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  1. Trying to decide if I play matchups or hot hand. What is typical philosophy here? debating between Diggs, Anthony Miller, Perriman and Tyler Boyd for 2 spots in PPR.
  2. Vtfanatic

    Patriots at Jets: In-Game Discussion

    Started the night up 20 against NE D. Currently down 3, LOL. Of course I am 1-5 with 2nd highest point total this week. Go figure
  3. Vtfanatic

    Trade advice after losing Dissly

    So I picked up Everett but I was offered Chark for Waller. Do you all make this trade? Only thing making me uncomfortable is Adams availability as I think Fitz and Chark are close ROS.
  4. Currently looking at trading Fitz for either Waller or Henry. other WRs are: Adams, DJ Chark, Shepard and Mike Williams. i also have Herndon. is this move advisable or should I look to trade someone else. Originally offered Mike Williams but that was declined.
  5. Left with trying to play safe bet and play Michel or wait on Adams for Monday? Currently at 1-4 but still 1 game out of playoffs and likelihood of run is coming as I also have Barkley coming back soon. Thanks
  6. Vtfanatic

    Roster reconstruction

    Currently sitting at 0-3 in a 10 team keeper league. Nneed some advice on where to focus some reconstruction through mainly trades. Current Roater: QB: Rodgers Rb: Barkley, Carson, McCoy, Michel, Lindsay, J. Jackson WR: Adams, AB, Fitz, Mike Williams TE: OJ Howard, McDonald current plans are to drop AB. on waivers: Sterling Shepard, Golden Tate, Dissly, Chark, Agohlor how would you approach it and who would you package to go after in a trade? Thanks in advance
  7. Vtfanatic

    OJ Howard owners: what's your plan?

    I am holding him on the bench this week and playing McDonald.
  8. Vtfanatic

    What to do with OJ Howard?

    I picked up McDonald after last week’s game and I have the option of either holding on to Howard or dropping him and picking up Olsen. Thoughts?
  9. Vtfanatic

    Greg Olsen rest of way

    I ended up dropping Jaylen Samuel for McDonald currently and will consider dropping either McDonald or Howard and getting Olsen next week when he is available
  10. Vtfanatic

    Greg Olsen rest of way

    What are everyone’s thoughts on Greg Olsen the rest of the way? Currently a Howard owner beginning to panic a little. Olsen will be on waivers next week along with Vance McDonald. Thanks in advance
  11. Vtfanatic

    Need a lil playoff help

    I like Winston here. NO is better than week 1 but Dallas just exposed Apple and I expect them to attack him. Here is mine please: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=483228&do=findComment&comment=6370384
  12. TE help needed please. Burton or Smith, PPR?
  13. Vtfanatic

    David Johnson or Austin Ekeler?

    DJ and it is not even close
  14. Vtfanatic

    Gus Edwards? Leave link to yours

    Id keep Johnson. He may play this week and if not he should be primed for playoff run. Mine is: http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=482965&do=findComment&comment=6364992
  15. Vtfanatic

    Trade advice please

    In a 10 team ppr. RBs: Barkley, CMC, DJ and Chubb. WRs: Adams, Lockett, Baldwin Would you trade DJ for Sanders or Cooper and if so which one? Thanks.