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  1. I'm in the semi-finals in both my leagues, & need help deciding on 3 starters. Team A. In one league (not PPR) I'm already behind by quite a bit, because the guy I'm playing had Romo, Murray & Forte. He's been the league's highest scoring team all year. So I kind of feel like I need to shoot for guy with biggest upside...which is why I even mention Murray. I need to start a FLEX between these 2 players: 1) Stills, NO (at home vs CAR) 2) L Murray, OAK (at home vs SF) ** If I start Stills at Flex, another option would be to start L Murray at RB over either Crowell (at home vs IND) or Herrin (at CLE). Team B. In my other league (.5 PPR) I need to choose one WR & a FLEX from these 4 players: 1) Stills, NO (at home vs CAR) 2) Evans, TB (at DET) 3) Benjamin, CAR (at NO) 4) L Murray, SF (at home vs SF)
  2. GoldenRhino

    Flex help

    Good problem to have. But there's no way I'd bench Gordon.
  3. GoldenRhino

    Rank these WR's for this week.

    Gordon Beckham Cobb
  4. Kelvin Benjamin at Minnesota or Mike Evans at home vs Cincy
  5. It looks like Forsett will play, but it seems like Taliaferro gets most of the red zone touches. It's .5 PPR. Would appreciate any help.
  6. GoldenRhino

    Pick 2 Hill, Bradshaw or Smith Sr.

    Hill w/ Gio out & Bradshaw vs former team
  7. GoldenRhino

    Stevie Johnson or Wes Welker

    Welker against his old team.
  8. GoldenRhino

    Which WR to start

    What difference does it make??? You should learn to spell "board"!!! I'd go with Decker. The last time he played at KC (for DEN last year), he had 8 catches for 174 yards & 4 TD's. He won't have P Manning throwing to him, but you know he's gotta feel good going back on that field.
  9. GoldenRhino

    Who would you take?

    Also like Lynch, Foster & Peyton.
  10. GoldenRhino

    QB Help please

    I'd start Palmer. The Dallas D is still not very good, IMO. They've just been made to look good because their offense has done a good job controlling time of possession. And I expect the Indy D to bounce back from that horrible performance last week. In the previous 5 games (before PITT) they gave up 17, 17, 13, 28 & 0 points.
  11. GoldenRhino

    Pick an RB and flex. Will answer back.

    During their MNF game earlier this year, I remember the announcers talking about how Boldin has had more receptions, yards & TD's vs STL than any other team in the league. Of course that probably had more to do with him playing them a lot. But he did have his best game of the year. 7 catches for 94 yards & a TD. I'd roll with him. At RB I'd start Thompson by default. CJ just isn't getting opportunities. With Hillman being a little gimpy, maybe Thompson gets more of a load...and he is the red zone back.
  12. RB - Fred Jackson at home vs ATL or Chris Johnson at Indy Flex - Victor Cruz at WASH or Riley Cooper at home vs ARZ (could also play another RB here) Would appreciate any help!!
  13. GoldenRhino

    Which backup TE should I pick up?

    This sucks!! I lost by 8 points!! Dreessen gets me a goose egg & Tamme would have given me 10.7 AND A WIN, AND GUARANTEED A PLAYOFF SPOT.
  14. GoldenRhino

    Decker, Ridley, Vereen, and L.Bell - Pick 2.

    I'd start Decker & Bell. Also like Vereen. I just think Bell is guaranteed to get you carries, & you really don't know what you'll get with NE backs. If it was PPR, I'd probably start Vereen.
  15. GoldenRhino

    Fleener or Cameron?

    This is pissing me off (about Campbell). I'd definitely start Fleener. I have Cameron & Housler in one of my leagues, & I'm leaning towards starting Housler.