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  1. Karl77

    RB or Megatron?

    Take a RB. That'll give you two top RBs. There is a lot of depth at WR. Not so much for top RBs.
  2. Karl77

    1st pick in PPR keeper league

    I wouldn't take Forte over Rice or Foster, though I do think Forte will have a very productive fantasy year.
  3. Karl77

    some keeper help

    I know you said you've hardly traded, but what does it hurt to try. I would try to trade Rice or Richardson for Marshall, Julio Jones, D Thomas or Fitzgerald. Then, I'd keep Forte, Martin, Green, Bryant and whichever WR you get in the trade. Don't worry about losing Brady. There are other QBs to be had. You'd start your team with 2 top-10 RBs and 3 top-6 WRs. Wow! Just an "outside the box" option for you to think about.
  4. Karl77

    1st pick in PPR keeper league

    You're welcome! It's still not an easy decision though LOL
  5. Karl77

    14 Team PPR Strategy

    I'd go with Sproles (a great PPR RB) and then a top QB. Take advantage of your league's VERY QB friendly scoring! There is a lot of depth at WR this year, especially for PPR leagues.
  6. Karl77

    Dynasty RB draft

    I'd go with Bell. No need to play him now so it gives him time to heal.
  7. Karl77

    Looking for some keeper league help

    Keep MJD and take WRs with your first two picks. Getting 3 top-15 RBs is a great start for anyone, but especially so in a 12 team league.
  8. Karl77

    1st pick in PPR keeper league

    I'd go with Rice or Foster. You're right. As tempting as Calvin is, there are a lot of WRs out there. Not so much for quality RBs. I think I'd go with Rice as well. I just don't trust Foster's health this year.
  9. Karl77

    Trade Or Stay Put ?

    I wouldn't do that trade. You may want to try and move Mathews and Myers for a better TE and another RB. Otherwise, stay put. @RedTTRaider - Don't be such a jerk. For all you know, this is shaggy76's first time playing fantasy football. If you're going to make comments like that, don't even bother commenting.
  10. Moore, Brit, James Jones, Jennings, Tate, Boldin, Austin, Blackmon.
  11. Karl77

    Would you trade?.....

    I'd stay with Luck.
  12. Karl77

    Need to know asap

    Make the trade
  13. Karl77

    Odd Values: Crabtree vs Pitta

    Can you grab Harvin in place of either of those 2?
  14. Karl77

    Ryan Tannehill

    As a backup, I think Tannehill should be fine.
  15. Karl77

    Keeper Question - Risk for Value?

    I agree with CallMeBigCat. Rice, Jackson and Amendola. Rice would go in the 1st and Jackson would go in the 2nd anyway. Amendola is awesome value for a 12th.