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  1. highsider5

    Top 10 WRs going forward in PPR

    no megatron??? right.....
  2. highsider5

    the time to dump Keenan Allen thread...

    hmm... seems like a high scoring team with no run game would be a plus for any WR, so the Pats appear to be just that... they put 51 on CHI and barely broke 100 rushing as a team.. then 43 on DEN with their leading rusher gaining 33 for the game of course PHI has shady who is an epic tier back and they pound a mean ground game... err... umm... resulting in shady having a current season avg of 3.7 yards a carry with two touchdowns for the year....... hmm... well with the dirty sanchez era underway, shady had 12 rushes for 19 yds and a TD... of course, the Eagles put 45 on CAR that day so, maybe they are all passing as well well, aside from Edleman there really aren't many targets in NE, so maybe fishing the WR waters is a better risk since philly simply has more mouths to feed in any case one thing seems certain, neither outfit is much of a running threat are they
  3. highsider5

    Can anyone provide insight on Jarvis Landry?

    I like him a lot, real sure handed, has come thru on some big third downs, looks great on special teams and seems to have chemistry going with Tannehill. I'd say past Wallace, he's the best receiver on the team. Hartline has statistically disappeared this year, Gibson doesn't seem to be around either, Rishard Matthews vultures the occasional TD but past that, none of those guys are even in the convo. If your league also counts returns, I'd say he's a good bet. Good for around six catches and fifty yards or so, all he needs are some end zone looks to make a real splash. By next year, one or two of the above WR's will lose their spot, Landry becomes a starter and maybe we add another deep thread I dunno... The TD he scored against (I think it was the chargers) was epic... walking a tightrope from the 5, it was ruled out of bounds on the field then reversed when replay showed he owned that sideline like a champ. Anyways, the ingredients are there for this guy, what I see is good stuff.
  4. highsider5

    the time to dump Keenan Allen thread...

    All leagues are different, this one more so than the rest but whatever... I like it the format a lot, it keeps you active, you have to be on top of your team because there is no safety net. Plus, there is always someone to browse on the waiver every week and honestly it's kind of nice because anyone worth a crap isn't stuck on someone's bench all year. The WW is full of starters, we only have 12 teams, seems like the WW should be full of starters. Anyways, thx for the post
  5. PPR league 12 team and 6pt TD (only 3 bench so WW is fun and fairly deep) With a catch average right at 10 yards and a whopping one touchdown on the year, KA is not really cutting it. In my head I see a killer WR, someone with huge upside, and a young receiver that should be posting big numbers since he's like 6-2, huge, and a solid target for a pass happy Rivers. In reality, its just not happening. The bolts appear to be swirling the drain, everyone but him is finding the end zone, and he is the lowest scorer on my FF team. To boot, the Chargers do not have what I would call a rosy FF post season look. Denver at home, then two road games at SF and KC. Sure, coming off the bye they get the Raiders and Rams, but past that its Ravens, Pats, Niners, Chefs then Donkeys. Based on how they have played the last month, including the stomping at the hands of Miami, they are poised to funk their way thru the rest of the year, maybe even drop all three to end it and miss the post season. Division wise they would have to get past both the Chiefs and Broncos, they are already 0-2 there and thing's aren't looking up. If the fish can shut them out, what is going to happen in potential snow in KC or Denver... So, is it time to throw Keenan from the train? Anyone want to stump for one of these guys, there is definitely gold in these hills.... Steve Smith Sr. Bal - WR Brandon LaFell NE - WR Larry Fitzgerald Ari - WR Jordan Matthews Phi - WR Eric Decker NYJ - WR Reggie Wayne Ind - WR Markus Wheaton Pit - WR Andrew Hawkins Cle - WR Malcom Floyd SD - WR John Brown Ari - WR Doug Baldwin Sea - WR Eddie Royal SD - WR Jacoby Jones Bal - WR Stevie Johnson SF - WR Jeremy Ross Det - WR Dwayne Bowe KC - WR Odell Beckham Jr. NYG - WR Martavis Bryant Pit - WR Of the available FA's above here, I have to say I like JMatt in Philly and OBJ in NYG. I like what Smith is doing this year for the Ravens, I'm just not sure he will keep it up.
  6. highsider5

