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  1. Little Big Head

    Sleeper defenses this year

    Jets will get lit up in the passing game. They have nothing at CB or FS, and just lost avery Williamson for the season. They should be okay on the D line and the middle of the defense with Mosley and Adams but that pass defense is going to get smoked
  2. Little Big Head

    Darwin Thompson, RB Chiefs

    I drafted this guy in 6 dynasty leagues. Love the upside
  3. Little Big Head

    Sleeper defenses this year

    I agree with the Browns. Been picking them up everywhere
  4. Little Big Head

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - QB Sam Darnold, Jets

    There is a good chance he will be the best QB ever drafted in the history of football. Go Jets
  5. Little Big Head

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - WR Courtland Sutton, Broncos

    I like Hamilton better for this year. Seems better suited to play right away especially out of the slot
  6. Little Big Head

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - QB Patrick Mahomes II, Chiefs

    Its not his NFL debut
  7. Little Big Head

    Big Day Tomorrow

    Rholio im sorry to read this.
  8. Little Big Head

    Longtime FFToday Guys: IBL Opportunity

    So thorough
  9. Little Big Head

    What if it's found that Trump did help the Russians

    how any American citizen can still support this orange clown in the White House is beyond me. He's a crook and an embarrassment to the country. If you can't see that by now you are what is wrong with this country
  10. Little Big Head

    Joe Mixon - What round?

    I haven't read the responses but I think if you really like him you're going to need to get him in the 3rd rd
  11. Yeah I kind of agree in that to me he's the cheapest and most interesting . I have him in a few leagues. In redraft I'll likely stay away from this backfield completely
  12. Little Big Head

    Dark Horse Running Backs for 2017......

    Agree with all of this. Powell has turned into a very underrated player. With the Jets likely trailing most of their games and Forte another year older I like him a lot in PPR this year
  13. Little Big Head

    Rookie Dynasty Sleeper

    Yup love this one
  14. Little Big Head

    Instant Fantasy Analysis - RB Joe Mixon, Bengals

    Best RB in class. Built like a bell cow and catches like a WR. Reminds me of LBell. Trying to get him on every dynasty team
  15. Little Big Head

    Brees benchable this week?

    No Talib is a big deal for Denver D. Brees is a must start imo