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  1. Teetai09

    Biggest crybaby biatch in NFL Dez Bryant

    Why did no one say anything about Andre Johnsons overrated a%% leaving the field a couple of weeks back?
  2. Teetai09


    If active, is Peterson a must start or is the risk of tweeking growing or foot too high?
  3. Teetai09

    Alshon/QB and weather?

    Is Alshon a must start in ppr? I'm concerned with Cutler's 1st game back. Snow and 20-30 mile per hour winds are a concern as well. I have FJAX I could play in flex if he doesn't have to play in place of Peterson. I had Rivers, Knowshon, and Demaryious Thur night, so I need BIG GAME potential. Available are Ace Sanders, Ginn, Jacobi Jones
  4. Teetai09

    Rivers or Stafford?

    I'm actually leaning Rivers on this one, I like stafford int the dome, but I think Rivers has a huge night
  5. If Peterson is active do I have to play him, just worried he could tweak his ankle and/or have a limited role sharing with Gerhart. FJAX I could plug in, he has been productive in PPR. Let me know what you think, and I'll answer yours.
  6. Teetai09

    Need 2 (.5ppr) Ball, Rainey or Jennings? WHIR

    I think I'd have to go with Ball and Rainey out of this group. Thanks for mine
  7. Teetai09

    Gerhart or FJAX in PPR/WHIR

    Looks like AP is probably out, so do I go with the volume play in Gerhart or the more proven FJAX. Marcel Reese had a great week filling in last week so wondering if that is a possibility with Gerhart.
  8. Lance Moore at Atl Streater vs Tenn (good corners) Ginn, Underwood, and Givens are available as well. I need best chance at a big game. 14 teamer, so not much out there.
  9. Bye week blues, who do I go with here?
  10. Teetai09

    Start 2: Sproles, S Smith, MJD or H Douglas PPR?

    With Sproles not being used as I think he should and being injured I would go with MJD, I live down near Houston and the defense has given up and is bad against the run. A lot of overhyped players in Houston. Harry Douglas has been good, and it could be a shootout tonight, go MJD and Douglas, thanks for mine.
  11. Lance Moore @ Atl Tiquan a Underwood @ Det Who has the best chance to have a big game in ppr? In a 14 team league, so not much out there.
  12. Teetai09

    Week12 QB byes - Who are you starting?

    I have Rivers @ KC but I think I'm going to go with Tolzien although he hasn't thrown a td. The matchup is just too good compared to Rivers at KC, and Allen is prob out for SD
  13. I'm considering starting Tolzien vs Minn (weak d) Over Rivers at KC (tough d)
  14. Teetai09

    Hilton or Gordan, .5 ppr

    I would go Ty, he is all they have. I know it's a Thur game, but I'd go with him
  15. Carolina home vs NE Monday night Tennessee home vs Indy Thursday night