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  1. Jeebus

    Doubs hype train.... is it time yet?

    Looks like Watson is finally stepping up. Maybe doubs getting hurt was his wake up call.
  2. Jeebus

    Interesting trade proposal

    No. Najee Harris (the 1st round bust)
  3. Jeebus

    Interesting trade proposal

    A guy in my league offered up fournette and Evans for Jamar chase in my .5ppr league. I have Pittman, st. Brown, and kirk as my other wrs. I don't really see how this will benefit my team (I have Etienne, pierce, Connor and Harris for rbs), but would like to get opinions before I decide.
  4. Jeebus

    Kirk on the wire??

    Sorry, I forgot to mention... .5 ppr standard 10 team yahoo league. I would be dropping probably juju for him
  5. Jeebus

    Kirk on the wire??

    Christian Kirk just hit the waiver wire in my league. I currently have Chase, Pittman, St Brown, Doubs and juju as my receivers. With the #1 waiver priority, should I be picking him up? I'd appreciate your thoughts
  6. Jeebus

    The Unofficial Week 5 FU Thread

    Chase, Pittman, Harris, Ertz, arod.... My whole team put up jack for points this week.
  7. Jeebus

    The Unofficial Week 4 FU Thread

    Najee Harris. Waste of a 1st round pick. You're killing me dude!
  8. Jeebus

    Doubs hype train.... is it time yet?

    As great as that would be, getting JJ doesn't fill the need at this point. I was one of the idiots that bought into the n harris hype. Hoping to possibly package him or connor with Doubs to get an upgrade to go with pierce
  9. Jeebus

    Doubs hype train.... is it time yet?

    Does anyone see this as a 'sell high' situation? I have him on my bench in favor of Chase, Pittman and St Brown. Curious to see what you think I could get for him
  10. Jeebus

    Michael Pittman Jr. Out for Week 2

    I think Rodgers is gonna try to make up for the poor showing last week and air it out. Going with the gut feeling and putting Doubs in. It's a gamble.
  11. Jeebus

    Michael Pittman Jr. Out for Week 2

    .5 ppr. I have friermuth, juju, and d. Pierce on my bench.
  12. Jeebus

    Michael Pittman Jr. Out for Week 2

    Had to move st Brown up from the flex spot to wr. That leaves me a choice between Doubs and Etienne for my flex. Thoughts? Opinions?
  13. Jeebus

    AEW - All Elite Wrestling Thread

    Respectfully disagree with you here. I don't think he's done. Yes, his booking has been bad, but he has a lot of talent. I think when some of injured guys start coming back he'll be back in the main event scene.
  14. Jeebus

    AEW - All Elite Wrestling Thread

    Looked like Jericho broke his nose on codebreaker. The chair smacked him in the face. Honestly, I was disappointed in the match. But my expectations were pretty high.
  15. Jeebus

    AEW - All Elite Wrestling Thread

    This one is gonna be brutal. Good blow off to the storyline.