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  1. Gallup, Diggs or MacLaurin this week as a flex? And should I bench A Jones to start 2 of the 3 above? I have edelmann and mcaffery locked in. Leave a link, I'll answer.
  2. erikthebassist

    Flex choice

    I have to ask, is your league so deep that you can't improve on any of these guys via the WW?
  3. erikthebassist

    Who to Flex. WHIR.

    FTR I also own Coleman but I'm not even considering starting him right now. I'm mostly holding him as a late season flier in case one of my RB's goes down, but I'm always looking for ways to upgrade on him as my RB3 bench.
  4. erikthebassist

    Who to Flex. WHIR.

    To the OP, McLaurin is a monster if he's healthy so watch the player news. If he's really over his hammy issues, then this isn't really a question. He faces the 28th ranked passing defense in the league on a team with no real ground game. There's no one he's under threat to lose targets to either. I own him, and if I didn't have better options in Edelmann and Gallup, I'd be starting him over guys like Diggs and Dorsett this week.
  5. erikthebassist

    Who to Flex. WHIR.

    You are such a di*k, but I find myself agreeing with you so often that I'm thinking about just always replying to every "A little help" post with "Whatever Axe said or is going to say".
  6. erikthebassist

    Thielen for OBJ and James Connor?

    Yeah, see my other posts about getting A Jones for Evans... If I had Thielen in my exact same situation I wouldn't have even considered it. Take that with a grain of salt.
  7. erikthebassist

    Who to drop/pick for week 6

    Provided Foles doesn't come back, which I don't think he does as a starter. Just from a marketing POV, the pressure on the coach to start the stauche is going to be tremendous unless he steps on his own d*#ck between now and then.
  8. erikthebassist

    Trade thought

    The amount of context I would need to offer a meaningful response here is more than I'm willing to ask for or consider.
  9. erikthebassist

    Which boom or bust this week? Evans or Fuller?

    Or you could do what I did and trade Evans for A Jones because Godwin spells the end of Evans' 1400 yard seasons in TB. I own Diggs too and I'm so tempted to start him him based on matchup, but I'm not sure I can over Edelmann and Gallup, assuming I'm also starting A Jones over him, which I will just due to floor vs ceiling ratio. Sucks you have to make the choice but it really is a coin flip and you should be looking for a way out of having so much boom or bust on your team. Consistency gets you to the final week, boom or bust makes for a crap shoot. Axe Elf is right, unfortunately for you. Start them both and hope for the best.
  10. erikthebassist

    Who to drop/pick for week 6

    I'm not sure how many leagues penalize for fumbles and / or int anymore, but I see your point. I think the point you make without intending to though is that Brissett, Jimmy and Minschew are all a wash, just like every other midland QB that you can't predict from week to week if they are going to exceed or fall short of their most optimistic projections.
  11. erikthebassist

    Breida or Coleman going forward...who's the back to own?

    Coleman. Just based on the eye test which I usually trust more than anything, Coleman is the more explosive back. He catches well and will get the goal line carries.
  12. erikthebassist

    Weather on TNF

    I can't tell you how many times I've seen WR's go off in inclement weather. It actually works to their advantage as it's easier to leave a defender wallowing in the mud behind a mild juke because they know where they are going and the defender can't react fast enough.
  13. erikthebassist

    Anybody starting G Tate Thurs?

    Starting someone based on their garbage time potential? Interesting strategy Cotton, let's see how that works out for you.
  14. erikthebassist

    Thielen for OBJ and James Connor?

    Pretty much what he said. I'm not a connor fan with Pittsburgh sucking arse lately.
  15. erikthebassist

    Bye week help - who do I drop?

    Cam, He's no longer a running threat and he was never a good pocket passer. That team is on McCaffery's back now. Do NOT drop Tate. Shepard might be done with his second concussion this year. Even if he comes back, Tate and Shepard are both slot receivers and Tate is clearly the better of the two. Keep Djax Samuel is droppable in all but the deepest bench leagues. RJII, meh, hi floor low ceiling kinds a guy that's fine a pinch as a flex, but droppable.