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  1. I see that RTSports is running cash basketball leagues this year. They need to get more people over there playing, so go check them out. I've always liked playing their cash football and baseball, it's just a clean & solid website and they've ran leagues there forever so I trust them.
  2. Wolverine66

    Fantasy Football Sites

    With the early sign-up discount RTSports is around $70. For $6 per team you don't have to move anything and don't have to worry about which features the new free site doesn't support. It's not like you're sacrificing to be there, it's a solid site.
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    Calling all FF Commissioners

    I was going to ask the same question. Two leagues I played in were at Fanball but they are gone now. One of the commish's says we can go to rtsports and login right now and the entire league is ready to go for free for a year. Seems like that should work out for us or at least we can try for a year. Any other thoughts?
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    S. Holmes stays with the Jets