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  1. bandrus1

    Is it time to get out of the market?

    Last week places like Macy's got hammered ok article I read https://www.usnews.com/news/business/articles/2019-08-21/retailers-results-show-sharp-divide-between-losers-winners
  2. bandrus1

    Is it time to get out of the market?

    as retail gets pounded, Target going nuts today
  3. bandrus1

    Wednesday non-political thread - Brainteasers

    That's not very unique.. you can do that a lot of ways
  4. bandrus1

    Stand your ground trial starts today

    Yep you got the situation right but inevitably 1 of 12! Jurors won't see that way
  5. bandrus1


    Non fans will say things like like at tony blah blah blah Gwynn is a one maybe twice in a century talent with Williams.... Old timer argument said every player from 70-92 was gwynn and Henderson who were unearthly talent..... Guess what ..... Not everyone back then Is once in a generation talent and the once in a generation talent of today far passes them
  6. bandrus1


    Pnc is absolutely beautiful
  7. bandrus1

    Favorite Nintendo games

    Gunsmoke was a good one too
  8. bandrus1


    Fox TV and fox news are not owned by the same group
  9. bandrus1

    Former RB Cedric Benson dead at 36

    Few years ago I purchased an early 70's cb175 for fun to put around the city.. took it for a spin around the block and said noooo thanks Everything happens so fast on a motorcycle. Best friend who was a D1 wrestler lost his leg on one
  10. bandrus1

    Favorite Nintendo games

    When I was a ki d these are what we played a lot Contra Bubble bobble Mario 2 Double dragon Rad racer
  11. bandrus1

    Remember when

  12. bandrus1

    Favorite comedian right now

    This is him at his best
  13. bandrus1

    Trump wants to buy Greenland?

    hey they only lost 12.5 billion tons of it in one day last week..... should be no time
  14. bandrus1


    I disagree on that one
  15. bandrus1


    it isnt a surprise pitchers who are getting blasted blame the ball Like I said this should be a really simple thing for somebody to find out. I do agree balls are flying out that do not seem to be hit square