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  1. Mr Neil

    Super Bowl Prediction: post yours

    I made 6 futures throughout the year; 4 are still alive, I have the following odds: Seahawks v Chargers at 85 to 1 Kansas City v Saints at 44 to 1 Ravens v Saints at 65 to 1 Colts v Saints at 43 to 1 Which means you know itll be Patriots coming out of the AFC to f me
  2. Mr Neil

    Waiver wire heros for week 16

    He owns the other 7 guys in his $25 work league from moms basement every year
  3. Mr Neil

    Waiver wire heros for week 16

    Uh huh. Nuk questionable vs Eagles. Might wanna pick up Demaryius in case. Eagles DBs are awful and he could get 10+ targets if Nuk is out. Im plugging him in over Mackenzie if thats the case
  4. Mr Neil

    TE Trash Pile

    All year tight end has been a diaper fire so now its week 16 and 2 of my 3 leagues i am stuck at the position. Right now I have Blake Jarwin, sounds like a Star Wars character, vs Bucs which is an okay matchup and hes been targeted an average of 7 per game last 3 games. Its him or Cameron I dont top 30 yards Brate who is the TD or bust at its finest. My wild card is Dallas Goedert. That kid was my favorite TE coming out of draft and hes a beast. The eagles have given up on the golden Tate trade and last two games are running more 12 formations than anyone in the league. And Texans are awful at defending at TEs. Am I crazy for wanting to start him? Only issue is Foles seems to lock onto Jeffery but eagles are a analytics team and know best place to attack Texans is perimeter WRs and TEs. So out of the the trash pile who could get me 8-10+ pts? Hope everyone wins there championships this week
  5. Mr Neil

    Waiver wire heros for week 16

    You have no idea what youll get from hogan. I would roll MacKenzie over him. I just swapped out of jordy or Tim Patrick for him due to crappy weather in Oakland and both those teams offenses are awful
  6. Mr Neil

    Keenan Allen Owners; We trusting him Saturday?

    Doing the same. After researching this I think the matchup combined with decoy Chance Im gonna sit him. These two teams are bottom in pace of play. This could be a 17-14 or 20-17 game. And Melvin is back. So thatll take a lot of Allen redzone looks away there too
  7. Mr Neil

    Keenan Allen Owners; We trusting him Saturday?

    So whats the final verdict on how fellow Allen owners feel about playing him tonight?
  8. It was 100% not sarcasm. Ive smoked pot pretty regularly since I was 15 and Im 36 with two degrees and making a very solid yearly salary. Peoples ambition and drive in life isnt deterred by pot its from an internal drive. Alcohol has probably lost more people jobs and been cause to flunk out of college more than pot. Im also pretty sure Colorado has had a lot of homeless prior to the pot legalization. No one goes broke and homeless from pot.
  9. Mr Neil

    Keenan Allen Owners; We trusting him Saturday?

    Robby Anderson all day. I wish I had that option
  10. Mr Neil

    Keenan Allen Owners; We trusting him Saturday?

    Im so on the fence on playing this guy. I guess its because my other option in one league is Antonio Callaway and in other where I have Allen its MacKenzie from Bills although its a return yards league so his floor is 10 pts. Allen is so enticing but he also is going vs Brandon Carr whos a top 5 slot CB and overall rated 14th DB according to the ratings I use
  11. Does this help James Washington and Vance McDonald mostly?
  12. Weed and gambling are gonna pull this country out of the gutter and rebuild the crumbling infrastructure that so badly needs road and bridges fixed
  13. Oh man I was looking for a WR to plug in and I think I may have found my free square in James Washington. Grabbed him just to see what develops. Eli Rogers was involved in his debut for season last week 4 for 20 yards. They gotta roll Washington to get most snaps right? Hes pretty explosive and a third round pick in draft I believe
  14. So as a keenan Allen owner are we trusting him to A) not be a decoy Or not leave mid game for a hip flexor aggravation Its not the greatest matchup although I dont know who covers the slot for the ravens. Its gonna be scary to roll him out there if practice reports are still iffy on him. Any thoughts?
  15. Mr Neil

    John Kelly

    Remember last year how aggressive McVay was on resting guys down the stretch? I think he rested everyone week 17 and some in 16. I think Gurley sits. And then its wheels up for John Kelly