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  1. Philo312

    Rhmondre Smash?

    Thank you sir. Well said
  2. Philo312

    Hock out for the year

    If Gesicki is there on ww ..snag him
  3. Philo312

    Need 2 WR and 1 Flex

    I’m a huge Osborn truther.. so I say KJ/ Higgins/ cooks …or Mooney
  4. Philo312

    QB help - Jimmy G. or Taysom Hill

    I like Taysom here. TB run def isn’t scary and Payton is top play caller in league. Trust him. The lack of Debo usage is baffling. Taysom is automatic 20 FFB points IMO
  5. Philo312

    Hurts- what r u guys doing?

    You play Hurts for his legs. WFT pass DEF is good, but run D stinks. I give a slight nod to Jimmy G. But you’re league scoring sure favors Hurts. Tough call.
  6. Philo312

    Pick 1 DEF

    Roll AZ. Should rack up sacks & a few Goff picks.
  7. Philo312

    Pick two RB's

    Weepaws has it right. But Penny could smash. He has the bigger upside but lower floor.
  8. Philo312

    Please pick 2

    I like the upside of Osborn here. & Monty
  9. I like JRob, DK, and OBJ in .5 PPR
  10. Philo312

    Who Would U Bench For Rhamondre Stevenson ?

    I just posted a similar in General. If it’s taken like a Help question, I’ll move it. but I’m about to trot him out over AJones in .5 PPR. CEH took a wet Cleveland steamer on me yesterday. I need big upside. But we could get a Bolden check down too.
  11. Philo312

    Rhmondre Smash?

    Ok, what are we owners doing? How far up are we projecting? Will he smash 20 touches vs.tough IN run D? Positive is the kid is a wrecking ball and hoddie loves him Or do we get hoodie’d and it’s a 50/50 Bolden check down game? I’m highly tempted to trot him out over AJones and his bum knee with the inevitable Dillion split Is his floor higher then say AJones or other tough calls? Thoughts?
  12. Philo312

    Week 15 All-Out Blitz ...

    I echo the importance of addressing the Lamar Jax dilemma going into the playoffs. (We ignore his Int’s and trust his upside?) this week, My replacement choices were Taysom and Tua. I can’t bring myself to roll Taysom vs.TB hence I’m rolling Tua vs. NYJ. Another topic would be looking at the Aaron Jones/Dillon forecast. thanks much Doug for another stellar season.
  13. Philo312

    Jame Conner MRI

    Nuk is out possible ROS, so you’re set with the Chase stash. Good management there.
  14. Philo312

    Drop cooks?

    Take it easy on Mills. He wasn’t too bad. I believe Cooks had a few good games with him.
  15. I like this. Indeed all over the map, but Diggs should get a few picks and good for a few Heineke sacks. Wk 15 is juicy too.