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  1. jmonfrey

    My rb situation is a mess

    Bush todmAn
  2. jmonfrey

    Luck or Tannehill?

  3. Jennings vs kc TodmAn vs bud C Johnson vs Arizona Or bell vs cincy Thanks
  4. jmonfrey

    Which running back to start

    Donald brown or andre brown. Bye week blues.
  5. I have forte, ivory( bye), andre brown and Doug Martin. I'm in the lead in my division. Must win. Should I drop Martin in a redraft and go with Donald brown over andre brown this week?
  6. jmonfrey

    Bush or Powell

    Bush against bears or Powell vs bills. Ivory shirt so Powell should see all carries. Who to start????
  7. jmonfrey


    Do you still feel confident with lacy after last night? Was going to take him before bush and drew.
  8. jmonfrey

    old faithfuls or rookie

    What kind of numbers do you think he puts up?
  9. jmonfrey

    old faithfuls or rookie

    Im in a three keeper league of different positions. Kept Graham,Ridley and Dez Going to wait a round or two for a qb (kaepernick,ryan,stafford) So I need to go either rb or wr. In what order would you take Jones Drew Murray Lacy ( I relly want to take him but scared) Bush Fitzgerald Thanks
  10. jmonfrey

    Superbowl RB dilemma

  11. jmonfrey

    Law Firm or Cecil Shorts ?

    Shorts. They will be down early. But do they care?
  12. Need 2 Morris vs Philly Lynch vs sf Martin vs rams D'angelo vs can't remember