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  1. 5 spots left 7 filled (Toronto, Calgary, Philly, Chicago, Minnesota, Vegas, Colorado)
  2. 6 spots left 6 filled (Toronto, Calgary, Philly, Chicago, Minnesota, Vegas)
  3. 7 spots left 5 filled (Toronto, Calgary, Philly, Chicago, Minnesota)
  4. 8 spots left 4 filled (Calgary, Philly, Chicago, Minnesota)
  5. 10 spots left Calgary Flames taken Philadelphia Flyers taken
  6. Some decisions made and edited above based on feedback
  7. 12 team dynasty PPR DEVY, NO IDP NHL team theme (i am Calgary Flames) Uses MFL and Leaguesafe with 100% payout after MFL fees ***** REVISED ***** https://www56.myfantasyleague.com/2019/home/62131#0 Entry fee ... $55 USD Payouts (100% after MFL fee) ... something like ... 1st=60% = $360 USD, 2nd=20% = $120 USD, 3rd=10% = $60 USD, Points Champ (weeks 1-3)=10% = $60 USD Devy/college players? - Yes 1 round Annual draft(s) .... 4 rounds of rookie and 1 round of devy/college? Startup draft will contain 2020 rookie picks (4 rounds) and devy picks (1 round) We will do a dice rolling simulator for Startup draft position Roster size ... 25 active, plus 5 Taxi (rookies and devy/college only) plus 5 IR (for the really unlucky people) Victory Points for standings and no divisions Playoffs .... Top 2 teams in Victory Points get a bye in Week 14, next 4 teams in Victory Points Non playoff teams compete for choice of a) an extra rookie pick (2.13) or b) an extra devy pick (Devy #13) Starting lineup ....... 9 total ...QB-1, RB-2, WR-3, TE-1, Flex-2 (RB,WR,TE) ... NO DEF/ST or PK No superflex but QB's and TE's will have a scoring bump to level the playing field a bit To prevent/discourage tanking ... the next year's rookie draft order (for the 6 non playoff teams) will be based on reverse order of potential points in weeks 1-13. The 6 playoff teams will pick based on playoff results. Some bylaw details to be finalized but these are the main parameters to determine interest level If interested ... send me an email at msdemille@rogers.com
  8. Do you still have an opening or is this filled? If yes then which 4 teams are leaving (ie I don't see the pool of available players)
  9. msdmll

    Plug My Holes

    In my humble opinion ... It would help to know if this is a PPR If Yes, then one of M.Floyd, Crabtree, GLittle, Nate Wash should fill in ok If No, then Spiller's split with FJax might push you to want to grab a higher scoring RB3 Is there any way you can sell high on R.Jennings, maybe to the owner of MJD and combine something with him for a more solid RB3? Keep Spiller for next year
  10. msdmll

    Thoughts on team

    My only suggestion might be to try to flip McGahee? + Benson for a more solid RB3 to start the year (and because Mathews worries me)
  11. I don't normally ask for help in public and I won't give the specific deal, but I'm really torn here I was offered a deal where I would give D.Bowe and get G.Little + Michael Floyd Other small stuff involved 12 team dynasty, non-PPR I think I would finish middle of the pack Here is my team before cuts BRoethlisberger M.Schaub C.Ponder CJohnson SGreene DBrown FJones DCarter JMcKnight JRinger KMoreno DBowe StJohnson Crabtree MWilliams Malcom Floyd Manningham Toon ® JSimpson T.Streeter ® Coale BPettigrew GOlsen Akers Baltimore +++++ What would you do?