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  1. bandrus1


    Is it taxed differently?
  2. bandrus1

    Ozzy vs Dio

    Ozzy vs dio era BS should not even be debatable. Anybody who says dio era is just a tryhard
  3. bandrus1

    Honus Wagner Card

    yes it is trimmed
  4. bandrus1

    Honus Wagner Card

    are you talking about the wayne gretzky wagner?
  5. bandrus1

    Honus Wagner Card

    There are roughly 50-60 authentic t206 wagers
  6. This is awesome https://www.instagram.com/p/CNIjCJUDXV9/?igshid=1uy498rhde1ea
  7. Miggy on place for for 162 HR this year
  8. bandrus1

    Honus Wagner Card

    Saw one on display at the hof in December
  9. If you want to look behind the curtain.. buy the card not the grade.
  10. I haven't bought a pack of cards in a year and a half.
  11. bandrus1

    Discover card story (one of my dear friends) 😢

    How open and shut does this have to be. If co-signed on the debt if not they have no right to call anybody else. They contracted with the individual
  12. It's on a 1939 map of the world's Fair. I'm having another custom card made https://www.psacard.com/cert/p14065