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  1. Beer22

    2nd RB assistance

    I'd get Mitchell
  2. Beer22

    Drop Sermon for E. Mitchell?

    Thanks Weepaws... I was leaning that way, just glad to see someone else thinking the same way after seeing all the over-reaction "experts" on web and tv.
  3. Would you drop Trey Sermon for E. Mitchell? Still not sure why Sermon was inactive...in dog house or actually outplayed. Trying to figure out the Shanahanagans. Will answer yours.
  4. OBJ or Agholor week1? Will answer yours.
  5. Beer22

    Is it time to let Cee Dee go?

    I would probably just keep Lamb. He should be fine once Dalton comes back. I do like Aiyuk more in the short term though with Samuels being out if you need a fill in within the next 2 weeks.
  6. Beer22

    Drop Gaskin for Chase Edmonds (PPR) ?

    We have roster position limits. We can only have 4 RBs on our roster, so I would have to drop an RB. I have CEH, Mixon, Swift and Gaskin now.... so that's my dilemma.
  7. Beer22

    Trade options needing a RB

    I don't know what you have at QB but if you have a starter or 2 on your bench(or if you can grab one off waivers), any starting QB (even a crappy one) in 12 team 2QB league can pull a lot in a trade. Check the other teams rosters and I'll bet one or 2 of them doesn't have 2 starting QBs right now...throw those guys an offer because their desperate. Please answer mine.
  8. I have CEH, Mixon, Swift & Gaskin. 14 Teams, PPR, roster limit 4 RBs/start 1RB & 1flex RB/WR/TE. Should I drop Miles Gaskin for Chase Edmonds? Gaskin is steady and the starter but Edmonds has a higher ceiling, great short term and might take over the starting role on a much better offense. I would try to trade Gaskin, but it's not a sure thing that I'll get Edmonds through waivers. Will answer yours.
  9. Beer22

    who was your Mr Irrelevant none kicker or def

    I took Bryce Love as my last pick a week ago in a 14 team league. Maybe it will payoff with AP being released this morning.
  10. Beer22

    Adrian Peterson Released

    Probably a rotating backfield until someone gets hot... especially with no preseason to judge from. I'm pulling for Bryce Love. He was awesome at Stanford before getting hurt. Would be a great comeback story.
  11. Beer22

    Flex need one, Kittle, Ingram or Richard

    I like Richard in PPR. Please answer mine http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=482135
  12. Beer22

    Tough Choice RB

    Is this a flex spot ..... or do you have to play an RB. If you can go with a WR or TE you may be better off as those RB options are not very promising this week. If I have to pick one of these, I like Mostert.
  13. Beer22

    Julio Jones for Chubb or Arron JOnes

    Offer him his choice between Chubb or Jones for Julio. Either one is a win for you if he accepts.
  14. Beer22

    Accept this Offer? Will Help.

    I would probaby do it. It would make your overall WR's better and or get added depth at RB. Reminder TY on Bye this week.
  15. Beer22

    Week 9: Start Courtland Sutton or DJ Moore

    I like Sutton more.