be down and be forced to throw or Jordon Reed at home vs. pretty bad Philly pass D but RG3 doesn't seem to look Reed's way much? Also Giants D at Rams (Shaun Hill) or Broncos at Cinci (Dalton)? Giants D/pass rush been coming on last 3 games Thanks & good luck to all!
  11. Sal6482

    Can I really think of plaing RG3 in the SB?

    Sorry for the typo on "plaing" instead of playing. Hate typing on the iPad and did not proof read well enough obviously. My bad.
  12. I play in a very deep 16 team league and have been going with Wilson almost every game other than 2 or 3 games I believe. That being said even though Wilso typically has put up much bigger fantasy #'s on the road this year I don't like the matchup @ AZ. I think with AZ having their 3rd string QB Seattle will either blow AZ out and just run the ball a ton or it will be a very low scoring game overall and lesser chances for TD's and bonus pts. On the other hand, while RG3 has been brittle and inconsistent, he has a favorable match up vs. Philly Defense. Am I crazy to consider playing RG3 after all the crap this season over Wilson in the SB. Need some sound thoughts, advice, and input please. Good luck to all this weekend!!
  13. Sounds like Mark Ingram gets the nod over him as my flex. That's quite a big drop off....
  14. Julio came up enormous and then some Sunday night until that freaking injury. The hit itself certainly didn't look too bad but it obviously affected his hip bad enough. Anyone in the ATL with any good insight or info yet on the hip or how serious it might be? This is yet another big game for Julio, the Falcons, and let's face it, all his fantasy owners. Keeping the faith...! Thx!!
  15. 6 for 179= W. Way to go Julio, on to the Semi's....