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  1. 56

    The Sanctuary is broken

    Duptel = Digital. In fact, Rodney put Katchop on the very same server as the Sanctuary, so when it got torn down yesterday I went dark too for a little while too. Don't get me wrong, the Digital people are, in fact, really nice. It's just that I noticed a shift in their focus, and now it's all about getting the money. Slantshirts is hosted by http://www.nexcess.net/ and they are really good, especially with support issues. Also half the price.
  2. 56

    The Sanctuary is broken

    As an FYI, the place where the Sanc is/was hosted may be in a money crunch. Things changed shortly after Rodney left their employ a while back. Katchop.com is hosted there, and despite the fact that I don't do much with it and it's pretty dormant, the Duptel folks keep sending me notices about the 'large amount of traffic' the site gets and they're always looking for more money. A lot of hard sell stuff. The site went dark yesterday around the same time the Sanc did, but then came back up a little while later. Conversely, Slantshirts.com doesn't use Duptel, I use the same hosting company that Duptel uses (thanks Rodney!). For 1/2 the price I get a more robust server, more bandwidth and their support dudes are on top of things.
  3. 56

    Small boob thread

    Why? No one there told the guy to post a photo album of 'anonymous' nude pics of his girlfriend (who I think is engaged to another dude, right?) using his personal Fotki account. I mean, one click and you could see another photo album where you found out what her face looked like, her name, the fact that the poster has a Troy Polamalu hairdo and likes boats, etc. Seriously, if guy was trying to hide her identity, taking nude photographs of her and posting them on the internet is clearly not the path most people would take.
  4. 56

    A black day

    What a loss. He was such a nice guy.
  5. 56

    Anybody ever drink Beer?

    This thread makes me so sad, it reminds me of Iron Eyes Cody (he's the Native American from those old Keep America Beautiful commercials, who weeps at the site of litter on the side of the road). This is just like that commercial, except in this version Iron Eye's Cody isn't crying. He's dead, and his brother is driving down the highway in an old Firebird, throwing dirty diapers out of the window.
  6. 56

    TDZ is down

    Zen launched his EMP.
  7. 56

    Premier Sports Figure the last 25 years

    It's Gretzky, and you know it. also http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/919/jordnbiteri3.jpg
  8. 56

    Per TNG's request

    There is a thread about this thread at the Sanctuary, and Dr. Phil raised some good points there (though Oprah does not agree). At any rate, I've been away for a long time and need a refresher. Is The New Girl the same girl who recently had a baby, about a year ago? She was always one of my favorite curlies, and I am sad to see her so full of venom. Goofing on Rusty's dad does not seem like her. Is Big Pete even a real person, or is she an alias? The reason I ask is some of his posts in this thread seem kind of, well, chickish. No offense to Sawlison or Big Pete, and if I am wrong I'm glad she is happy. But I just kind of have this vibe, that if Big Pete is real, he runs on batteries and sleeps in Sawlison's night table. Also, he may smell like an old tuna sammich. I do know that Sawlison is real BTW, because I was watching a NASA show on DiscoveryHD the other night and they showed her fivehead, as seen from the Space Station. Tough to make it out though, what with the Cascade Mountains and all, but I saw her. That 1080i is just spectacular.
  9. 56

    Interesting topic on ESPN.com

    This talk of Bo Jackson as the greatest athlete ever is just plain silly. Jim Thorpe ate pancakes bigger than Bo Jackson for breakfast. Even if Bo never was hurt a day in his life, he would not even come close to Jim Thorpe. He was the first member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He's in the College Football Hall of Fame. He is in the Track and Field Hall of Fame. He had a 20 year baseball career playing with the Braves, Giants and (I think) the Reds. He was the first president of what is now the National Football League. He played for both the football and baseball NY Giants. He was an All-American in every sport he played in college. On a lark the guy went to the Olympics... he won gold medals in the Decathlon and Pentathlon. Bo Jackson, greatest athlete ever? Some of you folks really need to pick up a book once in a while.
  10. The only delivery problem Manning has is that Dominos no longer will go to Giants Stadium (residual effect of Ron Dayne's stay).
  11. And you shouldn't take it in the can.
  12. I heard he cried when his real name was attached to unreadable stories loaded with tired metaphors.
  13. Yeah, might be gay too (I heard he also writes short stories about screen doors and aftershave and publishes them on the internet).
  14. 56


    Giants - Eagles playoff game, and this is the best thread there is? That makes me sad.
  15. 56

    Hockey kid (13 yrs old)

    Pretty slick kid. I wonder why none of the goalies poke checked because most of those moves could have been stopped cold with a poke. Still pretty nice though. Closest thing I've seen to that kid's moves in the NHL is this: