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  1. Jeebus

    Davante Adams to the Raiders...

    Packer wr's historically never even come close to putting up good numbers after leaving GB. Adams could be the exception to the rule here, but I doubt it.
  2. Jeebus

    Week 14 FU

    A big FU to myself for drafting a team that folds like origami in must win games. Lamar and Robinson can suck it, Gibson can suck it. They can all just go suck it.
  3. Jeebus

    Are you playoff bound? Why or why not?

    I'm in a 'win and I'm in' scenario against the top team in one of my leagues. Need to decide between Hubbard or Robinson. What would you do?
  4. Jeebus

    The Official Week 13 FU Thread

    Thielen and Robinson for a combined total of 2.5. FU both.
  5. Jeebus

    Giants fire OC Garrett

    Just saw on ESPN that the Giants have fired offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. Not being a Giant fan, I really don't care much about it. But out of curiosity, I'd like to see your opinions on if he really needed to be let go, or if it's Danny dimes that the team needs to move on from.
  6. Jeebus

    Odell Beckham might get cut today

    First off, let me say, Weepaws, I respect your opinion. I check this board daily, and usually find your posts to be spot on. Having said that, I think the situation a player is in affects attitude. Hypothetically, if obj were to end up in GB, I think we'd see a change in his 'all about me' attitude. It's also worthy to note that players are more apt to play through an injury in a positive environment.
  7. Jeebus

    Odell Beckham might get cut today

    I really think this all depends on his mindset. If he's after money? Yeah, any team with cap space will do... for a while. If he wants the ring, it's gonna be less money obviously. I wouldn't mind seeing him in GB. He'd make a great #2 behind Adams
  8. Jeebus

    Week 6 FU Thread

    Gaskin and Gibson are killing me this year.
  9. Jeebus

    Myles Gaskin

    So do we call this a slow start, and he'll be fine? Or do we call this week an anomaly and continue to make him ride the fantasy pine?
  10. Jeebus

    MNF what do you need

    I need jackson to outscore jk dobbins
  11. Jeebus

    FU Week 14: playoff edition

    Deebo Samuel. One play and you're out. FU and F me for starting you.
  12. Jeebus

    Week 10 Scoop and Play WR

    Curtis Samuel is currently sitting on my ww. In a standard scoring, non-ppr league, would he be worth a pickup?
  13. Jeebus

    What Do You Need On Monday Night - Week 6

    Need Jones jr to outscore the Packers D by 5. Hoping for a shootout
  14. I have seen some local chatter that green bay may toss their hat in the ring and make a play for him. As a packer fan, I'd love to see it from a talent standpoint. But don't see how the prima donna act will work with Rodgers and Adams already being the big names in town.
  15. Jeebus

    What trade sprung you?

    Traded Landry and Howard for mixon and enunwa. Ended up dropping enunwa, and mixon helped me win my league