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  1. bandrus1

    Disneyworld....god effing help me.

    Universal is much better
  2. Feel bad for drew . Seems like a good guy who has had a lot of bad things happen
  3. Saw the highlights from last night's Some pretty good ones
  4. bandrus1

    Anyone off on Monday

    Floating holiday
  5. bandrus1

    Lets talk Ladders....spring is coming..yard work.

    I have an 18 foot little giant knock off and a 24 extension. The little giant style is great as far as functionality and storage. I would t hesitate to spend the money
  6. bandrus1

    Tax Refund yay or nay?

    we dont really need much.. 2 W2's and a 1099 plus our bank documents boom its done... could have been done 2 weeks ago
  7. bandrus1

    Tax Refund yay or nay?

    $1200 federal Owed 35 state
  8. bandrus1


    Awesome band with long staying power in a genre that did not age well... White pony is one of the better albums of all time IMO
  9. bandrus1

    My Starting Pitching Rotation

    And he probably doesn't regret it one bit
  10. bandrus1

    My Starting Pitching Rotation

    Both have maybe 3 solid years left and maybe 2 ok years left On the all time lists they will both be highly regarded and both should be slam dunk high percent HOf
  11. bandrus1

    Tonights Dem Debate

    The information coming out about what happened is really unbelievable.
  12. bandrus1

    My Starting Pitching Rotation

    I'll take the 3 time cy young winner who is still going strong
  13. bandrus1

    Anybody got bail for HT?

    Thanks Cuomo