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  1. Einstein's Dog

    Buy low, sell high

    I have no problems on a radical shot at a buy low candidate. But the "probably get him for Chris Carson"? Yikes. Yes, yes you could - easily. The market according to Yahoo has Fournette going for the likes of JK Dobbins/Devante Parker/Tyler Boyd/Keelan Cole/Terry McLaurin/Jerrick McKinon. No one in their right mind would even float out an RB2. But getting him for some of the listed candidates makes for a nice risk.
  2. Einstein's Dog

    Tampa Tom

    The problem is that this is a Fantasy Football site and T Brady did not score well at all (and by the way Cam did). Kind of hard to trust T Brady fantasy-wise at this point. Although according to Arians there were a lot of dropped passes. With Denver up next I think it is time to sit the old man for Minshew.
  3. Einstein's Dog

    Deshaun Watson

    To me another warning sign was the D Johnson addition. The team by virtue of coach/GM is going to try and justify that decision. I expect to see a more run oriented attack when possible.
  4. Einstein's Dog

    Fournette to Bucs

    Agree with what? The point was R Jones ypc showed better statistically than what I saw as I watched the game. Jones was in serious jeopardy of losing his grip on the RB1 and some glorified stat wasn't going to stop it. Please don't fall prey to Axe moving the goal posts. The discussion was not about garbage time. Because if R Jones isn't the better RB he won't be getting the garbage time, Fournette will, and did, and capitalized on it. The direction has continued where the needle on R Jones is still pointed south and things are looking up for Fournette. I'm sorry if you didn't believe me the first time.
  5. Einstein's Dog

    Any Word On James Conner's Injury?

    He had a full practice Thursday. Makes playing any Pitt RB risky. As an owner of J Conner I'm not risking playing him but hoping he takes back his role as the lead back.
  6. Einstein's Dog

    Cooks or Fant at TE this week?

    Keep rolling w J Cook. Due for a big game Monday night.
  7. Einstein's Dog

    Brady is Becoming Winston

    Winston was a good fantasy QB, hoping Brady can be too.
  8. Einstein's Dog

    Fournette to Bucs

    For who? Are you talking R Jones, because I think that qualifies as justifiable concern. His ADP is dropping like a rock (fantasypros RB39 under Kerryon Johnson and fantasycalculators under Zach Moss). And these ADPs are somewhat slow to react, as can be seen by the low rankings of M Brown and J Robinson. There is the real possibility that this is the pinnacle of value for R Jones this season. He may have had the highest percentage of carries he will get and the game plan was the most run oriented it might be all season (being Bradys first game as a Buc). You might be able to get a D Parker or D Sambo for Jones in some leagues with the right circumstances. IMO, L Fournette might be the one to catch with the over reaction of loss of value. While LFs ADP from those two sources (RB19 and RB25) remains high, in a more up to date system his value seems like it would be plummeting also.
  9. Einstein's Dog

    Fournette to Bucs

    Couple of points here: First, I don't think Tampa will be behind 2 scores often. Second, If R Jones doesn't improve he won't be there at the end. Third, you're moving the goal posts from R Jones' solid ypc to fantasy points
  10. Einstein's Dog

    Fournette to Bucs

    An RB-hungry team knew they could wait it out, and it worked. I didn't draft nor do I have Fournette (yet, I will try). However, according to your posts my condolences on the investment into R Jones. His stock has taken a major hit whether you want to acknowledge it or not. At this point the waiver darlings of M Brown and J Robinson are more appealing.
  11. Einstein's Dog

    Fournette to Bucs

    It's not giving it special consideration because it was the longest play. It's putting the run in its proper perspective. It wasn't during the normal course of play, it was the last play with the apposing D in extreme pass prevent.
  12. Einstein's Dog

    Fournette to Bucs

    It will be interesting to see who gets the goal line carries. Yahoo thought the role was going to Fournette. If Fournette gets those R Jones value is the equivalent of last years (which is not good). And while thinking Jones is pretty solid that's not all there is to getting the lions share. You also need to consider if Fournette is a worthy top 10 type draft pick running back. In the company of the Zeke/Barkley/McCaffery/Gurley types. Because that's where he came from. Solid doesn't keep them on the bench.
  13. Einstein's Dog

    Fournette to Bucs

    I think they both did not look good. However, Fournette has an excuse and R Jones does not. Fournette had the flash of one run and R Jones did not (the 11 yarder to end the game was nothing special) and Jones had 3x the number of opportunities. So I think based on this game the needle is pointing up for Fournette and down for R Jones. Fournette will get more involved and Jones will be losing carries. Still not sure who will get the goal line work but yahoo thought that was going to Fournette. I wouldn't play either yet, which hurts with the juicy Carolina up next.
  14. Einstein's Dog

    What is CEH worth?

    To answer your question, CEH is worth any WR you want. But as others have stated, don't do it. Look to move either Carson or Taylor. Depending on the makeup of the other teams, Golladay is certainly a possibility, float out Julio (lots of yardage but no TDs again).
  15. Einstein's Dog

    Fournette to Bucs

    I don't understand your confidence that Jones will still get the lions share of 1st and 2nd down touches. Jones did not look good with them yesterday, they seemed like wasted downs. In my eyes Jones did nothing yesterday to indicate he had locked down that role. And yes, when the Bucs have some winning game scripts the RBs should have more carries. But not all carries are equal and the expected ypc should be adjusted. For instance, if the team is up 3 scores with 4 minutes to go, giving the ball to the RB would have a reduced expected ypc because the D is expecting it and a big part of the value is the half minute off the clock. Conversely, when behind multiple scores and you get a carry on the last play you could expect a nice gain - pretty meaningless though. To then state something like "3.9 ypc which isn't too shabby" seems like a disingenous attempt to convince yourself that he had a decent day. I don't see it that way. Jones grip on the lead back status seems very much in jeopardy.