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  1. This happend really close to my house. Between this, the story about the woman who tied her 4 year old to a bed, someone killing a family of 5 outside of town and another kid driving a car through a restaurant the local news has been unbearable.
  2. Kannabel

    NCAA Hat Tournament 2013

    I will take UNLV
  3. Kannabel

    Where do you guys bet

    Heading to the South Point. I don't anticipate having to come back to cash in though.
  4. Kannabel

    Easy Chrismas Eve Dinner

    Old Bay for the shrimp.
  5. Kannabel

    So this Vegas employer thing

    Probably fake. I have seen and talked to Kevin a couple of times in the last month and although he is a nice enough guy his mock outrage over politics and doom and gloom rhetoric gets the crazies to call into his show. It wouldn't surprise me at all to find out this wasn't true. Someone else locally would have picked up on this just because the guy made it a point to say he layed off the hispanic workers. Or maybe he is the guy whose company hands out the cards on the Strip. Unless his company was that inefficiently run there is no way he can get the same work done losing 20% of his employees.
  6. Kannabel

    Let's talk college hoops

    Someone just brought me a UNLV mens basketball poster. I hope the home team does well this year, but I will always be a KU fan.
  7. 2009 Nissan Versa. If I have synthetic oil changes how often do they really need to be done?
  8. Kannabel

    Ok can i get a ruling on this?

    Your wife's coworker friends have already told her all about your little lunch with the blond. You should have just waited to introduce your wife to her. Now she has all afternoon to make up reasons why you had lunch with some chick. You are going to wish you had hit it instead of denying what she thinks is truth all night. Have fun later!
  9. Kannabel

    I'll be sleeping in the other bedroom tonight

    Don't hold out too long. She still needs to help your son learn his states. Sex makes you smarter
  10. $4.50 to $6 depending on where you buy them in Las Vegas. I bought a carton of Marlboro for $47 two weeeks ago. I have paid $11 in a strip casino, but have also received plenty of free packs when I am gambling.
  11. Kannabel

    Have any of the Geeks tried

    I have no idea, but These are 102ZZZ
  12. Kannabel

    Have any of the Geeks tried

    Did you enjoy it? My now Exhusband never asked, but I wouldn't have let him anyway. This isn't the first I have heard about men doing this, but is the first as an ED fix. Video&Story
  13. Kannabel

    Just to say hello

    At least you have the gender right. Thanks for that, but tubgirl is pretty freaking gross. I also have a bunch of brothers and they live here in Vegas or So Cal, but I am also pretty sure none post here. Good try.
  14. Kannabel

    Just to say hello

    I would also like to know who I really am.
  15. Kannabel

    I'm out ... forever

    I like you Giants Fan and would be sad if you left. You are one of the reasons I still read here.