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    I am Now A Firm Believer in Zero RB Theory

    I would say that with the current landscape of RBs the true 3 down workhorse stud getting goal line carries on a decent team and also a surefire bet to get his job back if injured is even more valuable than ever before. Right now the only guy that fits that description and isn't injured or old is Gurley. He's the only RB I would draft early and I would take him at #1 overall. After that it's going to be Gronk followed by WR1's. After that it would depend on which RBs were still out there and if I didn't like any of them would go after WR2's and the Olsens/Kelces/Gates of the world.
  2. FakeFoozballIzFun

    2015 excel projections are done

    Thank you so much for doing this every year. It helps me have a framework to build my tiers from whereas it would take up an absurd amount of time to create that framework myself.
  3. FakeFoozballIzFun

    Lamar Miller owners

    With Moreno himself confirming he's at least 4 weeks away(players are usually overly optimistic about their own timetable), Lamar will have RB2/RB1 value depending on matchup for at least the next 2 games with RB3/flex value with upside even when Moreno returns.
  4. FakeFoozballIzFun

    Noticed Mathews and Ingram are avail FA's.. Have a preference?

    I like Mathews as an individual talent but San Diego's run blocking has been horrific this year and ranked dead last @ 2.4 ypc(.7 ypc less than the next closest team). On the other hand, New Orleans has one of the best run blocking teams right now @ 5.2 ypc on top of the fact that Ingram was outperforming all of the other backs by a significant margin before he got hurt. Also, Mathews has always been injury prone anyway. I'd go with Ingram here.
  5. FakeFoozballIzFun

    Lamar Miller owners

    The speculation that Moreno is back week 6 is only coming from Moreno's optimistic timeline for himself, not the team doctors. The original timetable was 4-8 weeks since the injury, so week 7 at earliest and week 11 at latest according to the doctors. On top of that both running backs had value when both were healthy and Moreno is injury prone anyway. Lastly the o-line is among the best in the league at the moment. All these factors added together and I think Lamar has solid RB3/flex value with Moreno healthy and high RB2/low RB1 value when Moreno is out of the picture.
  6. FakeFoozballIzFun

    Mike Smith is a f*cking moron

    The only question is who will make an effort to give their dynamic game changing playmaker the ball first, Mike Smith with Antone Smith or Norv Turner with Cordarelle Patterson.
  7. FakeFoozballIzFun

    The next Gronkowski?

    Kelce's ceiling is last year Cameron type numbers. His floor is also not seeing the field very often. Seems like a decent stash in later rounds as a high TE2.
  8. FakeFoozballIzFun

    Fosters handcuff ?

    If drafting Foster I would just pair him up with someone with a high floor like a Chris Johnson, MJD, Pierre Thomas type instead of burning a roster spot on someone who might be in a RBBC or might end up 3rd on the depth chart while also not having any trade value unless Foster suffers a prolonged injury.
  9. FakeFoozballIzFun

    Benjamin, Evans, Watkins, and Cooks - Who's the man in 2014?

    I like Benjamin the most out of those 4.
  10. FakeFoozballIzFun

    Offensive Line concerns in KC

    It does hurt his value but probably the least out of any other RB. They're just going to run more screens to Charles to take the pressure off.
  11. FakeFoozballIzFun

    Start any D playing the Bills

    I agree. From what I've seen the bills 1st team offense has been the worst out of everyone else's 1st team offense this preseason. Wouldn't be suprised if they ended up with the lowest PPG in the league. Bottom 5 seems like a near lock.
  12. FakeFoozballIzFun

    Joique Bell - Chance to be better than Reggie Bush?

    +1. Hope everyone else in my drafts overvalues him now and bumps him up a few spots.
  13. FakeFoozballIzFun

    Julio vs Bmarsh vs AJ

    Julio has the highest ceiling but his injury risk isn't being accounted for in his ADP imo. With this being the 2nd surgery on the same foot there is a very high chance that he is not as effective as last year/has nagging injuries all year/injures the foot again. I'd go AJ, Bmarsh, Julio.
  14. FakeFoozballIzFun

    Could kelce supplant fasano?

    Does anyone know what the negatives on this guy are? Did he have good or bad hands in college, injury history, poor blocker, ect.?