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  1. erikthebassist

    KC Defense what the hell man

    not that I am aware of.
  2. erikthebassist

    Wilson’s finger

    GOD I wish you could block people on this site. You are worst kind of person imaginable.
  3. erikthebassist

    Wilson’s finger

    And my mother is dead you assh*ole.
  4. erikthebassist

    Wilson’s finger

    I'll use the "lord"s name any way I foking feel like jerk. Your religious leanings do not apply to me, norther do your morals or ethics, keep that crap to yourself.
  5. erikthebassist

    KC Defense what the hell man

    If I ruled the world kickers would only get points for kicks over 45 yards but they would be big points, and they would get big points for game winners, but they should get nothing for PAT's and chip shots, and be penalized heavily when they miss those. Defenses should get bonus points for wins and for third and 4th down stops, as well as holding teams in the redzone to field goals. Defenses are too boom or bust for my taste. A team that over all gets the job done can end up with 2-3 points just because it's a shoot out, even though they won and made key plays, not right. They should also be penalized for losses and giving up key plays. There's ways to make kickers and defenses more interesting without giving up on them completely.
  6. erikthebassist

    Wilson’s finger

    lol I just offered locket for ruggs hope he bites. Thank god I always go deep on WR. Still Have diggs, j jones, c davis, c patterson (who I'm playing as an RB), patrick, chenault and waddle so I ain't worried.
  7. erikthebassist

    Wilson’s finger

    It was funny though. Not as funny as my joke but people probably don't know that digits also means fingers and digital can also mean of the fingers. Mom jokes are the low hanging fruit, funny, but too easy. But still funny lol
  8. erikthebassist

    Wilson’s finger

    ether way eff tyler lockett who's now going to be firmly planted on my bench.
  9. erikthebassist

    Wilson’s finger

    The middle finger on my right hand has been deformed for 10 years after a bowling accident, looks a lot like what happened to Russel. I've elected not to fix it because it actually makes me a better bass player because my index and middle fingers now naturally fall to the same length. He'll be able to play through it, the question is what it will do to his grip on the ball and can he adjust quickly enough to stay accurate?
  10. erikthebassist

    Wilson’s finger

    Women swoon over his digital dexterity.
  11. erikthebassist

    Sit 1 of these…

    Ridley is not making the trip to London for personal reasons. Problem solved.
  12. erikthebassist

    Zack Moss for Corey Davis

    And Corey Davis is a stud IMO, I'd be starting him over evans who's boom or bust in Brady's offense with as many mouths they have to feed as they do.
  13. erikthebassist

    Zack Moss for Corey Davis

    As a bills homer I think Moss is never going to be a high ceiling guy, very TD dependent. They've been running the ball more this than last year but I don't think that will continue as they've faced some pretty lousy offenses that haven't forced them to air it out. Watch this week how the script changes when they are forced to keep up in scoring, and Moss will be back to a handful of carries for 40 or 50 yards tops.
  14. erikthebassist

    Trade proposal maybe

    Carr won't keep up this pace and when he comes back down to earth he's no better than any other qb you can grab off the wire. I'd hold on Patterson, I am, but if somebody offers you something ridiculous for him, go for it.
  15. erikthebassist

    Need 4 of 5 Wr`s

    Metcalf is going to be carrying a jalen ramsey around his neck all day so this would be the week he should sit. I think I'm sitting lockett in favor of patterson because I just don't like seattle against this rams D this week.