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  1. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Julio Owners - What are your plans?

    OFCOURSE YOU PICK HIM UP. He is gonna play this week. He could light it up. New coach. new energy,
  2. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Believe in Brandin??

    This is how I see it. The players were over O'Brien. Once he left Watson decided to put the team on his shoulders. H would have to pass more. From now on I would expect more passing to Cooks/Fuller and try and get this rolling. Cooks is only with the team now for 5 games no preaseason at all. He has never been consistent. He is a boom or bust. When you start him you may get 5 points or 35.
  3. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Tennessee-Buffalo Game May Not Happen Sunday

    We did designated replacement player for guys like this. You declare who is your designated replacement player before Sunday kickoff
  4. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Austin Ekeler's status on league sites

    same here WTH??? Maybe it's the Chargers who haven't listed him as out yet.
  5. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Titans players/staff test positive for COVID-19

    That's what they said about the country back on March 17th. Here in Florida that turned into 8 weeks. Bad idea.
  6. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Tennessee-Buffalo Game May Not Happen Sunday

    I saw more positive tests this morning. I don't see how they play at this point. What idiots.
  7. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Julio news??

    Yeah I agree I am benching him. I can't put him on IR though.
  8. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Julio news??

    I am a little confused. CBS gives him 2.4 points this week. Yahoo has him at 17 points. I hear he may miss a few weeks? Too little info on this. Does anyone know?
  9. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Mostert FTW!

    Yeah I agree 100%. What games have you all swatched? Mostert has been a monster. Look at his last 10-12 games.
  10. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Let’s discuss Swift. Who’s holding? Who’s folding?

    You spent a high enough pick you need to hold him. Who is really better to sit at the end of your bench? Miles Sanders and Kamara are a few examples of later season breakouts. David Johnson was a a droppable guy back in 2015 according to all the experts around week 8-10. Next thing you know he caught fire and won people leagues.
  11. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Adrian Peterson Released

    Damn I have a few shares of Swift. This signing annoys me.
  12. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    RB at the end of RD1/RD2 turn

    I had two drafts with pick 11 and 12. I went Julio and Mixon in one I went D.Adams and Jacobs in the second. I know there are plenty of WR. I went heavy on WR in most drafts, They dissapear too. I will draft Taylor in the early 4rth in a few leagues, Cam Akers and Swift late too.I feel having one stud RB and 3 great WR is a fantastic foundation to your team. If you draft well one of these young RB's will hopefully pan out. DND draft list::: Gurley, Bell and D.Johnson Mostert is definitely worth a flyer in round 5 or 6.
  13. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Dalvin Cook says he is fine....Dr. Chao disagrees

    I rolled out Powell and I pulled out a 2 point win!!
  14. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Dalvin Cook says he is fine....Dr. Chao disagrees

    Now Lev Bell is out. All I have left is Powell or Mattison. Not gonna take a chance with R.Jones. Can I trust Powell? He has been good the last two years late in the season.
  15. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Anyone rolling Wentz out vs NE?

    That's the plan as of now. I hate Jimmy G after letting me down last week.