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  1. Been holding Hooper all season for a week 12 bye...
  2. Texas10

    Texans at Jaguars (London): In-Game Discussion

    Unfortunately I have 3 players in this show...
  3. Texas10

    Your worst pick this year

    Not necessarily overpaid but worst pick has to be the position of QB, went Murray late and Trubisky later. Has been a sore spot all season...
  4. Texas10

    Week 8 streaming TE options

    Will see what Kelce does tonight but I keep starting him over Hooper and damn, it's cost me several times.
  5. Texas10

    The Official Week 8 FU Thread

    No idea why I started Ty Johnson, should have been a wait and see, dude is like 3rd string today.
  6. Texas10

    James White....what is the obsession?

    I have him in non-PPR, from that perspective I question why I continue rostering him...
  7. Texas10

    The Official FU Thread

    FU Kyler, killing me, Brisset will start moving forward.
  8. Texas10

    DeAndre Hopkins..is he dead?

    Going to try trading for LeVeon for him, I have other WRs doing better.
  9. Texas10

    Question about Yahoo waiver priority

    Was just about to say that. I would just hold off on the K if you think the other guy will grab Henry.
  10. Texas10

    1 DEF for ROS ??

    And with Ramsey? Ha
  11. Texas10

    1 DEF for ROS ??

    What are you all's thoughts on the Rams? Worth a waiver claim? It's the best option in a sea of crap in my league, unfortunately I have the #1 waiver as well that's hard to burn, everyone carries 2 in my league so it's a wasteland at this point. Oh and I agree about the Niners, I would absolutely burn mine if they were available...
  12. Texas10

    DeAndre Hopkins..is he dead?

    Yea last time I take a WR round 1, killing me. They're just taking him out of the game and Houston seems to be allowing it.
  13. Texas10

    Winston has proven to be a bust.

    I thought we all knew this already, I don't even trust him in fantasy let alone a real game.
  14. Texas10

    F.U. Week 4

    My whole team is the worst, F them all.
  15. Texas10

    F.U. Week 4

    Wth is up with Gostkowski, wish I could drop midgame, he's missed several PATs this season.