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  1. OrangeSoda

    Standout players at training camp thus far?

    Cinci: Ryan Finley has out played dalton and I’ve heard he has better chemistry with WRs. ill be looking at him in dynasty leagues!
  2. Is he the New Slot WR in Washington?
  3. Denver Homer: Standout: Royce Freeman - watch out Philip Lindsay owners!
  4. OrangeSoda

    Marquis Goodwin?

    I have him in 2 leagues and will take the Risk on Starting him, as he has a great match up against KC Def. Horrible 2ndary and a high power office so SF will be playing from behind. I think the reward out weighs the risk?
  5. Im a Broncos Fan , and to no ones surprise, Courtland Sutton has been a beast! On a side note, those who are thinking Royce Freeman, will be a sneaky pick....he really hasn't really separated himself from the other guys. As much as i hate to admit it, i think the Denver RB will unfortunately be RBBC.
  6. Im hoping to get some insight from some Steelers Homers out there! The National media, and all the so called Expert sites out there are pushing Wheaton, as the #2 ahead of Bryant.. Who ever emerges might be worth a solid #2 and out play his ADP, so im interested who it will be! This reminds me of the Chicago WR situation a few years back, when everyone thought Marcus Robinson, would emerge, and Marty booker came out of nowhere to have like 12 TDs that year? Any thoughts?
  7. OrangeSoda

    Is Carlos Hydeworth the Risk?

    I targeted Carlos Hyde in all my keeper leagues last year, as everyone knew Frank Gores time was limited. What i didn't see coming was SF losing 3 starting lineman? Will hyde be as productive as gore without the studs on the OL. Also the DEF has lost a tonof tallent as well, so the ball control game they ran under harbaugh, may be a thing of the past? Any iinsight would be helpful. 9'ers Homers chime in!
  8. OrangeSoda

    John Brown - Cardinals

    Poor mans Marvin harrison- Arians exact words
  9. OrangeSoda

    Your weekly Antone Smith thread

    and the bubble bursts in week 7!
  10. OrangeSoda

    GFIAFP's week 4 breakout player ....

    Heres one for you - Jeremy Kerly - 6 -100- TD
  11. OrangeSoda

    whats wrong with witten?

    it seemes like romo doesnt look for him like he once did? Has wittens value really droped that much or is he just off to a slow start?
  12. OrangeSoda

    Rams QB Situation

    With Sam Bradford out again with an ACL - Who will be the starting QB? Austin Davis didn't look to bad and seems to have more upside than shaun hill? Any insight homers?
  13. OrangeSoda

    Mobile Ap for MFL?

    There seems to be some confusion as to which version is the most current Mobile AP for Myfantasyleague.com? I've tried downloading the orginal, but it keeps telling there is a newer version out there? Can some one tell me what the icon looks like so i know im getting the right one?
  14. OrangeSoda

    To PPR or Not to PPR?

    I agree on the Touches point Matt Mueller Brings up ... however one wrinkle to throw in here is what if that touch goes for negative yardage. Example: Players like Quizz Rodgers who might only have 2 catches a game both for negative yardage. Is it fair that he still be awarded 2 pts for negative production? That is the only hiccup with the argument... I remember losing a playoff matchup one year because James Stewart caught 2 balls for negative 11 yards, that 2 pts put my opponent over the top and i lost by 1.1 pts.... to this day i still hate James Stewart! Uggggh
  15. OrangeSoda

    Picking your RB2..The nightmare...the struggle.

    Ive come to the realization that a RB 2 is a luxury now - I think you can make up those lost points with a Decent TE and a Strong WR core though! Change your mindset on a RB2 - and feel ok with a Jennings or a moreno?