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  1. Challenger

    Tion Green to start over Abdullah

    Don't forget Theo btw, he is the better play than Green if you have him.
  2. Challenger

    Tion Green to start over Abdullah

    Good one, I posted few minutes after your. Let me delete mine hahah.
  3. Challenger

    Kerwynn Williams

    Haha yes, I dropped Clement for Kerwynn. I also dropped Connor, which is the same camp as Clement. They both super high ceiling if one of the starter is out. Now back to Kerwynn, AD already DNP two days, I can predict accurately now that he will miss this Sunday. Kerwynn is a start on your FF team and will produce you great return as a flex!
  4. Challenger

    Which Pats RB with Gronk out?

    Chris Hogan
  5. Challenger

    J. Graham vs. JAX

    Graham is TD or bust every single week. The coin has been head every single time so far... there are just not better TD option out there than him. Can't tell you much about the Jax, but here are what I know about Graham if helps ease your mind, he is #1 on the follow categories. RED ZONE TARGETS RED ZONE RECEPTIONS TOTAL TDS CONTESTED CATCH RATE He brought you to the playoff, just have to keep riding him.
  6. Challenger

    I will pay cash $ for people to brag about Kamara

    If they didn't have Drew Brees, sure... but because they have Drew Brees, that possibility is very very low.
  7. Garoppolo looks like the next Tony Romo. Not only they share the same college, but very similar overall performance stats. While I think Garoppolo is fine to stream (if I didn't already have Case), but I am much more excited about the WRs there. Both Goodwin and Taylor could be very fine plays down the stretch. I am expecting average of 5 to 8 catches for both receivers and close to 100 yards every game. If you been rotating WR2 with Parker, Corey, Doctson, or Zay, you know the misery of hoping for a TD every week. I am super excited to start Goodwin this week! If you need help with WR, stash Taylor and maybe even start him!
  8. Challenger

    I will pay cash $ for people to brag about Kamara

    Haha, sorry buddy, looks like Ingram is out this week... Your best hope is for him to get 20 points and that's it. Maybe 150 yards total and no TD I would say is a down day if no Mark Ingram.
  9. Challenger

    Kerwynn Williams

    I hate to post a so obvious player, but looks like AD will miss another week. If Kerwynn still somehow available on your league (happens to be available in mine, and we have consolation bracket too), pick him up now. He had 16 runs with 96 yards, but surprisingly didn't catch any balls. He was actually a great pass catcher in college, so if they use him full time, watch out, he could really breakout. I plan to use him as flex if AD is out another week. Yes, yes I know I touted Foster last week, but I thought Kerwynn with two cracked ribs was going to sit. Nope, he realized he is in a contract year, and this is it, he had to put everything on the table as a 7th round draft pick.
  10. Challenger

    Chris Carson....

    I agree but as long as Seattle doesn't add any RBs next year. Seattle will always commit to the best player on field, and next year draft again feature tons of good RBs. Next year Carson could very well be this year's Rawl, I remember all the hype about Rawl until he got hurt and then bench.
  11. I am surprise you guys like Garappolo. I am high on Goodwin like everyone else.
  12. Challenger

    Javorius Allen

    He is a good running back that can run and catch, hence why it took Ravens so long to give Collins the full starter treatment. It is still under the radar that Collins is having a migraine issue and Allen should be on your WW. It doesn't hurt to hold onto Allen until later of the week if you have free spot. My plan is to hold onto Allen and if Collins is fine, then swap out for James Connor again.
  13. Challenger

    Trading Gurely and Kamara early sunk me

    It hurts more when you loss with traded player than your own drafted player. Next season, I really have to think again what I want to do. Traded Duke Johnson and Alex Collin for Parker and Corey very early on. It's not anything huge, but made enough difference to cost me from 6th to 7th spot and miss out on the playoff.
  14. Challenger

    Steelers at Bengals: In-Game Discussion / Tilting

    Mixon is done for the day, hot WW pickup for the week, Gio. What a flash back when he used to be good!
  15. Challenger

    Steelers at Bengals: In-Game Discussion / Tilting

    They are flying 100 miles per hour, I can only imagine it's impossible to adjust when you going 100% at elite level.