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  1. erikthebassist

    Bills acquire Stefon Diggs from Vikings

    Yeah but again, watch the film on Diggs. He catches inaccurate throws regularly, he makes insane adjustments on the ball, which is exactly what Josh needs.
  2. erikthebassist

    Bills acquire Stefon Diggs from Vikings

    Smoke and beasely are good enough to keep secondaries honest, so Diggs gonna get it.
  3. erikthebassist

    Bills acquire Stefon Diggs from Vikings

    Bills homer and a huge Diggs fan for 4 years now. He was on my championship roster last year. Problem with him is he was boom or bust. Having Thielen opposite him made for some big days for AT when SD was locked down by the opposing secondary, but because Cousins is so good and so is Thielen, and because they were a run first offense anyways, Diggs didn't get to eat every Sunday, but when he ate, boy was he a hog! Dabold wants to open it up, Allen wants to throw more, they are trying to push this offense in to the 21st century finally. To wit, they didn't offer much for Gordon. They have Singletary and they are happy with him, but they aren't investing anymore in the running game. Between Singletary, Allen and Yeldon, I think they have all the production they need or want at RB. Allen can throw the ball 70 yards from his knees. His problem to this point has been slow WR's. Smoke is great but he can't make the adjustments to get under a flier like Diggs can, and that's going to be the difference. Look for Diggs and Allen to both put up big numbers this year, if it ever starts.
  4. erikthebassist

    Alright...What Do You Need Monday Night For The Ship?

    So diggs and jones brought me home tonight, he had boon and was up 32 coming in, never sit your studs, and never over value your players, I traded Evans for A Jones in week 6. Look it up. I talked about that trade here, I'm really god damned proud of myself for shipping it, and thankful to this site which has been my FF go to for years now.
  5. erikthebassist

    Alright...What Do You Need Monday Night For The Ship?

    sweet, grats dude.
  6. erikthebassist

    My Ship Line Up

    Tannahil A Jones C Mac Diggs Edelman vs L Jackson D Freeman Boon (he had D Cook) Hill Perrimen Kittle Wasn't enough, poor guy.
  7. erikthebassist

    Last chance to grab Aaron jones.

    If you dig through these forums, you'll find me getting convinced by the peanut gallery here to trade evans for jones, and I did, and it just delivered me a championship.
  8. erikthebassist

    Saints/Colts...what do you need?

    ok but that's it! no more! lol
  9. erikthebassist

    Saints/Colts...what do you need?

    i'm still alive. He needs 4.72 more, I don't think he gets it, saints will come out and run and punt, I think breeze is done throwing because he has the single game completion percentage record right now, with 4 minutes to go.
  10. erikthebassist

    Saints/Colts...what do you need?

    How do you think I feel, I finally dropped maclaurin to make room for a TE and then he had a great week, got scooped and played against me this week, and I played diggs lol. Hopefully I'm still going to pull this out though.
  11. erikthebassist

    Saints/Colts...what do you need?

    I'm in the same boat but thankfully a little more breathing room. He needs 35.52 pts out of Thomas, full PPR. That would be Thomas' second best game of the season and only the 2nd time breaking 31 pts, so I like my odds.
  12. erikthebassist

    The ship. Who is going and what does your roster look like

    If I dodge MT getting 35+ points tonight I'll go to the ship with: Tannahill, Darnold, Goff cmac, a jones, singletary, J brown, diggs, edelman, gallup Higbee, Goedert, OJ Howard, Ian THomas Crosby STreaming Def / KC Full PPR, 12 team, #2 seed Playing #1 seed and he has Ljax, D Cook (banged up), AJ Brown, Godwin (out, but he also has perriman), T Hill, Kittle, Lutz, bills D His bench is: L Murray, D washington, D Freeman, e sanders, Chark and olsen If my Bills can beat the Pats saturday, by Sunday the Ravens may know they have nothing left to win having clinched the #1 seed and opt to rest Ljax, that's my hope anyways. Pats are fighting for something no matter what so I know edelman doesn't sit, not sure why cmac would when he's going for records, beyond those two I haven't even decided on my starters yet.
  13. Let me expound on this... The Bill's recent success on offense has relied on staying in base 11 personnel and not letting the defense make substitutions. This works well for them because they have their 5 best skill players on the field and then a lot of beef to move defenders off the ball. Beyond Brown, Beasley, Singletary, Allen and Knox, Buffalo is light on skill players that put any fear in to a defense, So 2 WR, 1 RB and two TE's is where Buffalo will look to do most of their work on offense. Baltimore's biggest weakness happens to be in base personnel. They excel when they can put 5 DB's on the field as that's their strength. They've gotten used to being way ahead in games, forcing the other team to throw from 3 and 4 WR sets, where they can easily make life miserable for them. The Bill's however have one of the best defenses in the league, and have the advantage of playing against a running QB everyday in practice, so if anybody can keep LJ and that offense in check well enough to not have to go in to pass or die mode, it's the Bills, and that's what I, as a fan, am hoping for. If LJ comes out and scores 21 points in the 1st quarter or even half for that matter though, I think the script will work for them and it will be lights out for the bills.
  14. If the Bills have any hope, and I'm a bills homer, they need to run the ball and control the time of possession and keep LJ off the field, they'll also need some help from turnovers. If I didn't have a bye, I'd be starting Singletary, but not J Brown. The bills can win this, but it's more likely they get crushed.
  15. erikthebassist

    Consistency/Predictability is gone from FFB

    I'd say this is true or RB's in general. With most teams employing RBBC of some sort, it can be maddening sitting on someone like Tevin Coleman like I did, then when he comes back from injury has a monster game and you feel validated for the draft pick and holding him, only to see his production drop off a cliff the following week for no discernible reason. Aaron Jones has cost me more weeks than he's helped me win at this point with his wild inconsistency that again seems to follow no rhyme or reason. CMAC having his first "off" week since week 3 I think cost me the first seed and bumped me down to the second just this last week. I have J Brown, Gallup, Edelman and Diggs for WR's, Brown and Edeleman being my two most consistent, you'd think I'd play them every week, but every week I think, is this the week gallup or diggs go off? Can I sit aaron jones for John brown or even Devin singletary who are both way more consistent? No, because I'll shoot myself when jones finally goes off for another 40 point week. All of the above mentioned (except coleman) are high target, high snap count players, and I'd say about 1/4 of the time they actually follow the script you would predict based on matchups and weather. Some days, I think it's just because Diggs pissed off Cousins in the locker room or Jones was partying too much the night before, who knows? At the end of the day I have a bye this week and a REALLY good shot of winning my league, but I'm going to have to get lucky in the championship because the other guy has a really good team too. I'll have to hit on more decisions and hope he misses on a few. Welcome to fantasy football.