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  1. John Fox

    RB help

    Miles Sanders or Chris Carson?
  2. why so high on Aiyuk this week? just asking......
  3. That is the way I am leaning, going with Davis. I had Akers last night with Woods but my opponent had the Rams D!
  4. John Fox

    Taysom or Murray. Playoff matchup

    Hill. Murray has a tough go against the Giants.
  5. John Fox

    Claypool or Hilton this week?

    i would go with Hilton. Sneaky good start this week and next.
  6. John Fox

    Which 2 RBs to start?

    good call on Akers, i had him last night as well. I would roll with Gallman as your other choice. Good luck!
  7. Chose Hollywood Brown over Aiyuk but would have lost anyway last week but benching Hollywood Brown this week and trying to decide between Aiyuk vs Washington, Antonio Brown vs Vikings or Corey Davis vs Jaguars for one spot. Started Robert Woods last night and got a dud. Leaning towards Corey Davis.
  8. John Fox

    Aiyuk or Hollywood Brown?

    went with Brown and lost. Aiyuk wouldn't have won it for me either. Settled for the 4th seed in the playoffs.
  9. John Fox

    Akers taking over?

    picked him up last week as well and started him last night! only negative is that my opponent started the Rams D! oh well!
  10. John Fox

    Week 14 projections

  11. John Fox

    Week 14 projections

    they are coming up as week 13.
  12. John Fox

    Aiyuk or Hollywood Brown?

    i want to take Aiyuk but with the way the SF defense has been playing, idk if the game script will be there for Aiyuk. but same could be said for Hollywood as well!
  13. John Fox

    Aiyuk or Hollywood Brown?

    i'm leaning Hollywood just due to potential.
  14. John Fox

    Aiyuk or Hollywood Brown?

    pick one......down 28, need a hailmary!