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  1. blick

    So I am going to look at shotguns today...

    Remington 870 would be a good choice as well.
  2. blick

    Jenna can ball

    I can't blame those guys for allowing her to take them to the hole.
  3. blick

    I’m not comfortable with the N word.

    Maybe if you axe them nicely.
  4. blick

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    No new cases in Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) today.
  5. blick

    Software development is RACIST

    Such irony...
  6. blick

    Software development is RACIST

    When does “Black-ish” get renamed or cancelled?
  7. blick

    Does Anyone Reload Their Own Ammo?

    I used to reload a lot. For the slight cost savings, I'd rather just buy it.
  8. Just look at the end of a rainbow.
  9. I was going to choose banging your wife without a mask, but I prefer she put a bag over her head.
  10. Missing my daughters’ sports (soccer, track).
  11. blick

    Covid sports watching

    I actually watched the Tetris Championships last weekend on ESPN.
  12. blick

    Baby bunny

    Its very common to find baby rabbits unattended. Mother rabbits actually leave their nest for long periods as to not direct attention to it. Best course of action is to leave it alone. Either that or step on it and fry it up in a stew.
  13. blick

    Coronavirus - Doomsday

    I'd like to touch her face with my hand.