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  1. TegoTime

    i vetoed this trade but...

    what i got from this thread was it is a bad trade but not bias or one sided to veto.. so if thats what the teams wanna do nothing to be done so be it, but thank you guys for at least letting me know i wasnt nuts thinking this is a stupid trade.
  2. TegoTime

    2011 Draft: Your Best Pick?

    kenny britt 13th round
  3. TegoTime

    i vetoed this trade but...

    oh im not the commish just get the option of vetoing takes 4 teams to overturn it
  4. TegoTime

    So heres the things

    Thank you very much people are not as high on bess as i am since theres a new marshall in town but i still think in ppr he will be great.
  5. TegoTime

    i vetoed this trade but...

    the rest of the league was ok with it the more i look at it im still unsure Peterson and Felix jones for Johnson(Ten RB) and Nate burleson Thoughts?
  6. TegoTime

    So heres the things

    Thank you for opinions guys any reasons in particular you seem clear cut on Bess?
  7. TegoTime

    So heres the things

    I am unsure who to start as my WR3 for week 1 Ford, Bess, or Moore? any thoughts or opinions will really help at this point i really want to use Ford(Raider Fan here) but i would love to know pros and cons since Moore is playing thursday and kind of have to make the decision by tomorrow. Thank you P.S please move this to a little help section when you see this