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  1. Brizzmodee

    Is Malcolm Brown worth holding?

    I already missed opportunities with him because of his injury and that opened the door for Henderson. does he have any value ROS?
  2. Brizzmodee

    I’m streaming QB...pick one

    Who do you like best this week? Cousins vs Oak Brissett vs Atl Garoppolo vs PIt
  3. Brizzmodee

    Wentz or Goff ROS?

    Haha thanks?
  4. Brizzmodee

    Wentz or Goff ROS?

    Exactly - so if you only had one for the rest of the season...which do you prefer?
  5. Brizzmodee

    Wentz or Goff ROS?

    Who would you prefer rest of season?
  6. 10 man, 1/2 ppr, start 3 wr and a flex. Would you take Zeke at 4? i know there are opinions on who else to take there, but leaning Hopkins or Adams & then best RB in the round or 2. trust Zeke or pass?
  7. Brizzmodee

    Draft tomorrow... And done

    Given what you have already I would pass on Zeke and take Nuke or Adams. Maybe target Cook, Michel or Carson?
  8. Brizzmodee

    Pick 3

    agreed - Mixon, Miller and Jackson over jones if Gordon sits
  9. Brizzmodee

    RB help for tonight

    Also - does having good Rivers going change your opinion?
  10. One of your big 3 will disappoint but good luck guess which one. Based on match ups - I'd stick with cook, fournette and Chubb. Too much game script involved to know which of the other 2 will shine Good luck
  11. Brizzmodee

    RB help for tonight

    I have Gordon and Jackson for LAC tonight... Planning on playing Fournette and Lindsay. As a flex; do I go with Gordon (if he plays) Or Jackson (if Gordon sits) Or Aaron Jones vs CHI 1/2 ppr Thanks - and Leave yours
  12. Brizzmodee

    WR and Flex help, please

    Sanders Juju Cooper See mine ...http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=482620&view=getnewpost
  13. Brizzmodee

    RB to start

    Coleman See mine....http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=482620&view=getnewpost
  14. Brizzmodee

    WR to start

    If it were ppr I would go Diggs but in standard the safer play is Hilton See mine...http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=482620&view=getnewpost