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  1. Serpent

    Will the NFL keep losing fans?

    This is the first time I think I've logged in all season. Moreso because I know fantasy playoffs are coming and it's a bit of a habit than anything else. Of course I used to absolutely love this site and not just for football, but for some of the posters. I wonder if everyone is still around, maybe a few are but I suspect a few others dropped out like me. There are quite a few problems. First too many games. Many of us complained about Thursday games. That was a dumb idea all around and created havoc for fantasy. In fact, I wouldn't be opposed to removing Monday night games too, they were a pain and the games usually suck and have sucked for years. I'd rather use Monday to process results and figure out waiver moves, which I'd prefer to get in on Monday and have fire off on Tuesday. That gives more time during the week to make other moves. Second too many penalties. Third, waaaaay too many commercials. And the commercials are usually very irritating. Fourth I got really sick of the pink every year for an entire month. Especially since I know that money doesn't even get donated to anything productive, and most of it goes to the NFL or lines the pocket of drug companies. Even if it didn't, most of us aren't rolling in money and we resent being told someone else deserves our hard earned money more than we do. I mean you, I've never gotten a handout and even if I needed one it was never offered. I was told just to suffer and deal with it. This one is on society as a whole, you can't have that attitude both ways. Fifth, the social issues and pandering, for a variety of issues. This isn't a platform where I want to hear about nor care about what issues someone things is important or their diversity goals. I just wanted football, and I wanted it delivered smoothly and efficiently with the minimum of extra annoyance. The NFL failed miserably on that, and has been failing even more in recent years. Sixth, it's almost 2017, how are you not providing high quality official streams? Who the wants to watch something on cable? Nobody uses a regular TV anymore. Get your dumb broadcast partners to start streaming things, with better tools, and without requiring logins or other nonsense. If your goal is to make money off of advertisements, this is a no-brainer anyway. Seventh, restricting games with archaic blackout rules is idiotic. Again, almost 2017, with all our entertainment options, who is going to bother with that nonsense? Eight, stop taking your audience for granted. Yes maybe it was possible to brainwash people, especially young men, into thinking they NEEDED to watch sports, but if that still exists it's certainly not going to be just the NFL. People have choices, but most people also aren't going to be subject to that anymore. Nobody wants to hang out with the annoying nerds that babble stuff about being a man means you need to watch sports, drink beer, fart and act like a thirsty loser ever time a woman is on screen. Stop insulting everyone and pretending that is how men think and act, especially if you expect a strong male viewerbase. Ninth, stop trying to expand the game worldwide. Congratulations, all those foreign games everyone hated and told you they hated has caught up to you. Now your core audience is alienated, hates your guts, and if anything I'm more interested in the foreign sports now, like soccer, which amazingly doesn't have many of the problems the NFL has. The second that becomes popular in the US the NFL is done for, it's just a better sport all around when the NFL is busy shooting itself in the foot all the time. Tenth, and this connects to some of the other stuff, the NFL lying about safety was a bad look. Everyone knows about concussions and brain damage, and how most of the penalties and fines are complete bullshit when the NFL doesn't even try to protect players a lot of the time and denies what injured them. And finally, Roger Goodell is a . There is only so long anyone can tolerate that imbecile. He was going to run the sport into the ground, and while it takes awhile to run such a big ship in the ground, hey it looks like he managed to steer it towards shore. It was obvious but the NFL made money in spite of him, rather than getting rid of him they rewarded him more. Dumb. I don't know that I watched more than parts of a couple of games at most this year. I don't know when I'd watch again. The only people I know that still watch are either hardcore fans and/or people with drinking and gambling problems.
  2. Serpent

    Denver @ Kansas City: In-Game Discussion

    Peyton reminds me of Chad Pennington now. Pennington would have to load up all of his throws to get anything on them at all, and would be completely done after 3 games or so of throwing so "hard." The good news is this game probably got Peyton some trade value, so if you have him, now's the time to sell. This is what they mean by "sell high." It means sell before the obvious prolonged failure.
  3. Serpent

    Denver @ Kansas City: In-Game Discussion

    These are Tebow and Kyle Orton like passes. At least these receivers should be used to it.
  4. Dude is 39, it's amazing he even made it to 37. He probably will go down in history in terms of QB numbers at that age.
  5. Serpent

    Denver @ Kansas City: In-Game Discussion

    Peyton is done. Wish he had retired at the end of last season. Oh well, some people have to humiliate themselves first before they're happy.
  6. Time wasn't a factor. When you are at the 1 yard line on 2nd down with 40+ seconds to go and 2 timeouts, you have ample time to just run the ball for 2 downs and still throw it if you need it on 4th down.
  7. lol seriously, you pass the ball there? You got beast mode and plenty of time!
  8. The NFL makes it worse by dragging it out. All they had to do was levy the fine, say $100k, and then be done with it. It's obvious there was a violation. The minimum fine is $25k, and players get hit with more than that. Just set the fine to something higher to show the organization has to follow rules too, and then move on. Instead they go on this ridiculous witch hunt and drag everything out. Who cares who lowered the pressure? And who needs justifications? When you act like it's a big deal people will also act that way. The NFL sucks at handling these situations.
  9. Serpent

    The NFL seems to have it in for Lynch

    They threatened to throw him out of the game if he wore the gold cleats. I've never seen that before. A fine afterwards sure, but to throw someone out? They obviously don't like him, mostly because he does not like speaking to the media. So they will make up punishments as they see fit.
  10. The Giants. I've stated it multiple times over the years. Now here's my , open up.
  11. I learned that Patriots fans are the most disgusting and distasteful of all fans. But I've always disliked people from Boston to begin with. That city is a wart in the shithole of America.
  12. I would have agreed with you, but since I just watched all the Pats fans all over Rodgers, it's awfully hard to respect that claim when Pats fans themselves show they don't actually respect it.
  13. Serpent

    Bob Kraft is a genius

    They probably wouldn't have any championships and who knows how good their regular season record even would be. Even with the cheating those old Niners, Cowboys and Steelers teams have more rings. The Giants are also clearly the better franchise.
  14. So Pats getting caught under-inflating balls with proof=not a big deal, every team does it. Rodgers talks about it, with no proof or numbers suddenly=Rodgers is a cheater punish him! fockers LOL
  15. It's always been that way as far as I know. It was like that for all games but Peyton whined and stamped his feet until the system outside the SB was established.