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  1. John Fox

    Who is the Running back to own on the Rams?

    the Rams deserve him and his fumbolitis. It's nasty!
  2. John Fox

    Darren Waller, Hunter Renfrow headed to IR

    glad i have Dulcich
  3. John Fox

    Who is the Running back to own on the Rams?

    NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reports the Rams "turned down multiple offers" for Cam Akers at the trade deadline and are "working with" his agent to get him back on the field.
  4. John Fox

    Jeff Wilson Jr to the dolphins

    what do you think the carries look like going forward for Wilson? 50/50 split? 60/40 split?
  5. John Fox

    Henderson for Aaron Jones?

    no. standard
  6. John Fox

    Henderson for Aaron Jones

    Would you make this trade? I would be getting Jones.
  7. John Fox

    Henderson for Aaron Jones?

    Would you do this trade? Giving up Henderson for Jones.
  8. John Fox

    Cam Akers OUT

    Sean McVay has no update on Cam Akers' situation, but says: "There is a possibility we could help him look for a fresh new start for another team ... there's probably a move that will be made with regards to him being on another team." #Rams coach Sean McVay mentioned that there's a chance RB Cam Akers could return to the team, but the first option is moving him to another team: "If that doesn’t come to fruition then we’ll figure out a solution how to best move forward with him here." 3:29 PM · Oct 17, 2022·TweetDeck who is the team that will trade for him? Hearing Denver, Atlanta, Miami and Seattle could be in the mix.
  9. John Fox

    Would you rather have Claypool or Olave?!?!

    just looking for depth. my other WR's are Cupp, Godwin, Theilen and Parker. Thinking about picking up one of those 2 and cutting Parker.
  10. Both hit the waiver wire in my league. Was leaning Claypool.
  11. John Fox

    The Official Week 13 FU Thread

    Fock you Mahomes and Edwards-Helaire. Needed 40 points between the 2 of you to win and nope. I score 136 and lose by 16.
  12. John Fox

    2022 stash

    He was my last draft choice. Was either him or Akers and Akers Achilles scares me more than Dobbins ACL.
  13. John Fox

    2022 stash

    I stashed JK Dobbins as a potential keeper for next year.