    which TB receiver ROS... VJax or MEvans

    OK, well I withheld my opinion trying to just be facts and data but, agree totally with the above. Over the past 4 games they have had similar targets with Evans nearly doubling the results on yards. If you factor in scoring, three versus zero is a division error so, the big E on the screen pretty much has the calculator voting for Evans too haha.
  7. PPR league 12 team and 6pt TD Arguments: VJax is that name brand you sort of trust over that generic maybe/maybe not equivalent, meaning he seems like a better play in a lot of cases but that is not exactly a winning FF recipe. He is still fairly well rated, has had an ok year but nothing too earth shattering really nothing lately. With only two scores on the year, the last two games have brought a ton of targets... 23... yet he has managed only about 160 yards with no scores. It's kind of PPR goodness, but certainly not greatness. With no recent scores and a catch average under 10, these are not great signs and decline is a word on my mind. Mike Evans is newer to the scene, second year guy (I think) and not the brand name as above, but the last two weeks have seen 100+ yards in each game with 20 targets total. He has also found the end zone three times and seems to be hitting his stride and figuring things out because his production is growing as the year moves on. His game one this year was five targets and 37 yards, the last two were seven targets and over 120 yards. Tack on the three scores, its not a fair fight by stats, he is averaging 15 yards a catch. They are together the WR1 and WR2 for a Tampa team that is well, not exactly a scoring juggernaut... 29th in total offense, 23rd in passing yards, its not a hyperventilating surprise that overall they are 28th in scoring with an average under 20 pts/game. Just so happens both are available to me. Postseason impact... the last two games are at home, TB will not make the playoffs but the last three games should be against teams fighting for their division: week 15 on the road in CAR week 16 GB at home week 17 NO at home All three above appear to be very matchup friendly, being 9th, 5th and 4th friendliest to the WR position respectively. What say you FFT, any interest in the bucs
  8. highsider5

    Brown vs NYJ or Spiller vs DET

    matchup is tight by projection already, plus projections never seem to pan out in this format... plus plus, this isn't a who do i start thread, more of a discussion on who has the better chance of success, or really who will fail the least since both D are very not run friendly... da jets have a huge line and eat RB's, the lions aren't easy to run on either, and are on home concrete
  9. highsider5

    Brown vs NYJ or Spiller vs DET

    Both have pretty stiff run defenses IMO, my page is showing the jets as 1st against the rush, and the lions as 6th. Stats aside I have seen a bit of both teams play and recall both having a pretty good line. I am thinking either of the above choices is going to have a rough Sunday so I'm tossing out to the board, if you had to start one which would you pick? Non PPR and no credit for any kickoff or returns yds. TD's are six and all other yards are 10 per pt. If it helps, Brown and the Chargers are at home in a 1pm game, the Bills and Lions are in Detroit, which is a dome on turf I think right?!?!... they kick at 10am times are pacific thx
  10. Yeah yeah but, if I drafted Kelce, will I get burned
  11. highsider5

    Has an NFL team ever conceded game?

    This a Minnesota rant?
  12. highsider5

    Anyone else benching all Patriots vs Bengals

    As much pleasure as I had watching the pats suffer, and I loved it, even I wouldn't pretend to call it a trend. Sure, they aren't the same 50 pt threat they used to be, but this is now a common expectation or, were gonna see a repeat performance?? Not buying that here. I don't expect anything near that. I expect anger and revenge, even if the blocking sucks, which it does, those guys are gonna play pissed. Plus, Brady is a good QB..again, not that I like em..but let's be real, you can't complete passes with dudes blindsiding you and planting you on your six. He had a bad game, but I'm not sure I'd call it over for good.
  13. Tamme could be peytons security blanket, but 1pt per 25?!?! Fock....
  14. highsider5

    What's going on with D. Thomas?

    What I expect, and what I see... are verrrrry far apart... Something ain't stirring the kool aid.
  15. highsider5

    CJ0K Droppable Now!?

    The league I have him in, starts 16 with a roster of 19... once he earns a spot on the bench, it's time to show him the door. Hardcore but in all honesty, it makes the league fun. Still, even with a deep as bench... see jay no Kay... not showing me any love... him and the door are close.