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  1. erikthebassist

    easiet fantasy year ever....

    Right up there with most of the cr@p I read here.
  2. erikthebassist

    Five Guys

    1. Josh Allen 2. Stefon Diggs 3. Devin Singletary 4. Emmanuel Sanders 5. Bills Defense
  3. erikthebassist

    easiet fantasy year ever....

    And that would be a hell of a roster, I'd take it. Maybe not Moss at 7. I think Breida muscles him out for touches.
  4. erikthebassist

    easiet fantasy year ever....

    I make it a point not to interact with you specifically, move along.
  5. erikthebassist

    easiet fantasy year ever....

    Get all the Bills and chiefs you can, then maybe start thinking about the ravens and the 49'ers. Dolphins will put up some points, browns too, outside of that, poke and hope baby.
  6. erikthebassist

    easiet fantasy year ever....

    Load up on bills and bucs and chiefs, you might find some fantasy value in the titans, rams and the bears, outside of that it's a crap shoot. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.
  7. erikthebassist

    Real PPR situation with CMC

    anybody that takes cmc anywhere above round 4 is living in the past. I encourage you to do so because it will mean more wins for me this year.
  8. erikthebassist

    Need a little advice, tough decisions...WR & Flex

    Rule out JB, he's dinged up and the chargers play lights out against the pass. I don't know how you don't start D Johnson given his target share every week. I see Cooper going off this week. WAS offense is going to be so bad that the Boys will have the ball 3/4 of the game, makes for a lot of opportunities.
  9. erikthebassist

    Tua or Taysom Hill this week?

    If TUA comes out and lays an egg he'll be benched by half time. Hill always has the chance of running a couple in. Hill all the way.
  10. erikthebassist

    Flex help. Non PPR RBs

    Must be a deep league if you're forced to start any one of them. You can't find a WR on waivers that's likely to out perform them?
  11. erikthebassist

    Buffalo homers...

    Brown has been gimpy and the bills o'line has been banged up. I see Brown returning to a solid WR3 / flex and Moss being a low end RB2 / Flex ROS. Bills do have a tough schedule though so keep that in mind as well. Personally I like singletary's style more than Moss but the pundits all seem to think Moss is the better back so, I don't know really. The bills should get Feliciano back at RG this week or next so the o'line play should improve somewhat.
  12. erikthebassist

    Future Stud Alert - 2020 Edition

    I do and I miss it too, but I just can't risk getting the covid. Our poker room here is open but I've had 4 stents in my heart since 2008 and almost been hospitalized from Pneumonia from the regular flu twice in the past 4 years, so I'm not going to risk it. Sucks. I used to supplement my income from it, I miss that extra dough lol.
  13. erikthebassist

    Against FF Common Thinking

    I think the it depends on the player and the team offense. Some handcuffs are obvious. It's the o-line and the team that really produce the numbers, and any average back can step in and perform. (Think 2015 Steelers Bell went down and D Williams stepped in and went nuts). Other times, there's no point as it's the player and not the team and the backup just doesn't have the talent.
  14. erikthebassist

    Lamb or Cooper

    Well I already played McLaurin. 14.4 pts, so not a bust. I'm up by 17.6 and all he has left is T Hill. I think I'm safe either way but just because Lamb has been a little hotter than amaeri lately I'm going to go with him. The peterson advice is solid too, thanks Polecatt!
  15. erikthebassist

    Lamb or Cooper

    Or both and bench mclaurin? I have AJ Brown back. I'm planning to start mclaurin against the giants, but can be talked out of it. That leaves either Cooper or Lamb. Does anybody know enough about how each matches up with the Cards secondary?