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  1. bandrus1

    Columbus day

    Again why Columbus day is stupid
  2. bandrus1

    Columbus day

    Yes I know which was also kind of confusing to me
  3. bandrus1

    Columbus day

    Fair enough. I honestly never knew it until recently
  4. bandrus1

    Columbus day

    Has Columbus Day really been traditionally tied to Italian American heritage celebration? I am going to admit it may be my complete ignorance as I grew up in a very rural small town or maybe just missed it.
  5. bandrus1


    What are you arguing? Gallup had Regan ahead at election time
  6. bandrus1


    regan was favored in both final November Gallop polls 47-44 and then 59-41 which I guess the 80 polls were closer than I realized even though the election was total destruction
  7. bandrus1


    Right and the only 2 extremely competitive elections in that time period were Bush Gore and Clinton Trump and they went 50/50 on them shrug
  8. bandrus1


    So out of 2 competitive elections in that timeframe it got one right and one wrong?
  9. bandrus1

    Why is it always people from India...

    Smart enough to take advantage of dumb white people?
  10. https://www.christianpost.com/news/kurdish-female-politician-who-worked-to-unite-christians-arabs-kurds-executed-in-syria-233434/
  11. He just stated that Russia hates ISIS more than the US and have done more work to eradicate ISIS Nice
  12. bandrus1

    MNF ~ Lions / Packers

    Nope both have a right to make a play on the ball
  13. bandrus1

    MNF ~ Lions / Packers

    I just saw a "country" act with a singer with a brass knuckles microphone, drummer with a spiked mohawk and a guitarist with dreds Interesting
  14. bandrus1

    MNF ~ Lions / Packers

    What do people think of Booger doing MNF? I like his commentary
  15. bandrus1

    The media is really trying to keep us in Syria

    I mean... Our troops haven't left Syria have they?