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    Seriously, Roy Williams is as stupid as a box of rocks

    I'll only add this: "They are who we thought they were." "If you want to crown their asses, then crown them."
  2. hoffdaddy

    Dude, I'm so going to Appalachian St

    As far as I know, most people there have at least six teeth. So I have a right to be uppity.
  3. hoffdaddy

    Vince Young is a LOCK for 30 TDs

    30 total TDs seems low. I'm projecting more like 60.
  4. hoffdaddy

    Big 10 is overrated

    This is friggin' brilliant. When Wisconsin beats Michigan or Ohio State, you do know that makes the Big Ten automatically "Down" right? So, Wisconsin is damned if they do and damned if they don't. Frankly, it's disgusting.
  5. hoffdaddy

    Big 10 is overrated

    Folks, that was sarcasm. I'm a Badger fan. No matter what Wisconsin does, they'll always be underrated and dismissed at Bowl time. That's just the way it is. Not saying it's accurate, just saying it's true.
  6. hoffdaddy

    Big 10 is overrated

    I find it soooo hard to believe you'd be overserved. That's just crazy talk. We'll definitely have to hook up. I had plans to make the Iowa game with some corn fed Iowa fans, but that might have fallen through.
  7. hoffdaddy

    Big 10 is overrated

    That's the point I was making. We hear the same thing every year, and this year will be no different. In fact, it will be worse. Because Michigan apparently sucks and Ohio State won't be all that great. Which means Wisconsin and Penn State might be the two best teams in the league. Which is completely unsexy. As soon as the press gets ahold of it, all we'll hear is how 'down' the Big Ten is. Then Wisconin will draw someone from a 'name' conference in the bowl game and immediately be dismissed. Happnes every year.
  8. hoffdaddy

    Big 10 is overrated

    Regardless, I hate them. I hate the NFL Network. Hate. They don't need anymore of my damn paycheck. I'll gladly turn on the radio.
  9. hoffdaddy

    The Jones brothers?

    James Jones is a nice long term player. The biggest knock is that he isn't a natural with picking up the offense. In fact, he's run the wrong route more than once in the preseason. Favre has a long history of ignoring those players who can't be where they're supposed to be. However, he might not have a choice. Drive isn't quite 100% (close), and Jennings suddenly pulled up lame this week. If Jones has to play a big roll, he'll get some looks. I don't expect great numbers this year, but he might be an adequate 3/4 WR.
  10. hoffdaddy

    Big 10 is overrated

    Possibly. I have a chance to score tickets to the Michigan State game. Got same family out in Vegas right now. You?
  11. hoffdaddy

    Anyone starting James Jones tomorrow as a flex

    Big upside long term. However, Philly has owned Favre's ass lately. Someting like 4 tds and 12 ints the last few times these teams have played. I'd probably look elsewhere this week.
  12. hoffdaddy

    Big 10 is overrated

    It's just like a backhanded compliment. Michigan is bad, so automatically that makes the Big Ten bad. So, if Wisconsin is the best the conference has to offer, they must suck too right? And just wait until Bowl season. Not matter who Wisconsin plays, they'll be too slow and too outclassed to compete.
  13. hoffdaddy

    You know who doesn't get enough credit?

    I haven't heard this in a long time. Long live assmeg!
  14. hoffdaddy

    Dude, I'm so going to Appalachian St

    I've been there. Seriously. Boone, NC is an interesting place. My best man went there for his Masters in Biology/Exercise Science. My future wife and his future wife went with us to shoot pool at some bar. Two dudes with about four teeth hit on them while the two of us sat at the bar laughing and drinking. It's a different world.
  15. hoffdaddy

    Big 10 is overrated

    Damn near every year. Again, I knew this would happen. Wisconsin ranked highly, Michigan a down year. So automatically, everyone can't wait to rag on the Bit Ten. Happens every time.
  16. hoffdaddy


    Excellent post. Never have so many brought up someone so irrelevant in an effort to make themselves look better.
  17. hoffdaddy

    Michigan Suxors!

    And they're off. This is usually what happens when Wisconsin is in line to win a Big Ten title. Book it. As soon as Wisconsin rolls Michigan, all we'll hear about is how overrated the Big Ten is.
  18. hoffdaddy

    Heck of a way to go

    Really, who here hasn't run naked through a cow pasture? That's what they call a damn fine Friday night where I grew up.
  19. hoffdaddy

    Brandon Jackson

    I've been pretty wishy-washy on this whole situation from the start. A couple things: 1. I really thought, and part of me still thinks, that Morency will walk into a starting role when he's healthy. Jackson is good and has potential, but he struggles in pass protection, and there are health concerns with him as well. The local beat writers are saying Jackson's the starter. Even if that's the case, I think Morency gets his fair share. 2. As for how Jackson has looked. He may only be gaining four yards or so, but it's really hard to get a good idea of what he'd do as a starter since the first offensive line isn't playing the whole game but Jackson is. The zone blocking scheme generally lends itself to pick up chunks of yardage in the second half. So far, he's been running behind twos and threes by that time. While he hasn't looked great, I also think the true effectiveness of the scheme hasn't been there either. Like I said. The beat writers say it's Jackson's job, mostly because Morency has been out. I tend to think Morency's been held out cautiously, and still stands to land the starting job come opening day.
  20. hoffdaddy

    Terd Ferguson gone!

    I believe you nailed it. Wilde seems like he's flying solo most of the time, though I love his spots on Homer's show on the 100.5 fm.
  21. hoffdaddy

    Terd Ferguson gone!

    Good bye buy. We barely knew ya. I bet ol' Mike Sherman has a roster spot for you in Houston
  22. hoffdaddy

    Who is The Geek Club's

    I gots to be on this list. I haven't had a barn buner thread since Mephisto told me to bang the big breasted blonde.
  23. hoffdaddy

    Morency or Jackson?

    Can't make the club in the tub.
  24. hoffdaddy

    Morency or Jackson?

    Can you wait a week or so? There's been no news at all on Morency. All we get is 'a few more weeks'. Plus, it's possible Jackson could get comfortable and flip a switch. A lot can happen between now and the opener, so I'd give a week or two to be safe. If Jackson is progressing at that time, I'd hold off even longer. If he's still making the same mistakes, I'd move on.
  25. hoffdaddy

    Geek Status?

    Get to Idaho now. There is an initiation. I can't give away all the details. All I can say is it involved potatos. My life has not been the same since my trip to Idaho.