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  1. How should I manipulate inputs to get values to "even out" for a position and not be so peaky around the top players. By even out I mean reduce the $ value of top players at a position and distribute it wider amongst the mid tiers of that position. For example in my current auction spreadsheet the top 3 QB'd are going for $50 $45 and $40 and but fall too rapidly to $1 for mid tier QB's. I've been in this auction league for a while and the QB's never go that expensive but the late round QB's still go for much more than $1, typically for $3-6 in my league. Is there a simple way to do this by manipulating inputs like # of QB starters, # of QB bench or baseline, when I change the numbers it seems to shift everything up and down rather than spread the money out more evenly over a bigger number of players.
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    Evening out auction values for a position

    Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, I have already changed the ranking method to Auction Recommended presets and recompiled, but it needs more evening out than that provides.