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  1. bandrus1

    Chopping onions thread. I'm not crying, you're crying

    You are too stupid to notice that flute picture is terribly photoshopped?
  2. bandrus1

    Sports card market is on fire.

    Thats a nice card to just have. Being a yankee fan I was really excited for Bowman this year but it is so overpriced and people just reselling retail boxes like crazy after following vendors I have just completely passed all together. Not fun and simply dont care enough
  3. bandrus1

    Yankee’s Busted Stealing Sings

    As a Yankee fan It's true
  4. bandrus1

    Imagine watching a televised funeral...

    Yea tubby.... We all saw that floating around facebook
  5. yup.. a lot to it... increase in diagnosis is not so bad.... increase in hospitalizations isnt good one way or other though
  6. More tests does equal more with it More tests does not equal spire in hospitalizations
  7. bandrus1


    I dont blame young players not wanting to risk never signing a big contract for prorated pay
  8. bandrus1

    Has anyone had the Covid antibodies test?

    ding ding ding here we go round 45745874873485439884375
  9. bandrus1

    Do these work?

    I have not seen this like that but traditional umbrella rigs do work. I would say if you are in the south big bass will like them
  10. Part of my guide to survial is a DVD of blazing saddles?
  11. bandrus1

    Is it time to get out of the market?

    Cheers all
  12. bandrus1

    Is it time to get out of the market?

    I can only cheer for it because I benefit directly but it really is a sad commentary all around
  13. bandrus1

    Fishing Bloopers, a non political post.

    its rater widely known
  14. bandrus1

    Fishing Bloopers, a non political post.

    you know these were all staged right