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  1. Redlegs


    With all the GB injuries could you see the Packers making a play for Antonio Brown?
  2. Redlegs

    Which WR to bring aboard?

    Try and use #4 waiver?
  3. Redlegs

    Which WR to bring aboard?

    Which WR would you pick up? Watkins Mike Williams Sterling Shepherd
  4. Redlegs

    Weird trade?

    A guy just offered me Rodgers for Mixon? Then I would have Rivers and Brees too!!! 3 QB's? I tried to give him Rivers and he said he would just stream QB's because he has no other QB? He said to let him know tonight? My RB's are Kamara, Mixon, Howard, Damien Williams, Tevin Coleman, and Ronald Jones. Just not sure I could unload Rivers or Brees?
  5. Redlegs

    Trade for Matt Ryan?

    We start 2 WR's, 1WR/RB, 1Wr/TE/RB. We get half point for reception and QB gets 6 points for TD's!!!
  6. Redlegs

    Need some help with trade

    I think I would take a gamble on it. Not sold on Gurley and like Mahomes better if healthy because he is getting back Hill. I would try for Gallup too but if not I still do the trade? Hope that helps? Can you look at my post the Matt Ryan trade? I am 2-3 also!!!
  7. Redlegs

    Evans for A jones or Chubb?

    I like Jones!!! I know Williams is there but they will lean on Jones. I like Chubb too but GB has a better offense and Hunt will be lurking!!! Can you look at mine the Matt Ryan trade?
  8. Redlegs

    Thielen for OBJ and James Connor?

    I would do it. You get a RB which you probably need!!! Can you look at mine the Matt Ryan trade?
  9. Redlegs

    Trade for Matt Ryan?

    Take all the input you can give me?
  10. Redlegs

    Trade for Matt Ryan?

    By the way my other RB's are Kamara, Mixon, Damien Williams, Tevin Coleman, Ronald Jones?
  11. Redlegs

    Trade for Matt Ryan?

    I have Brees and I have Rivers. Would you trade Brees and Jordan Howard for Ryan? I know Howard is going get the ball more but what do you say?
  12. Redlegs

    Trade for Boyd?

    Would you trade Damien Williams for Tyler Boyd?
  13. Redlegs

    Which WR to go with?

    Would you start Allen Robinson or Dorsett? Not sure I can trust Damien Williams in flex?
  14. Redlegs

    Trade for Rodgers?

    I trade Rivers and Mixon for Rodgers and Breida? He wants a RB so if not Mixon I have Jordan Howard, Damien Williams, and Ronald Jones?
  15. Redlegs


    I would be getting Diggs?