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  1. Brizzmodee

    WR2 and Flex help!!

    I like Parker and maybe swing for the fenses with Mclaurin good luck
  2. Brizzmodee

    Need 2 RB

    Fournette and Mostert
  3. Brizzmodee

    Perriman or McLaurin

    Lost Godwin so which of these 2 is the better play?
  4. Brizzmodee

    Flex help

    Btw - I went with Sanders
  5. Brizzmodee

    OBJ Is This His Week?

    Depends on how much upside you need, but I think OBJ could deliver against ARZ. if you can’t pull the trigger then I like Deebo
  6. Brizzmodee


  7. Brizzmodee

    Pick 2WR .5 PPR will respond to links

    Kupp and Sanders all day
  8. I’d would go Wentz thanks for mine
  9. Brizzmodee

    which QB to start

    Hard to trust him but Wentz, but not by much
  10. Brizzmodee

    Need one WR and one RB????

    I think Brown and AP makes sense in non-ppr
  11. Brizzmodee

    Flex help

    Need one of the following (1/2 PPR) Christian Kirk Miles Sanders DeDe Westbrook possibility to pickup up Mostert or Debo Samuel instead of the above.
  12. Brizzmodee

    Tannehill or Nick Foles?

    Specifically weeks 15 and 16 - who is poised to have the better finish?
  13. Brizzmodee

    Is Malcolm Brown worth holding?

    I already missed opportunities with him because of his injury and that opened the door for Henderson. does he have any value ROS?
  14. Brizzmodee

    I’m streaming QB...pick one

    Who do you like best this week? Cousins vs Oak Brissett vs Atl Garoppolo vs PIt