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  1. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    gurley and juju owners playing for the championship....whats ur plan

    JuJu is playing now they say. The problem is will he be close to 100% and not just a decoy.
  2. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    JuJu Smith-Schuster - groin injury - left practice

    I guess we wait on JuJu to see his updated status. I have him in 2 teams this week. This is not what I wanted to see.
  3. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Waiver wire heros for week 16

    I wouldn't trust this at all. Gase is not to be trusted.
  4. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Closest loss u have seen

    for sure but I was lucky enough to make it to 4/5 finals. Best year ever. I can survive.
  5. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Closest loss u have seen

    I tied 95.5 to 95.5 this week. I lost by the dumbest tie breakers. Total starter yards minus defensive yards allowed.
  6. For those of us who stayed away. I would assume White and Edelman will get more targets? Michel maybe finally a big load again.
  7. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Engram a good start?

    Seems he was good last week. He led the team in recieving yards. There is little for TE's. Anyone else rolling him out?
  8. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Where the fock is Aaron Jones?

    Geez Bears D road game. Ugly matchup. I am likely benching him in 2/3 leagues. Opinions?
  9. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Vikings have fired 1st year o-coordinator John DeFilippo

    I believe Cook is a much better back than we have seen regularly. I watched him shred it in the orangebowl. He looks great when he gets a crease. The line is bad. Find a way to get him in space more.
  10. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Engram sighting this week?

    No OBJ. Shepard and Barkely should get more targets. Engram could be a great sleeper. TE is a trainwreck this year.
  11. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    How angry is fournette?

    Why would you start Henry? He is still a lousy RB. He starts slow. The Jags blew it by not tackling low. Once he gets up a head of steam he is hard to bring down. Look at his point totals every week before this, He is a RB4 who you start in a emergency.
  12. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Jaylen Samuels a rb/te on yahoo....TE?

    C'mon man really? It may work out for you but Gronk is a hall of fame TE who has been good forever.
  13. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Jaylen Samuels a rb/te on yahoo....TE?

    So I am shady *ss if I start him at TE huh?
  14. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Trey Burton WTH?

    Yeah man shares of Burton, Engram, Brate etc. It's disgusting there are maybe 4-5 TE's that are good.
  15. Crystal Meth Tweekers

    Trey Burton WTH?

    What do you do? All these TE's are garbage. I dropped Jimmy Graham. He still sucks. V.McDonald is available. I mean Burton just sucks. I know Mitch is coming back. Week 14 playoff game. Can you trust him?