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  1. Testing Testing Testing :banana:
  2. Phillies 2008 was my first.
  3. Rybo5

    Intelligent Extraterrestrial life

    Agreed. Very much doubt that.
  4. At my job, virtualization has been insanely useful, because I do software support for a product that can be set up with any number of different operating systems, database servers, application servers, etc. We have this kickass system too where you can check out a virtual machine and deploy the desired image to it that already has the software installed that you're looking for. You then just remote desktop to the virtual machine and do whatever the hell you want with it, before it gets checked back in and wiped. As for the home, I've been using VIrtual Box to test out some Linux distributions.
  5. Rybo5

    I went bowling last week....

    In my Winter league I'm averaging about 185 so far. I've got a bunch of 200+ games, but I keep throwing enough awful games to keep my average down.
  6. Rybo5

    FFT Survivor 2010

    F you,, Minny.
  7. Rybo5

    Hi, I'm new here

    I'm contemplating benching Stephen Davis this season. When would be the best time to do this?
  8. Rybo5

    Those Philthy Flyers

    4 to go.
  9. Rybo5

    ***Official LOST Season 6 thread***

    This is one thing I think is definitely NOT ambiguous. All the island stuff happened. All the characters died at different points, and once that happened, they all met up at the "church" and "moved on".
  10. Rybo5

    ***Official LOST Season 6 thread***

    No one in the LAX timeline is alive.