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  1. JohnnyUtah007

    Top 3 backs?

    The order u have them ranked is the correct order
  2. Looking for opinions. Saints D has been keeping opposing teams with low point totals. Allens rushing may give him both a higher floor and higher ceiling than Roeth, but seems like a risk to sit Roeth. Jags are a mess, so Phins are intriguing. But so are Colts, however Saquon always scares me.
  3. JohnnyUtah007

    Jags D or Chiefs D?

    Thinking Lamar will be forced to throw a lot playing from behind, which he sucks at. But Jags maybe still a better play? Chiefs just gave up 33 to Raiders.
  4. JohnnyUtah007

    Trade Woods for Dalvin in standard?

    R Woods or D Cook ros in standard? Im torn.
  5. Im torn. I know Raiders DST sucks but Mullens is a nobody and its a Thurs game. Texans available on my wire. They are at Denver. Thoughts?
  6. Standard scoring. Need one for my flex. I would only consider Bibbs if Perine is out.
  7. JohnnyUtah007

    Cam forward lateral to C Mac - stat correction?

    http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap2000000071776/Mendenhall-13-yard-touchdown They changed this one a few years ago from a rush TD to a forward pass TD. Also seems like a close call to me yet Elias changed it. Same should happen with Cam.
  8. JohnnyUtah007

    Cam forward lateral to C Mac - stat correction?

    Well I have my fingers crossed. But I think I have a solid case with photo evidence. It’s close, I realize, but I think he clearly flips it slightly in front of himself. They should just change it...damnit!
  9. JohnnyUtah007

    Cam forward lateral to C Mac - stat correction?

    https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DN51brtW4AA7bTP.jpg:large Check out the still shot here!!! This clearly shows Cam flips it forward imo.
  10. JohnnyUtah007

    Cam forward lateral to C Mac - stat correction?

    Aikman said that C Mac was out in front of Cam on the video link I posted.
  11. https://twitter.com/panthersguy01/status/927258032991555586 Watch the second replay in particular. He clearly flipped the ball forward from his body. This needs to be changed to a passsing TD. Anyone else affected by this?? Im such a dork that I called the Elias Sports Bureau about it today. They said theyd look at it. 212-869-1530 is their number. Call them if this also affects you!
  12. JohnnyUtah007

    K Benj or Funchess in standard?

    Going to be rain in Chicago, not ideal. But I have to roll with one of these dudes. Which one this week?
  13. JohnnyUtah007

    Clement or McKinnon?

    Which to start this week in a standard league? Assuming Smallwood is out.
  14. JohnnyUtah007

    Trade Martin & K Benj for Jordy?

    Standard league. 12 teamer. Id be getting Jordy.
  15. JohnnyUtah007

    Freeman or Ajayi in standard?

    Which one is better to have this season in standard scoring?