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  1. Redlegs

    Convince me?

    Anybody? Got to win to get in!!!
  2. Redlegs

    Convince me?

    I have Drake and Jonathan Williams in right now but other options are Mixon, Tevin Coleman, and can pick up Ronald Jones or Sterling Shep. Convince me which 2 to start? Half point PPR!!!
  3. Redlegs

    Anybody starting Shepard?

    I am just trying to think of anything and with no Tate and Engram what about Sterling Shepard? Half point PPR? I have Kenyan Drake and Jonathan Williams in but that could change? Other options are Joe Mixon or could pick up Ronald Jones or Sterling Shepard?
  4. Redlegs

    Shoot me now!!!

    Half point PPR
  5. Redlegs

    Shoot me now!!!

    I didn't start Kenny Golladay and sure enough he got 30 points. In a must win he are my options? I need 2 please!!! Drake, Jonathan Williams, Joe Mixon, Ronald Jones, Sterling Shepherd?
  6. Redlegs

    No Golladay?

    I have started Golladay all year but afraid to today? Do I just trust him or go with Jonathan Williams?
  7. Redlegs

    Do I start Golladay?

    I need for you to tell me which 2? Normally I would play Golladay but with 3 string QB? Which 2 and tell me why? Golladay Kenyan Drake Joe Mixon Jonathan Williams Have to have a win to get in!!!
  8. Redlegs

    Need win and points!!!

    This is our last week and need to win and get all the points I can get. Yes even kicker? Do I stay with Gay vs Jax of do I go with Myers vs Min, Maher vs Buf, Gonzalez vs Rams, or Badgley vs Den? For my defense I have Ravens so do I still go with them against SF or go Carolina vs Wash? Thanks for your help!!!
  9. Redlegs

    Which 3?

    Need a win this week so which 3? Kenny Galladay, Allen Robinson, Mixon, Coleman, or pick up Gallup?
  10. Redlegs

    Mixed reviews?

    Have been getting some divided answers on this and need some clarification. Now I am for not sure? My league gets half point PPR. My WR's are Lockett, Golladay, ARob, and Parker. My RB's are Kamara, Coleman, Howard, Mixon, Damien Williams, and Drake. We start 2WR's, 1RB, 1WR/RB, and 1WR/RB/TE. The trade is I trade Kamara and Lockett for Julio Jones and Thielen? I know that helps my WR's but what about my RB's? The setup is different this year and looks like you use more WR's? I love Kamara but love Julio too. What do you think with the way the league is set up? Hope this all helps?
  11. Redlegs

    Trade deadline today!!!

    Somebody wants my ARob for Singletary?
  12. Redlegs

    Kamara trade?

    Continue to tell me what you think? Our trade deadline is today!!! Had a proposal just now I trade Allen Robinson for Devin Singletary?
  13. Redlegs

    Kamara trade?

    I love Kamara but also love Julio Jones!!! Would you trade Kamara and Lockett for Julio and Theilen? We start 2 WR's, 1 RB, 1 WR/RB/TE, and also 1 WR/RB. My WR's are Lockett, Golladay, Robinson, and Parker. My RB's are Kamara, Coleman, Damien Williams, Howard, Mixon, and Drake. Some people tell me know because my RB's would be thin? Half point PPR!!!
  14. Redlegs

    Use #1 waiver for who?

    Damien Williams Kareem Hunt Ronald Jones
  15. Redlegs

    Hock, Goedert. Doyle?

    I have my choices down to 3? Which one would you go with?