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  1. You’re kidding right?????
  2. ricanrockers

    Drafting in the 9th thru 12th spot PPR

    I totally agree, I’m looking at AB numbers when Big Ben was only looking at him and him only.
  3. 1pt rec 1pt 5yards 6pt TD Once the RB studs are gone as well as Adams and Hopkins, I’m looking to go WR-WR out of: 1-Thomas 2-OBJ 3-Hill 4-Julio 5-JuJu which pair would you rather have?
  4. ricanrockers

    Elijah Mcguire

    This is the game you stashed him for and hopefully brought you home the championship.....
  5. ricanrockers

    Elijah Mcguire

    Crowell was signed to a 3yr deal but it has an out clause after this year. Hes not in the Jets future plans. With that said, he is the starter right now and you will probably see McGuire do the change of pace thing with his reps increasing as the season goes on. They will also ride the hot RB with eventually McGuire taking over when the Jets get eliminated from the playoff picture thus giving you a starting RB for the fantasy playoff run. McGuire is considered a 3-down back so theyll be no worries for him coming off the field in passing downs.
  6. ricanrockers

    Elijah Mcguire

    Jets Homer here: Before his injury, he was suppose to take over Powells roster spot and position. Jets Running Backs coach Stump Mitchell compared McGuires skillset as that of LaDanian Tomlinson after minicamp. Not saying that hes the next LT2 but they obviously saw talent in the 2nd year back that they were ready to cut Powell before he broke his foot. https://www.google.com/amp/www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/ny-sports-mcguire-tomlinson-20180614-story.html%3foutputType=amp
  7. ricanrockers

    Trade advice Connors for Hilton

    Thank you!
  8. ricanrockers

    Trade advice Connors for Hilton

    Its a PPR league my WR are Landry-Cleve C.Davis- Tenn Edeleman -NE Goodwin-SF Fuller-Houston
  9. ricanrockers

    Trade advice Connors for Hilton

    I have Gurley, MCM and D. Freeman at RB but need help at WR, should I do it??
  10. ricanrockers

    which rookies have you drafted?

    Main League drafted Royce Freeman and Courtland Sutton
  11. ricanrockers

    Barkley vs Cook in PPR

    I rather have Barkley and my reason is less mouths to feed. Its goung to be the OBJ/Barkley show with sprinkles of Engram . With Cook, Minnesota has far more weapons than the Giants and will spread the ball around. Also with Cook coming off an ACL injury, so theyll probably lighten is load up some. JMO
  12. ricanrockers

    Crazy For Thinking This (Hunt/ D Cook) Early

    Picking 2 rookies RBs with your first two picks will not be wise. Past history shows that rookie RBs rarely pass the 1,000 yard mark with the exception of a few. I would definitely go WR/WR IMO
  13. Report: Seahawks trade Jermaine Kearse for Sheldon Richardson https://www.cbssports.com/nfl/news/report-seahawks-trade-jermaine-kearse-for-sheldon-richardson/
  14. How will a new OC affect Matty? If Shanny was there I would feel a lot better and can probably guarantee duplicate numbers but when you replace the brains of your scheme, 100% chance he's going to change some things up. Will the changes benefit Matty or not. Guess time will tell.
  15. ricanrockers

    Thoughts on Lamar Miller and Isaiah Crowell?

    The "contract year", did not know this. Definitely good motivation to get paid barring injury