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  1. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    AB accused of sexual assault ...3X.

    Jeez guy can't be quiet. Who knows here seems weird all at once these come out of the closet. Who knows.
  2. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Melvin Gordon update

    Why don't you guys concentrate on talking about football instead of grammar and who has a bigger . C'mon guys???
  3. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    What's the thoughts on David Montgomery?

    Just from what little I watched (highlights) the Bears blew a FG chance and went for it on 4rth and 10. The kicker needs to hit those. It would have been 10-6. Then thye forced the ball to ARob in the endzone and it was picked. They were pretty close.
  4. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    James Conner at 5th pick

    I hear time share all the time. J.Samuels college coach is with the Steelers. He wore out and didn't produce as well as the year went on. You would be foolish. Take Hopkins or take D.Johnson.
  5. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Josh Gordon Reinstated

    He's not cleared for the regular season. He can't keep his head clean for any length of time. He has limited his upside with these issues. He's about the same as D.Jackson. Boom or bust. then with his issues you can have him.
  6. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Damien Williams real deal or fool's gold

    I hear too much about RBBC. I think the risk is not worth the reward. He never seemed great at Miami. He's never had a lot of carries. I am not using a late 2nd or 3rd round pick on this guy. Johnson, Jones, Fournette, Freeman and Mack all seem like players I would prefer.
  7. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Bruce Arians RB's Jones time??

    This is how I plan ahead also. Good value on Winston and Jones. Howard has great upside and there are not many good TE's.
  8. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Bruce Arians RB's Jones time??

    I have grabbed him as a RB4 or RB5 in quite a few mocks. starting RB's have value. Let's see if he ever makes it.
  9. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Bruce Arians RB's Jones time??

    So we have a new coach. A decent amount of offensive talent in Tampa. Barber was not very good. Jones had a rough first year. I seem to think the stars are lined up for him. The receiving back from last year is gone too. His ADP now is 8.09. I have been loading up on him. Anyone know anything or have a reason to believe he won't breakout?
  10. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    A.J. Green - Out 6-8 Weeks

    I see he has a tough schedule matchup wise as far as possible DB's he would face. He will miss time. At what point would anyone draft him? 6th round? 7th?
  11. Crystal Meth Tweekers


    Last year was pretty tough to find a good TE. I was thinking I grab Engram (targets), Howard skill set and opportunities plus Hunter. Those guys are all round 5 or 6. Cook I hear could be value if I waited longer. McDonald possibly. I was thinking of Burton too but he annoyed me last year.
  12. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    gurley and juju owners playing for the championship....whats ur plan

    JuJu is playing now they say. The problem is will he be close to 100% and not just a decoy.
  13. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    JuJu Smith-Schuster - groin injury - left practice

    I guess we wait on JuJu to see his updated status. I have him in 2 teams this week. This is not what I wanted to see.
  14. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Waiver wire heros for week 16

    I wouldn't trust this at all. Gase is not to be trusted.
  15. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Closest loss u have seen

    for sure but I was lucky enough to make it to 4/5 finals. Best year ever. I can survive.