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  1. DankNuggs

    Better Grateful Dead Song?

    Touch of Grey vs Franklins Tower? What say you?
  2. Steve Erkel (Jaleel White) Go!
  3. DankNuggs

    NFL 2018

    You think giving a headcase WR a monster contract is going to induce more winning? LOL.... ODB straight to the DND list. No chance he gives return at his ADP
  4. Yep, team is dialed up for the playoffs
  5. DankNuggs

    Explain property values to peenie

    Sorry anyone hurt your feelings. I wouldn't take what anyone says here too seriously. Angry/mean people are probably venting something else in their lives.
  6. drafted a 16 team league with my bro when i was 8. Each managed 8 teams. First year doing FF. Full send
  7. DankNuggs

    Eczema...every freaking commercial..

    Summer must be go-time on sales.... Ring the bell before long sleeve weather
  8. DankNuggs

    Dynasty: Sutton vs Miller

    11th pick of dynasty rookie. Top 10 go as planned, and I'm left with Sutton/Miller/Gallup/Kirk, trying to sort out the best option. My gut is that Miller is the guy. Sutton is the prototype, annointed one. But his tape didn't wow me. Miller was a walk-on at Memphis and went on to be their best player and most productive WR in college football. Chip on his shoulder. He has some AB in him. Tell me I'm stupid. Thanks
  9. DankNuggs

    Chopped. Grill Masters

    I bought a cast iron insert for my Weber. It covers half the cooking area and it awesome for smash burgers and breakfast cooks. Probably could have just put my cast iron pan on the grates, but whatever
  10. DankNuggs

    Chopped. Grill Masters

    Weber genesis for quick stuff and a large big green egg for more involved preparations
  11. Derrius Guice could sue my dynasty league for colluding against him being a first round pick.... Seeing things the same way doesn't mean you actively colluded.
  12. Hate to break it to you, but the collusion case is just a bookmark to keep him in the public sphere. correlation doesn't necessarily mean causation
  13. DankNuggs

    Bad day for FBI/DOJ scumbags.

    Hillary is POTUS without that investigation. Benghazi investigations produced the server
  14. DankNuggs

    **Golf Talk** thread

    There are a few guys at my club who do this. You have to pay attention to notice though. Usually you are more focused on the guy in contention on that hole. Easy to not notice the propensity of 3 putts when they aren't in it.
  15. DankNuggs

    **Golf Talk** thread

    HCPs are either vanity or sandbagged. Really depends on how hard your home track is and how well it travels. My home club is a vanity cap haven. High single digits on paper that struggle to break triple digits in matches. Friends home club is naturally sandbagged because its so damn hard a course
  16. So democrats have to choose between being: 1. Deficit hawks 2. Spend like a drunken sailor because (insert Republicans, military, tax cuts)
  17. DankNuggs

    Stand your ground law

    pretty sure you have to establish imminent GBH as a defendant.
  18. DankNuggs

    Minn WR

    Give me Rudolph... Double digit TD season going to get served up by Cousins
  19. DankNuggs

    Are you against gay marriage?

    I have no issue with adoption. In my opinion i think its much better for a kid to be with caring loving parents devoted to them, than to be raised by the state. Fully support anyone who wants to be a good parent and adopt a kid. what an incredible thing to do
  20. DankNuggs

    Are you against gay marriage?

    I think it ultimately becomes more of a moot point over time. Not just in acceptance, but in actual marriage rate. My prediction is that as the society gets over the 'breaking new ground' phase of it, that more and more couples, and especially gay couples won't do it. I think it will be more and more rejected and considered as a relic of patriacrhy, misogeny, of defined societal roles... Not to even mention the legal aspects of marriage in a time 50% are getting divorced and peoples live move even faster. Its like cool new thing that people will eventually get over, because it wasn't the marriage that they necessarily wanted, it was the freedom and ability to choose to do it.
  21. DankNuggs

    This is crazy. Mayo clinic held patient 'hostage'.

    mother is a psycho junky... The plot thickens
  22. DankNuggs

    I got canned yesterday

    good luck Kilroy, you'll be fine, stay after it.