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  1. Jeebus

    MNF what do you need

    I need jackson to outscore jk dobbins
  2. Jeebus

    FU Week 14: playoff edition

    Deebo Samuel. One play and you're out. FU and F me for starting you.
  3. Jeebus

    Week 10 Scoop and Play WR

    Curtis Samuel is currently sitting on my ww. In a standard scoring, non-ppr league, would he be worth a pickup?
  4. Jeebus

    What Do You Need On Monday Night - Week 6

    Need Jones jr to outscore the Packers D by 5. Hoping for a shootout
  5. I have seen some local chatter that green bay may toss their hat in the ring and make a play for him. As a packer fan, I'd love to see it from a talent standpoint. But don't see how the prima donna act will work with Rodgers and Adams already being the big names in town.
  6. Jeebus

    What trade sprung you?

    Traded Landry and Howard for mixon and enunwa. Ended up dropping enunwa, and mixon helped me win my league
  7. Jeebus

    Greg Olsen

    Olsen over brate this week? They've both been terrible lately.
  8. Jeebus

    Greg Olsen first week back

    Yeah. This.
  9. Jeebus

    Jordan Reed

    I have reed and brate on my roster. Who's going to be the better start ROS?
  10. Does anyone think powell or blount will be anything decent ROS? Both are available in my league.
  11. Jeebus

    Week 2 FU

    Jordan Howard can eat a big bag of d!cks.
  12. I've seen some scuttlebutt about the pack possibly being interested in Ronnie Hillman. One has to think it would affect Lacy's draft value if they sign him.
  13. Jeebus

    The Official Week 15 FU Thread

    Anderson... Lacy... thanks for taking me out of the money run you useless dung heaps. Absolutely refuse to draft either one after this hateful season.
  14. Jeebus

    Anyone got the stones to start Lacy?

    Same dilemma here. I have rawls and d. Johnson in my lineup. Deciding between lacy or cj Anderson in my flex spot. I'm leaning towards lacy.
  15. Jeebus

    SNF: Denver vs New England: In-Game Discussion

    So now... it's getting colder. Is it time to pull Anderson off the fantasy bench?