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  1. Philo312

    Your Player(s) That Are Overdue For A Big Week

    Love the call on Pittman. . Huge game coming Sunday. HOU’s outside corners are absolutely brutal. Few weeks ago they gave up a 100yrd game to TEN’s Nick freaking Westbrook! (Who?).
  2. Philo312

    Who’s the better RB ROS?

    Weepaws! God bless ya. Thanks
  3. Philo312

    Who’s the better RB ROS?

    .5 PPR, who’d you rather roster stash for ROS and playoffs? Miles Sanders, Rhamondre, or Chase Edmonds? Thanks
  4. Philo312

    Antonio Brown ankle injury

    So question is… is he droppable in a 10 team? For, say, Golliday, Landry, Eli Moore, Bateman, etc.
  5. Philo312


    Eagles have a crowded backfield, and Hurts limits his production IMO. Chase is the passing down back and once Murray & him are healthy. Look out.
  6. Philo312

    Which RB's to roll with

    1pt PPR, go Swift. He’s also been king of 4th Q garbage points lately.
  7. Philo312

    H. Henry or D. Arnold Full PPR

    Henry. No question. No way he should be on the wire.
  8. If you can snipe AJ for Cooper- that’s a heist. He might counter with Higgins/Knox. If so, do it. Then pickup Arnold
  9. Renfrow is easy. Slight nod to Gibson
  10. Philo312

    wr and flex help .5 ppr league

    Tough call. But play Gallup. It will be a shootout. Flex Moore.
  11. Philo312

    Qb for week 11

    Slight nod to Herbert. Especially if Watt is out. PIT D Is beat up.
  12. Philo312

    Which would you flex this week?

    If Harris is active, start him. He’s the lead dog.
  13. Philo312

    Why have USC QB's not done well in the NFL?

    Absolute best point in this post is Michigan as a 2nd Tier Program! The State of OH loves this post!
  14. Philo312

    C Edwards Helaire

    Also a happy D Will owner, and Im in agreement it’s better to rest CEH . That said, it will be interesting going forward. D Will has been surprisingly excellent as a pass catcher. Except for week 9, he’s posted great PPR #’s. IMO, he’s more durable then CEH, and has just as good receiving skills. Obviously nervous it could be a 50/50 committee limiting both’s upside and tough to decide who to start.
  15. Philo312

    Cal Ridley..............OMG

    Respect and prayers up to Calvin. Life and health is more important then a job. It’s refreshing to see people now coming forward.