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    Decker or K.Allen ? Will answer all links

    Id go Allen. I think denver can get up early and run the ball often. You have Julius so instead of having 2 eggs in one basket you can spread out your points. SD plays from behind often and Allen has been solid.
  2. randyhana26

    WR HELP please

    Reuben Randle @ DET Denarius Moore @ SD Andre Caldwell @ HOU pick one!
  3. Been winning with the likes of dalton flacco pryor all year.. just picked up kirk cousins. worth the play over dalton @ pitt or flacco in detroit on monday night? Let me know why
  4. randyhana26

    Terrance williams productivity with austin back

    austin will open things up for him IMO
  5. randyhana26

    Pick 3 RB's to start!

    Charles Stacy Brown/Bush Hard to tell what Bush is gonna do. He might get a couple less touches every game because the Lions like Joique Bell also. Id roll with Brown over him. Guaranteed 20+ touches
  6. randyhana26

    big trade before the deadline...will answer yours

    take it and run http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=428472
  7. randyhana26

    Make it Rainey?

    ellington and TY. http://www.fftodayforums.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=428472
  8. randyhana26

    PPR help please

    PPR league. I can start 3 wrs and flex. If i start one in flex id have to bench woodhead vs KC. Wrs are Bowe vs SD, Fitz vs IND Garcon vs SF Randle vs DAL Im leaning towards starting all these guys and benching woodhead. But i have a bad feeling woodhead will have one of those games where he makes me regret benching him. Let me know what you guys think Thanks
  9. randyhana26

    Rank these PPR RBs for WK 12

    Lacy Woodhead Brown Bell Rainey Woodhead is a key part of the chargers passing game. I can see them being down early and running a lot of rb screens early and often to try and beat the KC pass rush. Im not too high on Bell because the Steelers run game is so inconsistent behind that O-Line. Ben has been airing the ball out a lot and I like Donald Browns chances of hitting paydirt better.
  10. randyhana26

    WR most likely traded by deadline?

    I agree. I think the Lions will make a move on Fitzgerald to help Stafford out. Giving them 3 legit (dependable) passing options on the eve of Broyles' season ending injury. If not Fitzgerald maybe a cheaper option..
  11. randyhana26

    Dallas Cowboys possibly trading for RB

    Joique Bell would fit nice there IMO
  12. randyhana26

    Alshon or Nicks ppr

  13. randyhana26

    Alshon or Nicks ppr

    I think Alshon has a big day. 7-110-2
  14. randyhana26


    i dont care if this is the wrong board so save it Sproles or Joique in a non ppr?
  15. input? I keep switching them back n forth