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  1. John Fox

    Which DST to stash for playoffs?

    The Ravens just hit the waiver wire last week. They have a good playoff schedule as well. Thinking about picking them up, my other Defense is New Orleans. Week 14: @ Buffalo Week 15: NY Jets Week 16: @ Cleveland
  2. John Fox

    Week 11 Scoop and Play WR

    I like Dede as well. He has a great schedule coming up. It was either him or Hollywood Brown for me and I went the Brown route.
  3. John Fox

    Week 11 Scoop and Play WR

    I just did. Dropped Cousins and picked up Hollywood Brown. Have Mahomes and Wentz as my Qb's.
  4. John Fox

    Week 11 Scoop and Play WR

    Hollywood Brown is on the WW in my 10 team league.
  5. John Fox

    Week 11 Scoop and Play WR

    i like Slayton for the rest of the year, especially if Shepherd is out
  6. John Fox

    Week 11 Scoop and Play WR

    Hollywood Brown?
  7. John Fox

    Anyone dropping Tyrell Williams?

    i dropped him today. Need an empty spot to pickup another defense when the Saints are on a bye week 9. Thinking of Denver vs Cleveland or Seattle vs Tampa Bay. Leaning Denver defense.
  8. John Fox

    Week 6 streaming DSTs

    agree. I grabbed them for the same reasoning.
  9. John Fox

    Gallup, Diggs or MacLaurin this week as a flex?

    I have Gallup in my lineup and Diggs on the bench but i like both.
  10. John Fox

    Streaming defenses: Who ya got Week 5?

    i'm looking to grab the Saints defense. I like their schedule going forward. Currently have Jax def.
  11. John Fox

    ROS Defense

    Dallas but i am looking at the grabbing the Saints def.
  12. Godwin Amari Cooper David Montgomery
  13. apparently AB threatened to hit Mayock! haha! what a nut case!
  14. John Fox

    Lets see those lineups boys

    12 team keeper Mahomes/Wentz Conner/Carson/Sanders/Henderson/Samuels Diggs/Jeffrey/Kirk/Davis/Gallup Ertz/McDonald Fairbairn Denver
  15. John Fox

    The Official Week 15 FU Thread

    FU to Fantasy Football and FU to all of you! (Merry Christmas)