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  1. bandrus1

    Fat Brother from Earl...Insane transformation

    And for is without AARP cards Frankie from boy meets world
  2. bandrus1

    I've still got it

    Reflexes are there but have alzheimer's
  3. bandrus1

    what was the reason people you know got married?

    This is absolutely the key factor Increase in religious involvement and pressure and more financially secure
  4. bandrus1

    what was the reason people you know got married?

    I have a friend who had an oops pregnancy after seeing someone for like 2 months and they got married quickly and now have 2nd kid and seem pretty happy 7 years down the road now... I guess it can work
  5. bandrus1

    GME - Gamestop Stock up $70 today to 148

    I really cant help but think these are foreign entities just begging for us to do things like this and shut down trading and erode any credibility there may be The whole thing stinks
  6. bandrus1

    The Vaccine.... appt next week.

    I'm inclined to let him listen to his doctor
  7. bandrus1

    The Vaccine.... appt next week.

    Brother was sick for 5 days with low grade fever and feeling sucky after 2nd shot I had #2 yesterday at 11 am and have had 0 issues. Did my normal hr and a half at the gym this morning felt fine
  8. bandrus1

    I Miss Living in The 70's

    Dear diary,
  9. bandrus1

    More Cuomo shenanigans

    For now
  10. bandrus1

    More Cuomo shenanigans

    Yang 2022
  11. bandrus1

    Marty the Robot replacing workers

    3 year old video... Needles to say didn't catch on
  12. bandrus1

    Tiger Woods in rollover crash

    Definitely true