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  1. Gracious Scottsind, you too Weepaws. It is done.
  2. Cannot make up mind between Mike Evans who will have Ari and PPeterson draped on him all day or do I go DThomas who has struggled this yr. (55th ranked for pts. in my league!?!) but he gets the Giants... but still probably gets Janoris Jenkins on him. Anybody?
  3. icy_water

    anyone rolling with hillman?

    Hope you picked the muscle hamster!
  4. Lost Charles, then Foster the following week, then Forte the following week...and this is all after losing Romo, so 4 of my first 7 draft picks, yeah, t's been fun
  5. Icy_Walter is the next house down, we get mixed up a lot. I'm constantly getting his mail. But it's nice to finally put a face as to why my aforementioned junk has been burning lately.
  6. My hands went from patting myself on the back for somehow landing Forte/Foster/Charles and even Romo late to covering my face in horror. Someone please stop sticking the me shaped voodoo doll, mission accomplished.
  7. I am going up against the most pompous guy in our league. You know the type, condescending about how he is superior to everyone else and we are lucky just to be around him. Anyway, I need to beat this guy and need a little help at the TE position. Eifert was highly touted this year and has had two good games. Unfortunately his good games were the first two games and the last two he has a total of 3 catches combined. This week he is home vs. Seattle. Gates hasn't played a game yet this year and I have no idea what to expect. At his best he is a monster but with 3 of 5 O linemen out I could see a heavy day of blocking for Gates or maybe they keep him on a snap count if he isn't up to the task of blocking. Just not sure, do you trust Gates out of the gate or do you trust the highly touted one that hasn't done a thing for two weeks now? Please give me a reason of which one and lets beat this douche and shut him down for at least a week. Thanks, leave a link and I WILL answer.
  8. If you are ever starting Decker over who you have, something catastrophic happened. Drop him and go get Todd.
  9. icy_water

    What D/ST would you roll with?

    Ugh, tough one. I think I go with Phi as well. At the very least, Romo will have a tougher time at the goal line. Witten is good but Dez was otherworldly down there. And I think Sea while still outstanding, do just a pip or two worse than they would if the had Kam Chancellor back which right now still looks doubtful. Thanks for mine.
  10. icy_water

    who do i take in this trade

    Wow..just..wow. Lacy..hurry.. now before they sober up!
  11. icy_water

    DEF Assitance

    Arizona, Chi is still helmed by Cutler and he will throw a pick or two or a fumble or two. Den is for real but so is KC and they don't turn it over near as much...Den will have their hands full. Bottom line, Den and AZ both have great defenses but AZ has the easier match up
  12. icy_water

    Roster 2QBS with short bench?

    Well you can afford it because of your depth at WR but Palmer and Stafford have the same bye week so you would need to go out qb hunting again. I think I would go ahead and do it since he's behind 3 other wr's on the depth chart but make sure hawk that wire and be ready to pounce for another qb.
  13. icy_water

    A little help.. Please! Blount or Foster?

    Asked and answered! Thanks fellas I believe you all are right on with the upside play. I will stand pat. Please keep weighing in and leave your links, I will respond. Thanks!
  14. icy_water

    Start T. Williams over J. Matthews?

    Matthews by far. TWill gets the Dez role this week, but he's not Dez and does get the dropsies from time to time. Go with the proven asset. Please look at mine http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=448294
  15. AJ looks done. Devante has a tough matchup. I really like Stevie this week as he got targeted a ton last week and looked quicker than ever doing it. Please look at mine http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=448294