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  1. oblivious72

    WRs to start for week 6

    theilan for sure. i would take gallup over evans. evans is hit or miss.
  2. oblivious72

    Sony Michel for Josh Jacobs

    jacobs is getting the volume at this point. they work their offense through him and waller. i would definitly not trade him for michel.
  3. oblivious72

    TE position Train wreck

    depends on your bench but i would consider grabbing one of those colts for after their bye. maybe doyle? ebron has drops. looks like engram is out so i would take a chance on ellison.
  4. oblivious72

    Dynasty Trade - Julio/Cooper - DJ + ?

    i would do amari/hollywood for that. i think hollywood is their #1 for a while.
  5. oblivious72

    Who to drop/pick for week 6

    i like minshew this week. dropping brisset
  6. oblivious72

    Trade Help

    I was offered Kennan Allen and James white for Saquon Barkley. Thoughts? 12 Team PPR, 1 Flex QB: Wentz, D. Jones RB: Barkley, K. Johnson, C. Thompson, D. Montgomery, Gallman WR: Watkins, Godwin, R. Anderson, C. Samuel, Diontae Johnson TE: D. Waller, M. Andrews
  7. oblivious72

    Flex help ppr

    Curtis Samuel, Chris Thompson, Robbie Anderson, David Montgomery, Mark Andrews Start one, 12 team ppr
  8. oblivious72

    Flex help

    John brown or Curtis Samuel, non-ppr, 12 team
  9. oblivious72

    WR Trade Help

    I offered and tried to convince the other owner. He declined. He doesn't like Winston. Thanks!
  10. oblivious72

    i think i need a new D/ST

    I would probably grab Titans and see how they do. They look solid.
  11. oblivious72

    WR Trade Help

    When I drafted I didn't plan on getting both Evans and Godwin. I have a few proposed trades pending to resolve that: Evans for Watkins, Godwin for Cooks, Godwin for Kupp. What is everyone's thoughts? 12 Team PPR, 1 Flex QB: Wentz, Winston RB: Barkley, K. Johnson, C. Thompson, D. Montgomery, Ballage WR: Evans, Godwin, R. Anderson, C. Samuel TE: D. Waller, M. Andrews
  12. oblivious72

    Am I CRAZY to trade Ekeler for Brady? Need Expert Help!!!

    Do not do that trade. you are stacked at RD but maybe you need more help at WR and could trade one of the other guys for help. if you really want Brady, trade him someone lower than the top RB last week. How about mine?
  13. oblivious72

    Week 2 WR- Need 2

    I would stick with your top two, woods and evans and hope that winston and arrians make corrections. How about mine?
  14. oblivious72

    Trade JuJu for Julio???? I would get Julio....

    I would take Julio. He will be better for sure. How about mine?
  15. oblivious72

    WW - keep handcuffs, or LAR RB2 & WAS RB1?

    I would do it as long as you dont have Elliot. Pollard got minimal work and i see AP stepping in and doing a great job with guice out potentially making him a trade chip considering gruden doesnt want AP there. How about mine?